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WeeklyTrek #72: Third Week of October 2019
Alex is joined by Homer Frizzell to discuss lots of reveals about new and existing Star Trek shows by franchise showrunners Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin - including the news that work on Picard season two is already underway. We also discuss an interview with H Jon Benjamin on this week's Short Trek, and the announcement of a new book celebrating the visual effects of The Motion Picture. All that and our theories!
WeeklyTrek #71: Second Week of October 2019
Jenn Tifft (@eatatquarks) returns to discuss the 90 minute Enter the Star Trek Universe Panel at New York Comic Con. We got new trailers for Star Trek Discovery and Star Trek Picard, as well as a release date for Picard and the surprise release of the first Short Trek - while the panel was still happening! There's lots to dive into about both shows, as well as our theories!
TrekRanks Episode 66: Top 5 T'Pol Episodes
Scientist, ambassador and loyal compatriot of the NX-01 Enterprise crew. Once you sit down and analyze everything Sub-commander T'Pol achieved through four seasons of Enterprise, you suddenly realize she is one of the most accomplished characters in Star Trek history. This week we jump into our Top 5 T'Pol Episodes, with host Jim Moorhouse and guests Dana Kenedy and Melanie, to highlight the moments throughout Star Trek: Enterprise that helped define her fight against right and wrong.
WeeklyTrek #70: First Week of October 2019
Tyler Habiger returns to WeeklyTrek for a somber episode remembering the life of Aron Eisenberg, who passed away last weekend. We discuss the news, and the comfort that we take in the response of Star Trek fandom to support his family through a difficult time. In addition, we discuss the dismissal of the plagiarism lawsuit against Star Trek Discovery and the sale of the home of STLV, the Rio Hotel. All that, and what we'll be doing to honor Aron's memory.
WeeklyTrek #69: Fourth Week of September 2019
Patrick Escudero joins Alex to discuss Star Trek Discovery's big awards week - winning one Emmy and three Saturn Awards in the space of one weekend. We also talk about comments by CBS's Chief Creative Officer about reaching a younger audience for the franchise, and the relocation of the Enterprise filming model from the Smithsonian to storage temporarily while the National Air and Space Museum is renovated. All that, and our theories!
TrekRanks Episode 65: Top 5 Villains Who Weren't Really Villains
It's a quintessential plank in the Star Trek platform: Villains Who Weren't Really Villains. This week's TrekRanks could not be any more Star Trek, as our expert panel of Adam Hunault and Josh Zeller join host Jim Moorhouse to get deep into Star Trek lore. It's a fun and pointed episode of TrekRanks as more than a few of our "Not Really Villains" picks challenge the status quo and spark the kind of debate rarely seen on TrekRanks. Don't miss this one.
WeeklyTrek #68: Third Week of September 2019
Alex is joined by returning guest Ron Wrobel (@TrekkerRon) to discuss all the news of the week. Is Michael Dorn going to appear in Star Trek: Picard? The internet says yes, CBS says no. Will Robert Picardo appear in Star Trek: Picard? He says maybe. We say - why would he say that? Also news that there will be a steelbook release for Discovery season two on Blu Ray, and the new All that, and our theories!
WeeklyTrek #67: Second Week of September 2019
WeeklyTrek returns after a quiet couple of weeks on the Star Trek news front with a bumper crop of news and announcements for the Star Trek franchise. Alex is joined by Star Trek novelist and editor Scott Pearson to discuss the news that Star Trek Picard has wrapped principal filming on season one, Jonathan Frakes discussing getting back in front of the camera to reprise his role as Riker, CBS's plans for Star Trek panels at New York Comic Con, and a Thanksgiving visit by William Shatner to the Star Trek Tour. All that, and our theories!
Shore Leave #50: STLV 2019
Yezenia Mascorro, great friend of the show, cosplayer and STLV veteran, joins Jessie and Marina to discuss this year's Vegas experience! Listen in, as we talk about the convention vibe, panels and the parties, meeting with good friends and celebrating Trek!
TrekRanks Episode 64: Top 5 DS9 Underrated
Our "Underrated Series" continues as we dive into the Top 5 DS9 Underrated by celebrating the unheralded elements of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Of course, this great series is anything but underrated, but that doesn't mean there aren't segments of it that haven't received their due. As always, we break this topic down in five distinct categories: production design, performer, Dabo wildcard round, character and episode! Host Jim Moorhouse is joined by guests Carlos Miranda and Lee Hutchison to get into the nitty-gritty of some of the shows most underrated moments.
TrekRanks Episode 63: Top 5 Costumes
This week's episode is our second annual TrekRanks Roundtable recorded live at STLV. And the topic is perfect for Star Trek Las Vegas as we breakdown our Top 5 Costumes. There is an array of dresses, outfits and EV suits from which to choose, but our panel cuts through the fabric of space-time with a canvas of broad overarching selections and deep cut picks. It's an epic episode of TrekRanks featuring the most ranks ever!
WeeklyTrek #66: Fourth Week of August 2019
Nick Daly (@TrekCaptions) joins Alex to discuss all the Star Trek news of the week. CBS and Viacom have announced they are officially merging, bringing Star Trek TV and movies back under the same company. CBS have announced a new official Star Trek podcast, Hallmark unveil their 2020 ornament plans, and Anthony Rapp is joining Star Trek Online. All that, and our wishes!
WeeklyTrek #65: Third Week of August 2019
Alex is joined by Seth Walker to discuss the announcement of the writers' room for the Nickelodeon Star Trek show and Jeff Russo being confirmed as the composer for the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. In addition, we discuss the return of Star Trek: The Motion Picture to theaters in the US for its 40th anniversary, and the announcement of a new Star Trek: Discovery virtual reality experience. All that, and our theories!
TrekRanks Episode 62: Top 5 Trek Pets
Our furry family members take center stage this week as TrekRanks highlights our Top 5 Trek Pets. Well, to be fair, this week's selections are not all furry, but they are all beloved animal friends. Our highlight of everyone's favorite pets in Trek history coincides with Clear The Shelters Day as we encourage everyone out there to add a new family member to your household, and to adopt, not shop. We are joined by Sue Kisenwether of Women at Warp and Claire Little to celebrate all things Trek Pets with a variety of four-legged friends!
WeeklyTrek #64: Second Week of August 2019
In the waning hours of STLV 2019, Alex Perry and Jamie McGregor get together to discuss everything we learned at the annual Creation Entertainment convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. We break down everything that was teased for Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks, as well as announcements of a DVD/Blu Ray release for Star Trek: Discovery season two, a line of Star Trek wines (Chateau Picard!) and new starship model announcements from Eaglemoss. All that, and our theories!
WeeklyTrek #63: First Week of August 2019
Tricorder Transmissions Founder Jeff Hulit joins Alex to discuss all the news in the week prior to Star Trek Las Vegas! Star Trek: Discovery has been nominated for Emmy and Saturn awards, Paramount is seriously considering a re-master of the Director's Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, CBS and Viacom are closing in on a re-merger, and a Star Trek: Voyager Mirror Universe comic is on the way. All that, and our theories!
TrekRanks Episode 61: Top 5 Hangout Spots
Where do you want to hang out in the Star Trek universe? There are so many options, it's hard to choose! We'll help you narrow it down on this week's TrekRanks as we get into the nitty-gritty of Trek's Top 5 Hangout Spots! From the social to the non-social locations, and from the quiet hole-in-the-wall restaurants to bustling bars and rec rooms, we have it all covered! You won't need reservations, just hit play and enjoy.
WeeklyTrek #62: Fourth Week of July 2019
Jenn Tifft joins Alex mere hours after the "Enter the Star Trek Universe" panel at San Diego Comic Con to break down everything we learned. We got news and announcements for Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Short Treks, Star Trek: Lower Decks and major major announcements for Star Trek: Picard. Join us as we ride our adrenaline highs through all the news, and theorize about what it means for the future of the franchise.
Shore Leave #54: Getting Ready for STLV 2019
Tune in as hosts Marina and Jesse and their special guests Cam Smith and Jeff Hulit talk about everything STLV! We discuss some of the changes compared to the previous years and share our excitement and expectations of things to come at this year's Official Star Trek Convention in fabulous Las Vegas!
WeeklyTrek #61: Third Week of July 2019
WeeklyTrek host Alex Perry is joined by Carl Wonders to discuss Star Trek Picard's new key art...featuring a dog! In addition, we chat about the possibility that Star Trek: Discovery has been filming for its third season in Iceland, the release of the Discovery season two soundtrack on July 19, and the news that novelist David Mack is consulting on the forthcoming animated shows. It's a hearty appetizer of news before next week's SDCC buffet!
TrekRanks Episode 60: Top 5 Scenes on Location
Our Scenes in Trek continues with our Top 5 Scenes on Location. Host Jim Moorhouse and frequent guest Alexander Perry are joined by legendary Star Trek historian John Tenuto for a topic that is tailor made for his expertise. The choices range from the epic to the subtle and the grandiose to the pragmatic. Both deep cut and iconic picks abound as we highlight some of the best location shoots in Star Trek history.
WeeklyTrek #60: Second Week of July 2019
Alex brings you a 4th of July weekend solo outing! We were expecting a quiet week for Star Trek news, but that was not the case. This week brought us a big splash as CBS announced their HUGE plans for Star Trek at San Diego Comic Con. Join Alex Perry to break down the press release and what we might expect to learn in a few weeks in San Diego! Exciting!!
WeeklyTrek #59: Fourth Week of June 2019
Alex is joined by co-host of the Shore Leave Podcast Marina Kravchuk to discuss the news that one of the four Short Treks announced by Alex Kurtzman last week is likely to feature Spock and Number One, the announcement that Michael Chabon has been formally named as showrunner for Star Trek Picard, Diamond Select's SDCC exclusive gold Enterprise-C, and the latest master pin set from FanSets. All that, our theories, and building excitement for STLV 2019!
TrekRanks Episode 59: Top 5 Doctors
I'm a doctor, not a mathematician! Well, this week you are a mathematician, because TrekRanks is ranking our Top 5 Series Doctors! The medical emergency this week will see us highlight our favorite qualities among the following series regular doctors: Leonard McCoy, Beverly Crusher, Julian Bashir, The Doctor, Phlox and Hugh Culber. With only six possible picks in this finite topic, we'll go through each of our eligible doctors in the Prime Directive and name an episode or moment that we love about that character. Once the dermal regenerator kicks in, we'll rank our selections in The Order of Things!
WeeklyTrek #58: Third Week of June 2019
WeeklyTrek host Alex Perry and returning guest Thad Hait discuss all the Star Trek news of the week! Alex Kurtzman has provided a status update on every Star Trek show in production, including announcing four MORE Short Treks. In addition, we take a look at all of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Star Trek merchandise being released this year, the Star Trek: The Motion Picture novelization is getting a 40th anniversary reprint, and we fondly remember Peter Allan Fields's contributions to Star Trek.
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