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Fish Girl
A girl finds an unlikely friend in a porcupine puffer fish. Written by Becca Schall, produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Performed by Bee Herbstman, Alison Cimmet, Scott Richardson, and Ed Herbstman.
Nuclear Winter
The end of the world didn't scare them. They were nuclear launch officers, that's their job. What scared them was the ghost. Written by Eric Molinsky (of the Imaginary Worlds podcast) and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Featuring Woody Fu, Danielle Delgado, and Billy Griffin, Jr. This episode was sponsored in part by Burrow (Use the promo code THETRUTH to get $50 off your order)
That's Democracy
A teacher gives his students lesson about democracy that they'll never forget. Performed by Peter McNerney, Russ Armstrong, Alexis Lambright, Fiona Bradford, Teddy Shivers, Oscar Montoya, and Ben Jones. Written by Louis Kornfeld, produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
Brain Chemistry
A cryogenically-frozen man is revived in the future, to a world that is not quite what he expected. Written by Eric Molinsky, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Performed by Scott Adsit, Amy Warren, and Ed Herbstman, with Anna Neu, Billy Griffin, Alexis Lambright, Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein, Joanna Hausmann, and Kerry Kastin.
Magic Hugs
Maybe a hug really can be magic. Maybe. Performed by Austin Pendleton, April Matthis, and Jenny Lee Mitchell. Written by Louis Kornfeld and produced by Jonathan Mitchell
Happy New Year
You're cordially invited to spend New Year's Eve with Walt Avery. To attend, simply play this podcast. Performed by Ben Jones and Tom Ligon, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. 
Eat Cake
If you've ever been alone on Valentine's Day, this story is for you. It's performed by Eliza Skinner, Birch Harms, and Curtis Gwinn, who improvised all of the dialogue. It was originally produced in 2009 for Weekend Amercia, Hillary Frank was the editor, and it was produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Keep listening past the credits to hear a special treat.
Wonderworld, U.S.A.
Explore Wonderworld, U.S.A., where the fun and the mental are fundamental! Featuring stories by Chris Kipiniak, Becca Schall, Louis Kornfeld, Lila Newman, and Davy Gardner.
The Decider
What if a device could tell you exactly how satisfied you’d be with any decision? What if you could carry the future around in your pocket? What if you never had to say “what if” again? Performed by Tallie Medel and Tim Platt, with Kelsey Bailey. Written by Becca Schall, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
The Man in the Barn
A mysterious man appears in the barn of an elderly Irish couple. This story was commissioned by RTE's Drama on One, and recorded in Kilfinane, County Limerick, Ireland. Performed by Sarah Reynolds, Joe Mullins, Maeve McGrath, Diarmuid McIntyre, and Louis Kornfeld. Written by Louis Kornfeld, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell, with the assistance of Diarmuid McIntyre and Grey Heron Media. Special thanks to Kevin Brew of RTE, and Noreen Quish.
Murder at Cakery Bakery
After murdering an annoying customer in a moment of rage, Meg must finish her bakery shift and destroy the corpse while being haunted by the dead customer’s ghost. Written by Mary McDonnell, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Our associate producer is Davy Gardner. Performed by Erin Bartley, Lily Du, Margaret Burrus, Patrick Noth, and Joanna Hausman.
In Good Hands
Two urban explorers enter an abandoned subway. What happens next is our secret. This is the complete version of a story that was previously only available in two parts.
BONUS: All Your Questions Answered
In this special episode, Jonathan Mitchell and Davy Gardner answer listener questions, and talk about how the show is made. "Commitment" was written by Davy Gardner. Performed by Margaret Burrus, Jack Frederick, and Mac Rogers. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell. The Truth Instagram Twitter
Moon Graffiti
Our story was inspired by a real contingency speech written in 1969 by William Safire for Richard Nixon titled “In Event of Moon Disaster." It was the most listened-to piece on PRX in 2010, and the winner of the 2010 Mark Time Gold Award for Best Science Fiction Audio. Your next stops on the Destination Moon podcrawl: The Flight Deck Podcast GeekWire Sound Effect Stuff You Missed in History Class
The Making of That's Democracy
A new short film has been made based on our story "That's Democracy", and to celebrate we produced this documentary about how the original story was made. Including interviews with Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, and filmmakers Jon Bowden & Cliff Traiman. Plus archival tape from our story meetings, and outtakes from the recording session.
The Off Season, Part 2
“Breaking In” Meet Erica. She’s an aspiring journalist who enjoys squatting in vacant Montauk homes during the off season. And on the second floor of one house she finds... a locked door. What could be in there? A four-part limited series from The Truth. Starring Peter Grosz and Erica Hernandez. Follow us on Instagram @TheTruthFiction and on Twitter @TheTruthFiction
The Unremarkables
It's bad enough that Alice and Mort find themselves in their late 50s with no jobs, and ruinous medical debt. But they're also buckling under a feeling of utter insignificance, that the world ignores them. Then their best friends offer them an unexpected solution to their problems. Written by Mac Rogers. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
Total Transparency & Eye Contact
Two different approaches to making stories that combine improvisation with the recording studio. Total Transparency is a brand new piece, it was completely improvised and recorded in one take, and then edited. It was made up on the spot by Chet Siegel, Ed Herbstman, and Louis Kornfeld. Eye Contact was made using lots of different people telling the same story, that was edited into a fractured monologue. It originally aired in 2006 on Weekend America. 
Possible Side Effects
Intestilax is a miracle cure for stomach pains. But be careful: it may have side effects. Written by Casper Kelly, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Performed by Adam Wade, Hannah Chase, Mariette Strauss, Elana Fishbein, Dennis Pacheco, Anne Antonucci, Jeremy Bent, Noel Dinneen and Seth Lind.
Third Party
Mike Coleman is an independent candidate running for Congress, and he's finally getting some attention... from a serial killer. Performed by Ed Herbstman, Chet Siegel, Rick Adrews, Nick Kanellis, Louis Kornfeld, Amy Warren, and Bryn Magnus. Written by Ed Herbstman, and produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
In Good Hands (part 2)
Our story about two urban explorers concludes, when they are helped by a group of very eccentric people. Performed by Emily Tarver, Alex Marino, Louis Kornfeld, Christian Paluck, Ed Herbstman, Amy Warren, and Ben Jones. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell.
The Off Season, Part 4
“Notes from the Network” As a storm rages outside, a visit from the head of the network complicates Erica's big story and Bruce's attempt at a comeback. A four-part limited series from The Truth. Starring Peter Grosz and Erica Hernandez. Written by Marina & Nicco. Follow us on Instagram @TheTruthFiction and on Twitter @TheTruthFiction
The Off Season, Part 1
“Banished to the Hamptons” After being accused of sexual harassment live on air, television host Bruce Alvarez retreats to the Hamptons until the whole thing can blow over... if it ever will. A four-part limited series from The Truth. Starring Peter Grosz and Erica Hernandez. Written by Marina & Nicco. Follow us on Instagram @TheTruthFiction and on Twitter @TheTruthFiction
Game Night
It’s a show of mystery, fun, and bad memories! Written by Davy Gardner, produced by Jonathan Mitchell and Kerry Kastin.
The Off Season, Part 3
“Young Man, You're Doing Fine” Erica interviews Bruce. Is she getting to the truth of his story? Or just helping a serial abuser get back on television? A four-part limited series from The Truth. Starring Peter Grosz and Erica Hernandez. Written by Marina & Nicco. Follow us on Instagram @TheTruthFiction and on Twitter @TheTruthFiction
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