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What really happens at a retreat? So many people believe it’s a ‘conference’ kind of thing--wrong! A retreat experience is different.  We combine community and connection with travel--and workouts and group exercises.  Turks and Caicos is a mag
Human beings are creatures of habit. We get used to doing the same things, seeing the same things and believing the same things too. It’s like we run on autopilot.  What if you could change what you think--and see what else could be possible?
Habits for Success are key in health, fitness, wellness and business--but what about from an entrepreneurial standpoint? As a 25 year fitness entrepreneur and veteran, I share in this episode 3 ideas for developing daily strong habits for succe
Changing habits can be challenging, or empowering.  Or both.  Last week, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing event in person with a group of fabulous coaches and I had some major takeaways. Changing habits is tough on your own--but can b
This episode takes a closer look at how habits can lead to opportunities for us. We often make the mistake of thinking that strengthening a habit, or creating a new one can just lead us to a desired result.  What if it led to an opportunity we
September is the PERFECT time to ‘reset habits’ for the rest of the year--for business, health and fitness, and life.  Why not give yourself a ‘Habit Audit’? Listen in to this chat with my colleague--Dr. Orlena Karik, a medical doctor turned he
This episode is the third in a row in which I have focused on how you can not just build your natural immunity, but have offered daily tips and practices which directly impact how much is within your control. Our thoughts drive all our decision
So what’s the scoop about Magnesium?  It’s easy to focus on macronutrients when it comes to fueling our body and helping with our energy levels--but magnesium is so KEY for all of it and more. Not only does it help with getting us energy, but i
This episode focuses on an issue that is and has been front of mind for so many, especially lately.  Our immune systems are remarkable in what it is able to do on a daily basis--much of which we are not even aware of, notice or feel. Building s
I love interviewing other fitness coaches on their perspectives on business and self care. Even though the pandemic has forced fitness coaches to look at how they do business and life--just like you--the fact remains that the way we do us deter
What do you do to practice mindfulness daily? It can be something we think we do, but until we have some real ideas on how to begin, and how to make it make sense for us, we can easily overlook it. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got wa
 As we come out of the pandemic, we are all looking at how we have reframed our lives. For some of us, it’s been learning to live without what we had and for some of us it’s been literally learning to start over. Listen in to my conversation wi
Halfway through 2021, do you ask yourself  ‘what’s next?’  What IS next? Maybe you do this regularly, maybe you don’t and instead wait to be inspired. All of what we desire for our lives, for US--is centered on our energy state.  Listen in to t
It’s not often I get to interview a high profile coach about her own self care journey, and what were the turning point moments that changed the game.  We talk a lot about that in this space and on this show. The pandemic has obviously forced u
This is the 4th episode in a special 4 part series (check out episodes 97-99 for the other 3) on the main indicators of WHY we pursue a fitness/activity program. We wrap up with ‘functioning better’. Listen in to this episode as I wrap up this
This is Episode 100! And in honor of our 100th week on the air, I'm sharing some takeaways I have learned since being on the air, and also in my own self care journey. Listen in for 5 tips/strategies and lessons from my entrepreneurial journey
This episode takes a closer look at what ‘longevity’ really means, and how living a fit and active lifestyle plays a role. Science has shown over the years that being active on a regular basis contributes to us living longer, and for many this
So what does it mean to FEEL BETTER? (part 2 of a 4 part series) Do you workout to feel better? This is probably the MAIN motivator for many. We feel better when we are active due to what is actually happening in our bodies. Whether your reason
This episode kicks off a special 3 part series in which I take a deeper dive into primary motivations behind WHY we do a fitness or self care program and what’s REALLY behind it. We can say we want to accomplish a certain goal, but until we are
This episode is packed full of golden nuggets!  Listen to my chat with Katie Corbett, a fellow coach who not only has an inspiring story--but coaches her clients to lose weight for the ‘last time’ through applying daily self care tips. We under
When we ‘get stuck’ in our lives--we tell ourselves its due to all the ‘things’ we do in our daily routines--from all of our commitments, to the areas that really express our limiting beliefs. We tell ourselves we’ll wait for a better day, or a
So what does RESET mean when it comes to us? I hear this term used a lot.  Loosely. What do you think of with RESET? A chance to begin again? A new plan? Wiping the slate clean? Destressing from all your regular day to day commitments? RESET me
So what does your home environment suggest about how you take care of you? Think about it.  When we feel stuck, or uninspired--look at how you live. We identify our home as where we live--but it ultimately should be a ‘safe space’ for us to fee
Do you ever wonder what kinds of movement and activity ‘count’ towards being active? Do you find yourself asking what you CAN do that isn’t ‘too hard’ or ‘too time consuming’? As we get older, our bodies change but the reality is that ALL movem
As we come out of the #covid19 pandemic, its KEY to have an idea of where you immune system is, and really WHAT makes it work. And a lot of that information is readily available to us--when we get lab work done.  Only you probably don’t really
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