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Conspiracies can come in all shapes and forms, from Presidential Assassinations to the idea that all birds are robots... but this week we take a look at some of the grooviest 'spiracies out there because this week, were talking Rock & Roll Cons
Ready or Not... It's time for Yeti or Not, in this week's brand new episode of the program...Throughout all the years of Unbelieving it's hard to believe this top tier cryptid has yet to have been centrally featured, but this week we dive into
Welcome Back Unbelievers!This week we continue our trend of covering sequels as we hop right into the midst of a story involving a Television Commercial Director, the Australian Government, and a mischievous little fella’... who could be a ghos
Greetings Unbelievers!This week the gang catches up with film maker and UFO Experiencer Christo Roppolo to discuss his brand new documentary "The Man Who Sees UFOs"! (available now on Vimeo: )Since t
Alaska! Home of the Midnight Sun... a beautiful wilderness Oasis that hosts an array of wildlife... but just hold It right there, because there’s Monsters in these here woods...Hell yeah! This week we get back into the world of TV Monster Hunti
As a tradition, We’ve been known to showcase our love for the beloved godfather of Paranormal Radio Art Bell pretty often, but this week it’s time to shine the spotlight on someone who can only be described as the Crazy Uncle of Paranormal Radi
Once again it's time to BREAK THE CURSE!Except this time, we're actually BREAKIN' DOWN the curses!We're back and this week were diving into a subject we've dabbled with on topics such as Robert The Doll and La Llorona... but it's time to go DEE
It's a new week so that means a fresh new topic for us to cover on the program!This week we're talking about a classic figure in the world of UFOlogy, a woman who drew the attention of several tv shows and documentaries in the 80's & 90', famed
It's time for another one Unbelievers! Fishing and Alien Abductions... they go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Bread and Butter, Ejaculate and Bowls, and this week we take a look at another reported alien abduction that was actually feat
We’ve covered their antics in the skies, we’ve hunted the depths of lakes and oceans for them, but this week we’re looking in one of the last spots you might think you would find a cryptid... right below your own feet, that’s right... we’re go
Welcome back to the program Unbelievers... This week might get a little... dark... because we're getting into the subject of Death! And more particularly Reincarnation! We're joined again by co-host of The Nonsense Bazaar, Willow Truman who br
Gather 'round Unbelievers... It's that time of year again! It's time for us to take a look back once again at one of the greatest to ever grace the airwaves, the original Unbeliever, Art Bell! This one is a true grab bag of Art Goodness so with
Welcome back Unbelievers! Back to your regularly scheduled programming...We’re on a real UFO kick over here at The Unbelievers Podcast so this week we figured we would keep it going and talk about a very popular name in the UFO community, a man
It's time for another one! Welcome back to the program!This week were stayin on the topic of UFOs and connecting the dots from past episodes as we take a look at the The 37th Parallel, a "paranormal highway" of sorts that stretches from Virgini
Welcome to the program once again Unbelievers!Seeing as how this is Episode 115 we saw it fitting that we talk about a MACK DADDY in the world of UFOlogy & Alien Conspiracy, the one, the only: Bob Lazar (and his mysterious Element 115). To do s
Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of the Unbelievable Moms out there!This week… is for the ladies. In honor of Mother’s Day, Unbeliever Rus did his best Nick Fury impression and assembled an Incredible team of Ladies , each with their own Uniqu
Welcome back once again Unbelievers!This week we launch back into the world of Bigfoot Hunting and continue a story we set up earlier this season with our Famous Frauds: Rick Dyer Episode... the story of Tom Biscardi, THE Bigfoot Hunter (a titl
After a nice little week off, the gang is back and this time we’re heading off to Amish Country!That’s right, hop in your horse and buggy and get ready for a Haunting... of the Amish variety! In this neck of the woods, if you don’t follow the r
Welcome back to the program, It's going down this week!There's a battle a'brewin under these here waters... and it's looking like its going to be one for the ages... as ferocious furry royalty faces off against a walrus-y, alligator-ish killer
Welcome back, it's time to dive into another one!We've been talking ALOT about air bound cryptids lately so this week we decided to trade our wings in for fins and get into something a little... fishier...This week we each sat down and watched
Hola Mijas! Welcome back!It’s time for another edition of our Geographical Strangeness series, and this week were headin south of the border in search of the unbelievable, because in this episode we’re talking Extrañeza de México aka Mexico Str
Welcome back Unbelievers! This week we've got a battle for the ages!Look to the sky because Sasquatch's lesser known cousin, Batsquatch... (think Sasquatch, BUT WITH WINGS! And a little more Batty...) is lurking in the hills of Mt. Saint Helens
Welcome back Unbelievers! This week we've got a battle for the ages!Look to the sky because Sasquatch's lesser known cousin, Batsquatch... (think Sasquatch, BUT WITH WINGS! And a little more Batty...) is lurking in the hills of Mt. Saint Helens
Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder... we're back with another brand new episode of the program.Hybrid Crytpids are something we've become familiar with on The Unbelievers Podcast over the last couple of years... From the Humanzee
Welcome back Unbelievers, get your cowboy boots ready because it's time for another one!Bigfoot Hunting is a complicated profession... especially if your name is Rick Dyer.Over the last decade few have become as notorius in the world of Bigfoot
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