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Welcome back to a research packed episode where I talk about all of the benefits and research surrounding Cold water therapy and full-body cryotherapy. Yes, I am talking about taking cold showers, taking polar plunges into freezing lakes and ri
Sunlight and Vitamin D What is going on beautiful people. I am finally back from a temporary hiatus. Yes, after hearing many of you and my friends giving me shit from not producing podcast episodes, I am finally back. I have been working on a n
What’s up Unleashed Humans! On this episode we will be discussing what creatine is, what it does, why people use it, what the risks are, some of the common myths surrounding creatine, how much you should take, when you should take it and what c
What’s up Unleashed Humans!   On this episode we talk about SEX. Yes, sex. We talk about the benefits of sex and also why it has been demonized in recent years. We also discuss birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and the world of porn.
What’s up Unleashed Humans! On this episode I had the amazing pleasure to interview Jennifer Fugo who is helping hundreds to thousands of people eliminate poor skin and poor digestion. Not only is she one of the most intelligent guests I’ve had
What’s up Unleashed Humans! This episode is going to be fantastic because everyone is always asking me which tests and labs they should get to be their healthiest self and what kind of lifestyle they should live as a preventative measure. I am
Today’s episode is likely going to be an eye-opener for most people, as you may find out that you could possibly have a problem with your jaw.. also known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction which is TMD or TMJD for short. On this episode I
On today’s episode we ask the question.. Is coffee good or bad for me? Well, to answer that question we must take an entire person into consideration. Things such as your current digestive health, current blood pressure, anxiety levels, your ge
What’s up unleashed humans! On today’s episode I have the privilege to interview Wendy Laidlaw who has helped hundreds to thousands of women overcome endometriosis naturally. Ladies listen up! If you have painful periods and have accepted them
What’s up Unleashed Humans! On this episode I discuss my results from 23 and me genetic testing and why you should without a doubt get your 23 and me testing done ASAP. Now Before we jump in I wanted to again let you know about my FREE book you
My guest today is seriously a freak of nature. He is the younger brother of Dr. Justin Wilcox who was previously on the show. Ever since I’ve known this guy he has been the hardest worker in the room and in the classroom and was valedictorian o
On this episode we talk about why taking care of your spine extremely vital for you to be healthy. You know, that thing in the back of your body that keeps you upright and allows you to move your legs. That thing that controls every single orga
My guest today is one of my nearest and dearest best friends. I have known him since high school and ever since I’ve known him, he has been an absolute stud when it comes to human performance. Since I’ve known him, he has been jacked, shredded,
In this episode I talk about how to harness your genes to live a longer life and how your genes don't determine your fate unless you choose to live an unhealthy life. I talk about how by using lifestyle changes like nutrition, exercise, and str
Today’s guest a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she teaches internal medicine residents, sees patients in a traumatic brain injury clinic, and conducts clinical trials. She has been on the Ted-X stage and has over
In this episode we talk about: Mind-blowing new research that allows you to become a fat burning machine using circadian rhythms We talk about how to hack blue light to get the best quality sleep possible We talk about the best way to wake your
    On this podcast I talk to Dr. John Jaquish, PhD. Dr. Jaquish attained his PhD in biomedical engineering and is the inventor of OSTEOSTRONG which is a device used to increase bone density, posture, balance and human performance.  Dr. Jaquish
Molecular Hydrogen and Why It's Hot Right Now, HyVida, The Benefits and Side Effects of Consuming Hydrogen, Why Antioxidants Are Not Enough with Rick Smith In today's episode I chat about molecular hydrogen which has been a big topic in the hea
On this episode I talk about how profound fasting and time restricted eating can be for your health.   When your body runs efficiently on ketones rather than glucose, your body can work at a higher level than you could ever imagine   I talk abo
I talk about my experience of overcoming Eczema by visiting Dr. Paul Goldberg  Lab testing is extremely important in determining the reason of your sickness I invested a good chunk of change in lab testing but it was 100% worth it Lab tests I t
Welcome to the VERY FIRST episode of The Unleashed Human Podcast with your host Dr. TJ Woodham   The Unleashed Human podcast enables YOU to take yourself beyond health and human performance. The first handful of podcasts will give you REAL and
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