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On January 27th, 1993, the bodies of Toni Gomez Rodriguez, Desiree Hernandez Folch, and Miriam Garcia Iborra were found. The Spanish teens, from a small town named Alcasser, had gone missing in November of 1992 under mysterious circumstances. 
In 2014, 26-year old Iraqi War Veteran Chase Massner disappeared while visiting a friend in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has not been seen since. I addressed his story back in May, when I spoke to Nancy Grace about the details of his disappearance and
On January 27th, 1993, the bodies of three teenage girls were found in the mountainous region of La Romana, Spain. Investigators quickly surmised that these were the missing girls that had disappeared from Alcasser seventy-five days beforehand.
On November 13th, 1992, three girls from a small Spanish town called Alcasser set off in the early evening. Their names were Toni Gomez Rodriguez, Desiree Hernandez Folch, and Miriam Garcia Iborra. They never made it to their destination - a ni
In April of 1990, the body of a young woman would be found alongside an Oklahoma City highway. Her name was Tonya Hughes. Her husband, an older man named Clarence Hughes, would put the couple's young son into foster care on a temporary basis -
In April of 1990, the body of a woman calling herself Tonya Hughes was found on the side of an Oklahoma City highway. Police discovered that the woman was an enigma, and this suspicion was confirmed when her older husband - named Clarence - wen
Suzanne Sevakis, born in 1969, was the oldest of four children. When her mother went to prison for a minor infraction, Suzanne and her siblings were overseen by their guardian, newfound stepfather Brandon Cleo Williams. Sadly, that was just an
In March of 2014, Chase Massner was a struggling Iraqi war veteran with a young family to provide for. He was working at a convenience store in Kennesaw, Georgia, a town not too far out of Atlanta. After an argument with his wife, he went to sp
In the early 1980s, Adelaide police were struggling to find a suspect after the bodies of five young men were found - each showing signs of sexually abuse before their murders. But they finally zeroed in on a suspect: a man named Bevan Spencer
In 2122, the USCSS Nostromo was on a regular, run-of-the-mill freight run when it picked up a distress call from a nearby planet, catalogued as LV-426. However, things then went dark, and no survivors escaped... with the exception of the aptly-
From 1979 to 1983, the bodies of five young men were found in the area around Adelaide. All of them showed signs of sexual wounds, and led police to the doorstep of one man: Bevan Spencer von Einem. However, evidence only linked von Einem to on
On September 19th, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill - an interracial couple from Portsmouth, New Hampshire - were returning from a vacation when they spotted an odd sight in the sky. After pursuing the odd light for a time, and then being pursued th
On December 31st, the mother of Yasuko Miyazawa opened the door to her daughter's family home, only to discover a house of horrors. This idyllic, four-piece family had been butchered overnight, for seemingly no reason at all. And what's worse:
This is a brief update about episodes 7 & 8 of the podcast, centered on the area of Bardstown, Kentucky. This goes into some of the changes to the original stories, the town itself, and recent murder that took place.  Written, hosted, and prod
This is a brief update about episodes 7 & 8 of the podcast, centered on the area of Bardstown, Kentucky.
In December of 2010, a Suffolk County police officer would discover the first of nearly a dozen bodies in the Gilgo Beach area, along the southern expanse of Long Island. The bodies themselves would be just the beginning of an investigation mar
On December 10th, 2010, Suffolk County police officer John Mallia was taking his canine partner for a bit of training off of the Ocean Parkway. Located on Long Island, this was the area where prostitute Shannan Gilbert had disappeared from mont
On the morning of May 1st, 2010, escort Shannan Gilbert ran through the neighborhood of Oak Beach, NY, pounding on strangers' doors and screaming for help. Her subsequent disappearance would spark one of the biggest serial killer manhunts in mo
On September 17th, 1992, fourteen-year old Misty Copsey went to her hometown fair with her best friend. After splitting up from her best friend, she was never seen again. This episode chronicles the story in the months after she was missing, wh
On September 17th, 1992, fourteen-year old Misty Copsey went to her hometown fair with her best friend. At roughly 9:00 that night, her and her friend split up, and she was never seen by friends or family ever again. Then, a local citizen (and
This episode is the continuation of episode ten, and the second half of the story of the Beaumont Children and their disappearance. This half of the story focuses less on the Beaumont trio themselves, and more on a similar abduction that took p
Jane, Grant, and Arnna were three children who disappeared from an Adelaide-area beach in 1966. Witnesses spotted them talking to a strange man, and rumors have followed the case for years.  Part one of two.  Written and hosted by Micheal Whe
They are a family built on the graves of innocents. Born with unknown power, the Skywalkers have been behind the scenes of the galaxy's ever-changing power struggle, and always find themselves coming out on top. But where did they come from? An
Episode nine of the Unresolved Podcast focuses on Arlis Perry, a conservative young woman that met a grisly fate in the California Fall of 1974. Was it a personal vendetta against her? Or was she, in some way, involved with a nation-wide Satani
After the murder of Officer Jason Ellis, the relatively small area of Bardstown, Kentucky was on-edge. However, their fears were not soothed with the introduction of a troubled group of young men, who called themselves the "Bardstown Money Gang
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