The Original Night Stalker (Part Three: Golden State Killer)

An episode of the The Unresolved Podcast

The unidentified criminal, once called the East Area Rapist, has seemingly disappeared. However, a criminal carrying the same traits and brutal methods surfaces hours south, closer to Los Angeles. Forensics would later link the two criminals together as being one in the same, meaning that the criminal once known for innocuous break-ins continued to evolve and became one of history's most terrifying serial killers. 

Part three of three. 

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan. 

Music credits:

"Everest" by Scott Holmes

"Egg Nebula" by Pulse Emitter

"Third Floor" by Joao Picoito

"Touch The Darkness" by Kai Engel

"Melnibone" by The Gateless Gate

"Sunset At Goat Fell" by Graham Bole

"FDS" by ocp

"Roembden Crater (On Waking)" by Forlon

"Sailing" by The Music Plays You

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77 mins


Friday, October 30th 2015