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The Unresolved Podcast

A Society and Culture podcast

The Unresolved Podcast is a venture aimed at telling stories which have no conclusion. This podcast puts the emphasis on the people affected by the occurring events and tells their story in a audio drama format. Each episode is full of detail and facts, ultimately letting you make up your mind on what truly happened.

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Throughout 1982, Belgian police were concerned over a rash of strange attacks plaguing the Brussels area. All involved criminals matching the same basic descriptions, but lacked any real motive. They seemed to be the actions of a mysterious gang lashing out... but at something or someone without an...

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In 1982, a group of offenders began striking the Brussels area of Belgium. It began with a series of small robberies, but - by the end of the year - had progressed to full-blown murder.  Though their criminal career was still in its apparent infancy, the Brabant Killers - also known as the Brabant...

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This is an announcement about the immediate future of the podcast, which is not only getting a regular release schedule going into 2018, but is going to feature some of the most interesting and popular mysteries around.    Learn more about the podcast at unresolved.me Written, hosted, and produc...

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In February of 1968, 25-year old Patricia Docker visited the Barrowland Ballroom on a Thursday evening, leaving her son in the care of her parents. She was estranged from her husband but still legally married, so she didn't tell anyone her apparent destination, for fear of judgment.  You see, Thur...

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In March of 2014, 26-year old Chase Massner disappeared. Chase, an Iraqi war veteran who was married with two kids, was last seen at the home of his friend, named Brad Clement.  Because of the content, this will likely be the last update I make on the story for quite some time.    Written, hoste...

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