The Original Night Stalker (Part One: East Area Rapist)

An episode of the Unresolved podcast

In the mid-1970s, a mysterious intruder known as the Visalia Ransacker began to terrorize families in Visalia, California. Eventually, his crimes escalated to attempted kidnapping, resulting in the deaths of one man and a near-shootout with police. Shortly thereafter, a criminal known as the East Area Rapist would surface in Sacramento, creating a terrifying legacy that persists to this day. 

Part one of three. 

Written, hosted, and produced by Micheal Whelan. 

Music credits: 

"The Woods" by While She Sleeps

"Call Of The Void" by Kay

"Enoch" by Laoshi Ma

"A Breath" by Andrew Reddy

"Dead Letters" by Alex Minerva

"Samarkand" by The Gateless Gate

"Time And Space Died Yesterday" by Chancius

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51 mins


Wednesday, October 7th 2015