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Treat yourself to the scientific theory of the creation of the universe, the origin of life, and everything else that matters. Photo is the "Most Colorful View of Universe Captured by Space Telescope." Works cited: https://www.nap.edu/read/6024
State-sponsored hackers make a play for some big money. Follow the trail of how the North Korean government did its best to make away with a cool $1 billion in one country's cash reserves. Works cited https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/north-korea
The Lighthouse of Alexandria was built in the time of Ptolemy II and was the second largest structure ever constructed at the time after the Great Pyramid of Giza. Learn about how it stood for over 1,000 years until a series of earthquakes (and
Nuclear weapons are as arguably immoral as they are destructive. Yet to see if one simple idiot can survive in the radiation filled trenches, we're throwing James into a 100% realistic, not at all sci-fi informed world where he finds himself on
It costs tens of millions of dollars to build the facilities capable of adding new elements to the periodic table, many only existing for less than a second. Learn about the rock stars and the cheaters of the world of fusing new elements. Work
Thanks to the Spanish Inquisition, we may never know what fate befell the Maya empire, but what we do know shows an advanced and thriving culture of city states. Everything from disease to war to climate change has been blamed. Explore these th
Whatever passes for physical competition in your home country likely pales in comparison to sepak takraw. In what looks like a combination of soccer and volleyball, the 500-year-old sport is growing across the world.    Learn the game's rules,
Somehow we've come together for 90 weeks to deliver you a show someone, not us, would be proud of. Keeping with tradition we'll be both bringing a variety of topics for episodes that end in "0." Learn about sex offender island, the pipeline and
Death and taxes are the only sure thing in life, except you can dodge your taxes. Learn about a few of the interesting rituals of the South Eastern Bantu people, what the Hebrews thing of an afterlife, and just how exactly Mormon heaven is supp
The Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) spent seven years leaving a literal mark on the province/future republic, Quebec. United under the banner of separatism, from 1963 to 1970 the collection of cells committed hundreds of bombings and dozens
Built to contain all the world's knowledge, the Library Of Alexandria was a marvel of Egypt until it likely burned down by accident at the hands of Caesar.
Iceland is a country shaped by volcanos. The oldest national parliament in the world formed at the feet of where the tectonic plates meet, and the latest explosions in the west side of the country might just be the start of the region exploding
Days before the end of the Second World War, members of the German army approached an American armoured division waving a white flag. The goal wasn't surrendering, rather enlisting the Yanks to help them on a final mission to save a castle full
It's Easter time, but what does that mean? Where did this holiday figure of a mammalian egg-laying bringer of snacks emerge from? We'll also take a longer look at a couple of holiday practices. From a massive bunny hunt in New Zealand to volunt
When Stuxnet was found, analysts weren't sure what they had found beyond its incredible complexity. As they peeled back each layer, they found a plot by two governments to dismantle the Iranian nuclear program. Despite being an act of war, it w
Tragically, Canada is no longer our number one source of listenership. As punishment to our home and native land we're airing out the dirty laundry and abdominal crimes of the country's federal police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R
Witches and their related craft have been a constant subject of fear and general paranoia for as long as their have been records. This episode explores witchcraft trials and persecurtion throughout Europe.  Take a look at something besides Sale
Every 10 episodes we get a little wiggity and bring you a collection of topics from both the boys. Learn about shrunken heads, COVID RNA vaccines, SAT divers, cannabis inventing religion and more.  
We're going Greek this episode as we take a look the tantalizing tale of the Minotaur, a beast made when one queen couldn't resist a buxom bovine send from the god.  From there we look at the man who built the labyrinth and the ancient winner o
Chupacabra when? Chupacabra now! Turns out the mythical beast has been making its way south. This episode covers what happened when he stepped onto the scene in Chili. Also turns out you can make a tidy living in the field of cryptozoology. ht
After a deadly gas leak kills thousands and maimed more to this day, the Bhopal disaster was regarded as one the worst disasters in history.  Sources: https://www.bhopal.net/what-happened/ https://www.bhopal.net/resources/ https://www.nytimes.
Hedge funds bet on the wrong horse as r/wallstreetbets has come out to save Gamestop from a horde of short sellers. Good or bad, learn what is happening and how in a surprising reversal of hosting duties. We're talking stonks!
Houses made for spite have resulted in some of the oddest looking structures around the world. More importantly though, true or imagined the tales they describe are powerful pieces of modern folklore and Airbnb rental gimmicks.  Sources: https:
While the USA recently saw its own disaster of an insurrection take place in Washington DC, Nazi-turbo dweeb Adolf Hitler once tried to kidnap his way into control of an entire country. Learn how the failure of the Beer Hall Putsch would only b
The nerds at NASA say not to worry about the passing asteroid Apophis. They're probably right, but consider what could happen when big objects come from the sky.  From existential lunar destruction to the very real Japanese mission to extract
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