Episode from the podcastThe Viall Files

S E170: Bachelor Recap & Hot Goss with Lauren Zima

Released Tuesday, 1st September 2020
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Lauren Zima re-visits The Viall Files today and joins Nick as they recap and talk all things Bachelor & Bachelorette. How much does Lauren really know? Is Chris giving her the gossip? Are there more texts from inside the bubble? And with all the things they have heard, how many scenarios can these two come up with for what is going to happen on the next season of The Bachelorette? Breaking down rumors, challenging the rules, clearing up some speculation, we cover it all on this episode of The Viall Files. It’s a “choose your own adventure" kind of conversation we had a lot of fun with. 
“Saved By The Bell did a clue episode; I want that for this season of The Bachelorette.”Make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and as always send in your relationship questions to [email protected] to be a part of our Monday episodes. 
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