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We live in a unique time in history, when humanity’s growing technological power risks destroying our vast potential in the universe. The philosopher Toby Ord calls our unique time, "the Precipice." Today Toby joins me on Waking Cosmos to discu
In today’s episode of Waking Cosmos I’m joined by the philosopher and consciousness researcher Andrés Gómez Emilsson. He is the director of research at the Qualia Research Institute, and the cofounder and president of the Stanford Transhumanist
An update from Adrian at Waking Cosmos. metaRising YouTube channel ~ https://youtu.be/IoFWjSDfCkI My Patreon ~ https://www.patreon.com/wakingcosmos
For all of science’s impressive advancements, one problem has stubbornly eluded us: Why do we have consciousness? How does inert unconscious matter give rise to the light of conscious experience? Neuroscientist Donald Hoffman has been pondering
Did the universe require the evolution of conscious life? How does our evolving picture of the universe impact human life? Cosmologist Brian Swimme joins Adrian on the Waking Cosmos podcast. Please consider supporting this podcast on Patreon h
For many years psychologist Roger Nelson Ph.D. has explored an extended property of the mind that is unexplained by current science. Results of these experiments seem to suggest that our thoughts and intentions are not encapsulated within our b
Dean Radin Ph.D. is a scientist who has been exploring mysterious anomalies of consciousness for decades. As chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean has conducted many scientific experiments testing the existence of telepathy,
Does the Universe have a Mind? My guest today is the philosopher Philip Goff, who has received attention for his defense of panpsychism, which is the idea that consciousness, —the distinctly subjective aspect of our minds, could be a fundament
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, a brilliant and original thinker who has gained significant attention for his controversial theory that there exists an evolving memory behind nature which shapes the d
Patreon ~ https://www.patreon.com/wakingcosmos Psychologist David Luke is one of the new generation of psychedelics researchers, based at the University of Greenwich in the UK. One of the things that stands out about David is that while he take
How does the mystery of consciousness connect to the mystery of existence? Happy New Year! I hope the start of 2019 has begun well for you and yours. I use today's episode to share some philosophical thoughts about consciousness, greet some of
My guest today is David Pearce, a well known philosopher and transhumanist, yet his views about consciousness set him apart from other transhumanists you might be familiar with (listen below). David believes that the nature of consciousness goe
"There is a limitless horizon of possible mental experiences, pregnant with unimaginable value and significance." Please consider supporting Waking Cosmos on Patreon~ https://www.patreon.com/wakingcosmos The nature of consciousness is among the
Does Consciousness Collapse the Quantum Wave Function? In today's episode of Waking Cosmos Adrian explores why consciousness-involving interpretations of quantum measurement are here to stay.  Please consider supporting Waking Cosmos through m
How do we map the landscape of consciousness? What is the future for mind in the universe? And is consciousness an intrinsic part of reality? Today on Waking Cosmos I'm joined by Mike Johnson from the Qualia Research Institute, where they're w
The view that consciousness is fundamental to reality is gaining growing support in science and philosophy. This is no longer a "fringe" idea - it is steering the contemporary discourse across fields including neuroscience, artificial intellige
Today a surprising amount scientific studies suggest that phenomena that were once described as "magic" could have a basis in reality. In today's episode of Waking Cosmos, I talk to Dean Radin PhD about the evidence of strange phenomena which
Today I read from the first chapter of my book Origins of Consciousness. I intend to read a chapter ever couple of episodes until I've read the entire book. Next time on Waking Cosmos I'll be joined by Dr. Dean Radin, about scientific experimen
Are psychic phenomena real? In today's episode of Waking Cosmos, Adrian talks to Garret Moddel, a physicist at the university of Colorado who has carried out extensive scientific experiments exploring ESP, also known as “psi” phenomena. Garre
Welcome back to Waking Cosmos! In this episode Adrian gives some updates about the podcast and discusses the ongoing influence of the Copernican Revolution. Adrian also explores John Wheeler's participatory model of reality, in which conscious
What can intelligence bring about in the universe? Does intelligence play a role in the universe's existence? Does intelligence counter entropy? Adrian Nelson and Matthew Segall explore these and other questions in this episode of the Waking Co
Welcome to the first episode of the Waking Cosmos podcast! In today's episode, Adrian has a conversation with philosopher and author Matthew Segal. Topics include the mystery of consciousness, the limits of scientific materialism, and the possi
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