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Imran Nanlawala, M. Ed, and Habeeb Quadri, National Award winning Principal, school superintendent and Harvard Principal Center Advisory Board Member, discuss the life of Khabib and the lessons we can all learn from the principles he lived by. This is an excellent discussion especially for parents and children on how to excel as students, athletes, parents, coaches and more! 
I sat down with my good friend Hamid Choudhry, educator, budding writer and creative consultant, and discussed how to live during this time. We came up with a practical guide with easy tips on how to get through the next 6 months. Get the guide by clicking the link for my website: 
Dr. Ray Bayley (DC, DCBCN) and I discuss how to keep our immune systems strong to help resist COVID-19. This podcast is full of practical and beneficial tips for staying healthy during this time. NB: This podcast and text are for educational purposes, not meant to diagnose nor treat any individual. Individual needs may vary. Consult with your physician(s), Your Health and Healing Team. You can learn more about Dr. Bayley’s services at Dr. Ray Bayley, DC, DCBCN, is a chiropractic physician, board-certified in intensive clinical nutrition, board-eligible in homeopathy, and has a few hundred hours training each in other styles and modalities of health and healing (e.g. Asian Medicines, other herbologies, some styles of bodywork) and less hours in others. He has been studying and working in the fields of Complementary, Alternative, Integrative, Holistic, and Functional Medicines for over 50 years and lectured at the grad (physicians-to-be) and postdoc (physicians, nationally) levels for 31 years, mostly in the intensive clinical nutrition and Functional Medicine realms. He operates at the portal/entry level in giving patients analyses, insights, and options for their health and healing. And he operates in helping people find paths that are less risky and have more positive side effects. He is a wealth of information, as you might expect from someone spending half their professional hours per week updating and expanding their knowledge. ***Additional notes: Supplements should be supplements, not like drugs standing on their own. While the attribution of "food is your best medicine" is controversial, it is often true and it is often-enough true that nutrients inside food are the safer and more effective source. Looking at highly immune-important aspects of diet, here are some examples for adults, though individual needs may vary (again this is educational, again consult with Your Health & Healing Team): Get blood sugar good, e.g. probably avoid refined sugar, probably avoid refined carbohydrate-rich flour, maybe avoid sugary fruit (except a serving of dark or brightly colored berries), maybe avoid grains, maybe maybe avoid potatoes and such, etc etc. Restricted time eating is often helpful, which is eat all food within 12, preferably 8, maybe 6, hours per day for adults, if you can without endangering yourself (e.g. some bad blood sugar cases might need more feeding). Eat proteinaceous first meal soon (e.g. within an hour) after awakening and hydrating, or awake and then hydrate and exercise/be physically very active, then that first meal. Do at least 5, preferably more, servings of vegetables and non-sugary fruit (e.g. tomato, avocado) a day. A serving is a compacted measuring cup's worth for an adult, which is a compacted mounded cupped hand. The latter can be used to scale down for smaller humans. Such servings from the plant kingdom are dark and/or brightly colored. "The no white diet" does not exclude cauliflower, onion, and such good whites. Preferably there is at least one serving of cruciferous (cabbage and mustard families) a day and at least a half serving of allium (onion, shallot, etc) a day, if tolerated (and if not tolerated then get that fixed). Probably do a gram of protein daily for every 2 lbs of body weight but that can be decreased a bit if complete/fully complemented protein (e.g. whey, egg, animal flesh, or proper combinations of the incompletes [casein, legumes, nuts&seeds]). Very obese choose halfway between their current weight and what would be their somewhat lean weight for calculating protein. Older may need more, growing children may need more protein. The former is mostly because of poor digestion in older but that can be compensated for (e.g. digestive aids) or often fixed and thus not need as much "more". The body doesn't use (e.g. to make white blood cells and antibodies) as protein itself (instead using as fuel) more than about 20 g of protein per feeding. Eat protein lower on food chain, e.g. more fowl than mammal, more fish than fowl, more plant than fish. In the interview I gave sources for which fish are cleaner. The EWG source also lists safer plants and lists plants that probably should be organic. Emphasize safer, more beneficial fats. I.e. avoid trans (hydrogenated and high-heated unsaturated) fats, and i.e. emphasize mono-unsaturated fats, medium chain fats, and omega-3 fats over the too-common vegetable omega-6 (GLA is good, though) and over mammal fats. There are lab tests to monitor much of the above, done at least after 12 weeks of being on a fairly steady diet.
Damaris Tapia, Director of Alumni Relations at NEIU, and I sit down to discuss the role of Alumni in any organization. We cover how Alumni can provide benefit to an organization, what role they play with new students (or members) and how an organization can continue to give back to their alumni community and not look at them solely as a source of donations. Damaris is an alumna of Northeastern Illinois University, earning a degree in Speech and Performing Arts in 2001. She has more than ten years experience as an alumni relations professional serving both private and public universities in Chicago. As a proud alumna, her goal is to help foster a strong relationship and connection to Northeastern, offer valuable alumni resources that provide personal and professional development and facilitate alumni/student mentoring relationships.
I sat down with my good friend and fellow creator, Hamid Choudhry. He is an educator, budding writer and creative consultant. We spoke about the process behind writing and drawing energy from your environment. Hamid elaborates on how writing serves as a catharsis and a life hack.
Habeeb Quadri, recent recipient of the National Distinguished Principal award (NAESP) and I sit down to discuss how his upbringing led him to serve his community and help others. From leadership principles, team building to entrepreneurship, we examine how he has been able to mold and add to the private education industry. This was one of my favorite podcasts to record and it is full of gems. Habeeb Quadri is an Educator, Author, and Youth Activist. He is an Elementary School Principal and part-time staff at Harvard Graduate School of Education professional development programs. Habeeb recently has been appointed to a four-year term at the Harvard Graduate School of Education Principal Advisory Board. He has co-authored five books and published two others. Habeeb is board chair of MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America) and board member of CISNA (Council of Islamic School of North America).
Dr. Ray Bayley (DC, DCBCN) and I discuss how to stay healthy as we age and the importance of not only taking care of your body, but how to go about it. Dr. Ray Bayley, DC, DCBCN, is a chiropractic physician, board-certified in intensive clinical nutrition, board-eligible in homeopathy, and has a few hundred hours training each in other styles and modalities of health and healing (e.g. Asian Medicines, other herbologies, and dual channel frequency-specific microcurrent) and less hours in others. He has been studying and working in the fields of Complementary, Alternative, Integrative, Holistic, and Functional Medicines for over 50 years and lectured at the grad (physicians-to-be) and postdoc (physicians, nationally) levels for 31 years, mostly in the intensive clinical nutrition and Functional Medicine realms. He operates at the portal/entry level in giving patients analyses, insights, and options for their health and healing. And he operates in helping people find paths that are less risky and have more positive side effects. He is a wealth of information, as you might expect from someone spending half their professional hours per week updating and expanding their knowledge.  
During this episode, we speak with Noman Husain, an entrepreneur, a transformation agent and a cosmopolite. He is the founder of TRANSFORMability, a non-traditional transformation platform to enhance people & business performance. Noman shares his personal journey of transformation and founding of his company. He discusses the challenges of people and companies in this disruptive environment and offers real solutions to excel in these times of change. Listen to this candid conversation of Noman’s entrepreneurial journey and lessons of transformation in a disruptive environment.    About Noman Husain Noman Husain is a Cosmopolite, Entrepreneur, Catalyst, Mentor and Friend. He is an expert in business excellence, human capital development and innovation in disruptive environments. He has a solid track record of industry and consulting experience in analyzing value chain, crafting business strategy, leveraging organizational resources and leading change for sustainable profits & growth in production & project organizations. Throughout his life, he has taken bold steps to grow himself through experiences and interactions. Experiences such as moving to USA, leaving Chrysler during the recession, moving to Europe for a few years and starting a transformation company, have helped him grow and do bigger and better things. He is an inspiring and passionate educator, mentor and social activist. He empowers people to improve specialized knowledge and human skills to achieve their full potential, globally. His philosophy in life is “Dream Big, Set Goals & Take Action.”
With Millennials set to make up over 75 percent of the workforce by 2030, there still exist many stigmas about them. Are they all doom and gloom or can they be a breath of fresh air that the world needs? From inheriting a bad economic situation to helicopter parenting, Khufere Qhamata, of Leap72 and Academy M, and I go over these questions and look at both sides of these various questions. Khufere Qhamata, is the founder of the Leap72 , Inc, a strategic innovation consultancy. A dedicated futurist, he works with startups and emerging technologies that push the boundaries of capability. He is also a co-founder and board member of Academy M, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit specializing in removing intergenerational boundaries for Gen Y and Z through mentorship and career development.
I had the pleasure of interviewing Wadud Hassan of Define 360. Define’s groundbreaking research on faith-based emotional intelligence, and brain & behavioral science empowers youth and adults with actionable toolkits for self-improvement, emotional control, and redirection.  Wadud completed his Masters education from Vanderbilt in Leadership & Organizational Performance. He co-led the launch of three independent K-12 schools in Dallas before completing his Principal’s and leadership trainings and certifications at Harvard, IDEO, and the Neuroscience Academy.    The interview was short but full of benefit and wisdom. Learning about emotional intelligence, mindfulness and being present is a must for any leader, teacher or parent. For more information about Define 360, please visit 
I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sumayya Menk who is currently doing her Masters at the University of Chicago in the School of Social Service Administration. She is also the youth program coordinator assistant at RefugeeOne, a refugee resettlement agency. Her areas of interest are child care, child mental health and social services in general. We had a great time talking about the stigma of mental health in the immigrant community and how to overcome this while developing strong levels of communication between child and parent. 
I have the pleasure of interviewing Attorney Jamal Suleiman ( of SAR law firm. He specializes in civil litigation, business organizational matters, real estate, general contractual issues, personal injury, medical malpractice, and immigration and more. We discuss why it is essential for new business owners/entrepreneurs to use contracts and why many fail to do so in the first place. Moreover, we discuss the narrative of "not trusting" the other party as a need to use contracts and how that belief is detrimental. I had a great time interviewing him and we instantly connected.
ACC (A Continuous Charity) is a registered non-for-profit that aims to help aspiring students get an education by giving them interest-free loans. Dr. Athar Haq (Founder), Abdullah Syed (Executive Director) and I discuss how faith inspires them to leave a positive legacy and how their individual histories have brought them to this point. The podcast was recorded very late at night, thus my voice, but I could not turn down the chance to interview the team. 
Being a true champion is not confined to the rings, belts and awards you win in your respective sport. But it has more to do with how you behave outside the ring or arena. I had the privilege of interviewing someone I admire, Coach Javier Mendez, the coach of "real" champions. Coach Javier Mendez is the Founder and Coach at AKA gym based in California. He is currently the coach and trainer for Khabib Nurmagamodec and Daniel Cormier, both current UFC champions. As a former champion himself, Coach Javier and I discuss the importance of character, humility and doing the right thing on and off the mat. 
I had to chance to interview Fawzi Yahya, a film-maker and creator. This is straight from his website,   Fawzi Yahya is an award-winning Film Director with a decade of experience in the industry. His films have won many awards including Best Picture at the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Challenge. He has worked on many different projects for a number of big clients such as Toyota, Tedx and Liquid Comics. His short film ‘Racism Kills’ has gone viral on social media with over 100 Million views. His work has a unique way of evoking deep and strong emotions that leave a lasting impression on their viewer.   We focused in on the drive that is needed to excel in this industry and what is needed to set you apart from the rest of the competition. Fawzi and I discussed his early days, starting his own business and the dedication that is needed to thrive and impress potential clients.   
Chris Grayson from Urban Strength Institute and I discuss the buildup and fallout from the Conor McGregor and Khabib fight! Speaking and acting recklessly comes with consequences and Conor learned that the hard way. We discuss the emphasis on ratings, money and fame over being principled and having old fashioned values. 
Multi-media advisor and manager Dahru F. Garner talks about being humble and hungry in our podcast! Dahru is a senior field rep at the Nielsen and co-founder of Academy M. Note: I caught him while he was between many things so I thank him for his time on such short notice.
Abdullah Oduro (teacher, mentor and public speaker) and I discuss the mindset to have when going after a goal, enjoying the process and living everyday as an opportunity to learn. We focus in on the end result not being the crux of the matter but the journey itself. 
PBS Education's Director of Product Management, Syed Amaanullah, and I discuss product managers as emerging leaders in this rising digital world where most organizations are attempting to build their digital footprint. We discuss how easy it is for entrepreneurs to build small products, to build proof of concept and the dos and don'ts of product development. We also discuss the need and benefit of team building and collaborative efforts and how PBS embodies this.
Dr. Ronnie Doss and I discuss how MJ's career would have looked if he played during the current era. Would the pressure that comes with social media and always being followed have hurt his Airness? Or would his drive propel him to even greater heights? Also, we discuss the comparisons between MJ and Lebron!
My friend, David Carranza, and I discuss what we expect to happen when free agency opens. We focus on the big names: Lebron James, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Has Lebron earned the right to dictate where he goes? Is Kawhi making a mistake by wanting to leave the Spurs, and is PG's best move to stay in OKC?
I sit down with one of my dear friends, Eddie Redzovic, certified IBJJF Black Belt practitioner, and has also been certified from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. himself. Eddie and his team have been teaching Brazilian Jujitsu for over 15 years and runs one of Chicago's most successful academies. Eddie went from being convinced that IBJJF was a successful tool for not only fighting, but for being successful at life. He studied with the best and is now considered from amongst the best. We discuss the discipline that is needed to avoid self-sabotage when pursuing one's dreams. Any aspiring entrepreneur needs to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves. However, Eddie also discusses the importance of being grateful and using intelligence in times of stress.    
Dr. Madiha Saeed, a board-certified integrative holistic family physician, and I sat down to talk all things health. Her journey is unique because she has personally lost 50 pounds, beat hypothyroidism, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, acne, fatigue, alopecia, muscle/joint pain, weight and digestive issues all through holistic healing. In summary, she represents exactly why the Walaway was created; to take care of mind, body and heart. We focus on inflammation being at the root of most of our ailments, and healing the gut! Enjoy!   You can find her at and her Facebook, where she is really active,
His name is Shariq Ghani, aka The Job Search Guy, and he is what I consider a serial entreperneur. Shariq can help anyone, anywhere, land the job they need to move forward with their lives, support their family, and feel solid about themselves. For 7+ years, The Job Search Guy has worked with engineers, mechanics, intelligence agents, researchers, teachers, military veterans, tech-heads, and every sort of nerd move forward to the next journey of their life. The main take away from this interview was you have to go and get it; making it does not come easy and by sitting back and relaxing. Case and point, this interview happened at 2:00 am. You can learn more about Shariq at
In this podcast, Abdullah Oduro and I examine the recent events of Conor Mcgregor attacking a bus of UFC fighter. Not only were fighters hurt in this exchange, but Conor Mcgregor has now turned himself over to the police. The exchange also resulted in some fighters not fighting on the UFC 223 card and much more. Moreover, we discuss personal values, principles and goals while commenting on society's intrigue for drama. 
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