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#208: How do you choose investment opportunities? What do you look for when entering into an investment deal? There are many things to consider when investing, one of which is making sure that you invest in something you understand and are pass
If you're currently earning an active income but have dreams of a more comfortable and happier life, you may benefit from building a passive income. But how do you start? What are the things required to build passive income? Is it money? After
#207: Pandemic, one of the words that defined 2020 and has changed our lives in different ways. It has led to surprising discoveries and realizations for many of us, just like what happened with today's guest, an
Do you remember having a piggy bank when you were a kid? You would get excited as the money accumulated until you could no longer stuff more cash inside. The amount of money you could store in it was limited to how big your piggy bank was. So y
#206: Over the last few months Russ and Joey have shared their Monthly Passive Income reports, and we’ve seen that their short-term rental business contributes a large chunk to their income. Today they interview Clint Lovette, a professional re
What happens when your income stops but your expenses don’t? If you are relying solely on your paycheck, that can be a scary scenario. When you get sick or injured and cannot work, you don't want to worry about how you'll pay your bills. Your D
#205: What legacy are you leaving for the next generation? How would you like to be remembered? As parents, you definitely want to ensure that your children have a successful future and live a great life. David Karcher has the same goal, and he
“The people you spend your time with are your future.” That’s one of the takeaways from Robert Kiyosaki’s book. Today Russ and Joey have their teen daughters back on the show to conclude the review of
#204: It's that time again, Russ and Joey are going to share their passive income report and give us an update on what's been happening with their business ventures. The aim, of course, is to remind everyone that financial freedom is a destinat
How many of us like to talk about taxes? Like it or not, paying taxes is a responsibility that every entrepreneur must tackle if they wish to live peacefully without the dreaded knock from the IRS. But did you know that there are legitimate way
#203: Have you ever heard the saying “Be a goat, not a sheep”? Today's guest uses this analogy to describe himself. Coming from an engineering background, Josh Messmer turned to real estate investing to pursue passive income opportunities. He a
What does it mean to be financially free? A simple definition is that you have achieved financial freedom when your income is higher than your expenses. In reality, financial freedom means something different to everyone. The answer to this que
#202: How can you quit your day job to pursue your passion? Walking away from your job is like breaking up with a partner. Some people even refer to it as firing your boss. You can either feel terrible about it or really excited to be moving on
If you've been listening to this podcast, you should know by now that IBC is not just a concept but a cash flow system. It’s one of the best money management tools, once you learn how to use it. But, unfortunately, most people look only at the
#201: When was the last time you took a trip that changed the direction of your life? Today's guest, Kevin Bupp, host of The Real Estate Investing for Cash Flow Podcast and the Mobile Home Park Podcast, has an exciting story to share. Kevin was
Do you find yourself wondering if it's too late for you to start using the infinite banking concept? Unless you no longer need to spend money, you’re never too old to start. IBC is one of the best cash flow management tools and helps you to hav
#200: What kind of investor are you? Where do you usually put your money? When you invest, you expect your money to grow. However, things don't always go the way we hope. Higher expenses and a few wrong turns can bring your profit down. What mo
Who do you turn to for financial advice? Financial education is important at any age, and parents should start discussing money matters with their kids at home. However, that seldom happens. So young adults usually have a hard time making finan
#199: How do you measure success? Many people pursue financial wealth, thinking that it will reward them with everything they desire. But money is not always the answer. What we should aim for is to become more than just a success by the world'
When pursuing financial freedom, you must expand your knowledge about opportunities to grow your wealth. But how do you do it the right way? How do you know if an agent or financial advisor has the skills and abilities to teach you how to impro
#198: What is one book that has positively impacted your life? Ask this question and you'll get many different answers. It's incredible how one book can change your perspective on life. One such book is Becoming Your Own Banker (BYOB) by Nelson
Robert Kiyosaki's (The Cashflow Quadrant) presents a table divided into four areas. E and S quadrants are on the left side, and B and I quadrants on the right. Those in the B quadrant are business owner
#197: What does it take to go from zero to 850% growth in less than two years? A lot of hard work! But that's not all. You have to be willing to move forward through failure until you find the right business model, the proper systems and proces
Are you excited about the possibility of becoming financially free one day? Have you explored any of the opportunities shared by WWWS guests and community members? Having passive income streams can be a game-changer. From preparing for your chi
#196: When there's something you want to learn fast, what do you do? There's nothing wrong with trying to master something on your own. However, time is a valuable resource. So if you want to learn something faster, the best thing to do is work
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