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Are doctors infallible? Could our governments & medical corporations lie to us about some of the most important topics regarding health & wellbeing? Phillip Day, internationally renowned researcher & author breaks down the facts in this largely
Description: This is my health story as in-depth as you’ll hear it! When I was 16 I was diagnosed with SVT; a serious heart condition which would see me experiencing arrhythmias to the point of almost fainting. Today I go through what I did to
Description: What excites you? What would you do if money were no object? What do you daydream about? If someone gave you $20 million dollars what would you do with your time? These are all topics I cover in this episode plus a whole lot more i
Effortless, smart, holistic body transformation? Are you missing these key components of health which could be resulting in you MISSING your weight goals? Meet Graham Johnston, an expert, holistic lifestyle coach & CHEK practitioner who lets
Shifting logs, climbing trees, twisting & fasting – this episode is a cracker with Dr Tom Mountjoy of Primal Movers! We go into the philosophy of movement & how it affects your every day life. We talk about the stark differences between working
Surgery, you’d be forgiven for thinking that anything so invasive to the human body has sound amounts of science behind it. But according to Professor Ian Harris, an orthopaedic surgeon from Sydney NSW, this might be completely wrong. Many comm
Antibiotic resistance, pharmaceutical drugs, crop sprays, pest control & malaria; could the answer be the humble garlic clove? In this fascinating, entertaining & informative interview with biochemist Peter Josling, we talk in-depth about the e
The microbiome, the gut, fecal microbial transplants, poo testing & GAPS – everything is covered in this interview with nutritionist & naturopath Kasey Willson! One of the most educated practitioners in Australia, Kasey is a booked out, knowled
Combining nutrition and psychology in her approach to mental illness, Monique Phipps is an intelligent, open-minded and humble psychologist out of Brisbane. Her great attitude, writing, speaking & clinical work have put her in a position to hel
Gerald Pollack’s Profile & Books available @ Pollack’s book and profile: http://www.amazon.com/Gerald-H.Pollack/e/B001JS99DG/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1 Kangen Water Machines  http://www.amazon.com/The-Essential-Guide-Water-Salt/dp/1904015220 Dr
Show notes: Health in Your Home on Facebook www.kalebrock.com www.phillipday.com www.mercola.com  
I love Adam Murphy. He’s a super cool, relaxed, deep radio voiced kinda guy with a wealth of knowledge and health and fitness qualifications. But beyond the pragmatic approach to health and wellbeing the guy has a great story to tell and has na
Do you want to travel the world? Do you worry about what food to eat, which supplements to take and which activities will keep you healthy on the road? As a seasoned traveler, Kale talks through a healthy approach to jetting off around the worl
This week we chat with Jo Rushton from the Energy Coaching Institute and the CHEK Institute. Jo is big on the emotional aspects of health, looking at how our fears, stressors and thoughts can impact our bodies! We also go into her idea of using
Today we chat with Dr Peter Dingle – a researcher and professor of Environmental Toxicology – about how to unlock your weight loss potential through controlling epigenetic influences on your genes! With over 100 scientific papers to his name, 1
We sit down and chat with Dr Damian Kristof about Longevity and which factors are pivotal in the creation of a long, happy, fulfilling and healthy life – hint: food might not be at the top of the list!!
Your host, Kale Brock, goes through the most frequently asked questions on Fermented Food. How to fix your digestion, how to enjoy fermented foods if you’ve got a leaky gut! How to make Kombucha without refined sugar? SCOBY vs Kefir? How to mak
Kasey Willson, naturopath and women’s hormone expert, tells all in regards to the pill and its effect on women! We explore the intricacies of the female hormonal system and how women can maintain healthy hormones and symptoms right through meno
Remember the petition to get the heart foundation tick of approval assessed? People standing out the front of the Australian Heart Foundation offices in Brisbane demanding an audience with the high flyers inside? Meet the person who started thi
We chat with ketogenic diet ambassador Jimmy Moore about the insanely popular Low Carb High Fat movement. Although considered ‘extreme’ this type of lifestyle has large implications in the modern world and is only a variation of the Paleo diet
We speak to Phillip Day, world renowned Cancer researcher, author and speaker. Phillip has been involved in spreading cancer awareness for the last 3 decades, and has amassed a huge following around the world for his humour, honesty and transpa
Today we speak with health expert and world-famous pioneer in the field of ‘rewilding’ Daniel Vitalis. This eloquent, articulate speaker is someone who we should be listening to. With no ‘official’ degree in health, Daniel is still an amazing w
In our inaugural episode of The Kale Brock Show, we meet Kale and speak about the reason for the show. PLUS we chat with Donal Carr of Place of Chi (and the CHEK Institute) on the ins and outs of back pain. We look at how to prevent back pain a
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