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EwThatsGross reviewed this podcast 1 day ago
"This podcast is good bro. The reason I didn't give five stars is because I feel as if it was a slow start bro and some parts were to quiet/loud. After you get past the first couple episodes or so, it starts getting real scary bro. No spoilers, but you should def add this to your listen list."
Maegan1116 reviewed this podcast 25 days ago
"This show is amazing! It’s a great balance of slow burn and edge of your seat. Can’t wait for season 3. "
BeautyAdvisor reviewed this podcast 26 days ago
"Scary Good!"
Parcivous reviewed this podcast 28 days ago
"I am kind of picky about my podcasts, bit thos one ticks everything o. the list. Voice acti g and plots are so great."
micahartman13 reviewed this podcast on Feb 16th, 2019
"This podcast has a great flow, and was extremely entertaining. I was hooked by the second episode. "
Katmandu reviewed this podcast on Feb 8th, 2019
"Very good original story , look forward to every episode."
TheShadowThatKnows reviewed this podcast on Feb 3rd, 2019
"Very excited to see where this podcast is going. I’ve listened to several hours of content and the writing, acting, and editing is spectacular, especially when one considers the separated, international cast. The creators are very passionate about the production and it’s a very entertaining product."
TRCUR reviewed this podcast on Nov 25th, 2018
"A really well done horror podcast that feels like a cross between Lovecraft's "Mountains of Madness" and the original "Blair Witch", with just a touch of "The Thing" thrown in for fun. If you're a fan of slow, creeping horror, interesting and realistic characters, and depth of setting and world building, you should give this podcast a listen for sure. Especially appreciate that they have chosen not to break "found footage" emersion with credits or sponsor copy!"
sndwurks reviewed this podcast on Nov 8th, 2018
"As someone who grew up in northern Vermont, this podcast's narrative focus captures something primeval in my experiences. The storytelling in this podcast is nothing short of fantastic. I have already recommended this to multiple people, and I hope they recommend it to more. Best horror podcast on the internet."
TMWoolley reviewed this podcast on Oct 4th, 2018
"This is a high quality, engrossing podcast. The sound is always excellent and consistent across episodes. The story is scary in the best possible way and the acting it top notch. I highly recommend this podcast."
Handy reviewed this podcast on Sep 30th, 2018
"Amazing, immersive podcast. Fantastic writing and great acting. If you like your podcasts creepy and truly immersive, this is for you. The multiple languages are a wonderful addition and just make me want more of this kind of inclusive drama! The characters are also highly likeable and develop in interesting ways. A spectacularly well rounded, sophisticated and excellently produced podcast."
Travis reviewed this podcast on Sep 4th, 2018
"Great cast, great sense of isolation. Feels a bit like the first Alien."
JeanMourao reviewed this podcast on Aug 11th, 2018
"If you liked John Carpenter's movie "The Thing", you'll probably like this podcast too. :)"
JKackles reviewed this podcast on Aug 5th, 2018
"Season 2 is just another reason to love October!"
unholyflea reviewed this podcast on Jun 22nd, 2018
"LOVE IT!!! Can't wait for season 2!"
Unicoi reviewed this podcast on May 4th, 2018
"5 stars. Awesome audio drama."
Siyarash reviewed this podcast on Apr 18th, 2018
"I love how this podcast is written. Lots of suspence!"
gregoire reviewed this podcast on Mar 31st, 2018
"Well written, well produced and engaging story. At least the season one has a bit of a lovecraftian horror spirit. And although the story are fully in English, the multilingual effects are a very nice touch!"
minutebrain reviewed this podcast on Mar 18th, 2018
"Thrilling and scary, nicely produced and with thoughts given to representation, highly recommended!"
btinsley785 reviewed this podcast on Mar 5th, 2018
"If you liked "The Thing," the original, of course, you should love this one. A repair team is sent to an unmanned mining outpost in the Svalbard Archipelago, far north of the Arctic Circle. Trapped by a severe storm that also cuts off their communications, they find something under the ice that shouldn't be there. Something unfriendly. Too notch production"
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