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The Expert Effect, an Interview with Zach Rondot and Grayson McKinney

Released Thursday, 3rd June 2021
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In this episode of The Wired Educator Podcast, I interview Zach Rondot and Grayson McKinney about their brand new book, The Expert Effect: A Three-Part System to Break D…. I love this book. The Expert Effect includes practical teaching strategies and QR code links to resources and templates that make it easy to integrate this system into your curriculum. Regardless of the grade level you teach, you'll find inspiration and ideas that will help you engage your students in an unforgettable way. Listen to this episode to learn how YOU can win a copy of this book and some Wired Educator Stickers!
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Zach Rondot is a passionate fourth-grade teacher in Troy, Michigan. His mission is to teach students the 21st-century skills, mindsets, and attributes that will help them succeed long after they leave his classroom.
In 2019, Zach was named the Troy School District Elementary Teacher of the Year and the Oakland County Elementary Teacher of the Year.
Zach is an instructor in the Master's program of Learning, Design, and Technology at Central Michigan University. He utilizes technology to create learning opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. 
Grayson McKinney is a fifth-grade teacher from Michigan and a leader in the area of innovative teaching and learning. He has worked with learners at all levels of school from K-6 as a teacher, technology facilitator, and as a program administrator. He is a student podcaster, educational writer, and speaker on the topic of 21st-century student learning and engagement.
Together, Zach and Grayson are the authors of the newly released book, The Expert Effect: A Three-Part System to Break Down the Walls of your Classroom and Connect your Students to the World which was recently released by Edumatch Publishing.
Here is what people are saying about the book:
“This book is full of big ideas with detailed ways to achieve them. Zach and Grayson share how to design authentic learning, connect with professionals, take learning outside of the classroom, empower students, and develop the mindset in students that they are capable of dynamic and expert-level work.”
–Trevor Muir, Educator at Grand Valley State University and Author of The Collaborative Classroom
“In this book, Grayson and Zach lay the groundwork regarding “schooling vs. learning” and generously share their experiences as classroom teachers using project-based learning as part of their delivery system. The book is steeped with concrete examples and tools that will validate, extend, and challenge us as educators to continue to strive to reach all students.”
–Larry Thomas, Educational Consultant
“I met Grayson McKinney's Grade 4 students several years ago when they were the "experts'' during a presentation I was giving. They exhibited confidence and poise speaking to an audience of adults! The Expert Effect blends research, classroom experiences, and best practices to inspire and guide you in your own journey to amplify the voices of your own students by connecting them to experts.”
–Jennifer Casa-Todd, Educator-Librarian at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School and Author of Social LEADia
The Expert Effect paints a compelling picture of what joyful learning can look like in the classroom. Grayson and Zach offer teachers practical tips for designing learning experiences that foster a learning culture by prioritizing authenticity and student voice and choice. If you are looking for ways to empower your students to thrive in a complex world, this book has the answer!"
–Jennifer Gottlieb, Executive Director for District & School Services at Oakland County Intermediate School District, MI
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Grab a copy of Zach and Grayson's book here: The Expert Effect: A Three-Part System to Break…
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