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The Zero Apology Zone

Released Friday, 2nd July 2021
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In this episode, I interview with Vernon Wright. He's an educational leader, speaker and entrepreneur.  We Have a great conversation about connection, leadership, and the importance of lifting others up.  I titled this episode the "The Zero Apology Zone because that is one o Vernon’s brands, but also because apologizing is something I personally do too much of. I really enjoyed this conversation with Vernon and I know you will too.
This episode will lift you up and leave you feeling great. Vernon has a wonderful way of connecting with others and making them feel awesome. That’s actually how I found Vernon. Do you know how some people are super stingy with their likes and hearts on social media? Well, not Vernon. He is someone who’s awesome to connect with because he understands the importance I’ve lifting people up. He makes me a better human. I love the wisdom he drops on this episode. I love the way I feel when I talk with him.
Vernon Wright is an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, and consultant. He has over 15 years of experience in education working in large, urban school districts and has previously served in the roles of teacher, teacher leader, campus leadership team member, and district-level support.
Vernon has shared his experiences as a speaker numerous times over the years at the campus, district, regional, state levels, and beyond garnering acclaim and accolades from recognized industry leaders and colleagues. He has even impacted educators on a global scale with his message reaching people from afar including Croatia, Qatar, India, and Africa through the Global Ed Tech Academy sponsored by Microsoft EDU and CUE Inc. 
Vernon has brought his unique style and combination of insight, storytelling, experience, humor, authenticity, and epiphanies to audiences for years.  He knows that real change begins when we’re engaged in learning and within our hearts are committed to creating a vision for future impact.
Vernon has an established presence on Twitter and as well IG, Clubhouse, YouTube, Facebook, Discord, and Xbox Live (@TheWrightLeader), and he unabashedly stands as a voice for the people with zero apologies (ZeroApologyZone.com). He is committed to a life of elevating others with a relentless focus on informing minds and touching hearts around the globe.
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Visit Vernon's website at: www.ZeroApologyZone.com
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