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In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk Zero Sum and Demons and conclude that Mulder on drugs is, though well dressed, not a Mulder you'd want to date. But turns out, Scully still does! Follow us! Instagram & Twitter | @TheXOFiles E-Mail | th
The XO Files Episode 50 - Small Potatoes aka The Fake Out Make Out by Elise Persico, Phoebe Fisher
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk about mythology two-parter Tempus Fugit and Max, in which there's a lot of aliens, a lot of planes, and Mulder and Scully are proven to be married off screen because of... well, reasons. You'll see.
Well, we finally made it. In this episode, Elise and Phoebe tackle romantic heavy hitter Memento Mori. They cover the unplanned ad-libbed kiss that never made it past the cutting room floor, as well as Mulder and Scully's undying... dying devot
The XO Files Episode 47 - Leonard Betts/Never Again aka Mulder & Scully's First Fight by Elise Persico, Phoebe Fisher
The XO Files - Episode 46 - Paper Hearts, Or "Mulder's Lament" by Elise Persico, Phoebe Fisher
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe delve into mythology duo, Tunguska and Terma to talk Krycek #hotornot (the answer may surprise you!) and the most romantic mythology moment thus far - Mulder walkin' into that court room to put his arms (both o
In this Elise-less episode, Phoebe is joined by fellow veteran fan Colleen Evanson (of The X Files: Abridged Series on Vine/YT)to talk Unruhe and The Field Where I Died. They discuss Mulder's cry face, Scully's surprise fluency in German, and t
Finally, Elise and Phoebe are back with a brand new episode of The XO Files! In this episode, they welcome Phoebe's very own Peacock brother, Ian, to talk incest, pig-men, and the long time curiosity of the pen light being satisfied. ***Thank
Elise and Phoebe take on the unfathomably confusing season 3 finale, Talitha Cumi, and the even more incomprehensible season 4 premiere, Herrenvolk! Love that mythology... just kidding, we hate the mythology, but we still love the love. Follo
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk Quagmire and Wetwired, wherein they'll pour one out for the fallen homie in an impromptu tribute, because "Queequeg died, sweetie." They also wax poetic about the meaning of life, Mulder and Scully's trust
This is 40! Elise and Phoebe talk fan fav Jose Chung's From Outer Space. Not only is it chock full of speculation about just exactly what went on the night Mulder woke up in Scully's motel room, but you'll also find out what a "beer mile" entai
Okay guys, we finally got here. Pusher. The big one. But... will Elise rate it the 10/10? We shall see... and also spend 99% of the episode talking extensively about the ol' "2 hand touch"... and maybe also the ranking of stadium food around th
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe take on some more mythology, with Piper Maru and Apocrypha, wherein they discuss Mulder and Scully's love, a babbling brook, deep as the ocean. Also, Elise admits that Krycek might be more #not than #hot. Fol
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk about two episodes, War of the Coprophages and Syzygy, and you guessed it, jealous Scully! They also cover just how disgusting cockroaches are, and how Mulder and Scully are a true married couple. Follow
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk Nisei an 731, adding to their overall confusion about what really goes on with those damn aliens! But more importantly, Mulder's on a train (the love train) and Scully's gonna try and save him, just you wa
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk one of season 3's creepiest, "Oubliette." They talk through all of Mulder's sister issues, Scully's unending patience, and most importantly, what would happen if Mulder and Scully had to practice CPR on ea
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe welcome back Paley Guy himself, Keith Uhlich (@KeithUhlich) to talk Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose. They get into Darin Morgan's superior scripts, the merit of the ol' switcheroo, and how Mulder and Scully's rel
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe discuss milestone episode 33 3.03, DPO. They talk baby Giovanni Ribisi (because, you gotta), Mulder's romantic breakfasts with our favorite scientist, and launch our new podcast, Dark and Golden Eyed He Was: A
Looks like we made it (to season 3)! Hooray! In this episode, Elise and Phoebe tackle the first 2 episodes of season 3, Blessing Way and Paperclip. Basically, Mulder's naked in a tree, and Scully's seeing him in her dreams (like that's out of t
In the season 2 finale, Elise and Phoebe are joined by Eli Grober (@bymyselfatlunch) to talk about Mulder's tank top, Mulder's sweaty tank top, Mulder's sweaty, bloody tank top, and how much Scully loves it. Follow us! Twitter: @TheXOFiles T
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk "Our Town" (no not the song heavily featured during the montage in Home Alone 3, the X Files episode!) They discuss the obscenity of the duct tape gasp for a good long while, and also how absolutely disgus
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe talk Humbug! Get ready to listen to a Go Fic Yourself rant about what Mulder and Scully would be like as magicians, some talk of Mulder's perfect bone structure getting put on blast, and Mulder and Scully's une
In this episode, Elise and Phoebe take a little cruise through 2.19 Død Kalm, but luckily for us, we were unaffected by salt and or ions or something??? What was going on here? Who cares, Mulder and Scully are adorable old people together... if
In this double ep, Elise and Phoebe talk the two-parter Colony and End Game (mostly how Mulder trades his long lost sister for Scully nbd nbd nbd). They touch on many a topic, including but not limited to, meeting the Mulders, David Duchovny's
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