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24. The Breakthrough Episode on Unleashing Your Strengths with Dr.Colby Jubenville

Released Wednesday, 15th June 2016
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Question: How do we close the potential gap between what we are doing and what we want to do?

Welcome to The Youniversity Podcast!

Today's episode will help you with the number 1 skill needed in self-help...any guesses? It’s Awareness! Yes not only is it the #1 thing I speak about however it ties in perfectly with today’s episode. We are talking about not only knowing our strengths but how to unleash them and rock this world with your influence as a leader. You are in for a breakthrough today.

You are going to love today’s guest on The Youniversity Podcast
Today’s Show Notes Can Be Viewed at BrendanSage.com/24

Dr.Colby Jubenville
Dr. Colby B. Jubenville is a recognized author, international speaker, professor and blogger for the Washington Times focused on self-reliance and developing an entrepreneurial mindset. In 2015 he received the Nashville Emerging Leaders Impact Award and continues to be recognized for his amazing skills.

Some questions I asked Dr.Jubenville

  • In a world where business culture is more attractive than the product, how do we make sure our business culture is to it’s potential?
  • Colby says when we become better known we get better customers. I asked what are some thing we can do to establish this?
  • How do we identify our unique value and strengths in life?

Some key things we talk about

  • Why the individual or sometimes called the ‘lone wolf’ mindset fails
  • How to determine and master our strengths
  • How to drastically shorten the performance gap of where you are to where you want to be
And more….

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