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EB21: The Energizing Power Of Goji Berries

Released Sunday, 12th June 2016
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In the last Energy Boost episode 20 I discussed the difference between cacao and cocoa and the truly amazing energizing benefits that you can get from consuming them. But as with all things there are pros and cons which I explain in order to help you decide whether raw cacao is better for you or roasted cocoa. You can check out that episode here for more info.
In this episode of TheEdTalks I discuss an often touted energy boosting and anti aging superfood known by many names including the nick name “happy berry” but popularised with the name Goji berry. Extremely nutritious with loads of vitamins and minerals and important antioxidants these berries are a a real little powerhouse when it comes to mental and physical energy with lots of beneficial claims from being an anti-ageing food to improving vision, helping to fight cancer and assisting with infertility issues. There are definitely some possible side effects however that need to be discussed with your healthcare practitioner before you start consuming Goji berries.
In this episode you’ll discover:
  • The difference between a Goji berry and Wolfberry
  • Why Goji berries are thought to be an anti ageing food
  • How they can reduce stress and improve energy
  • The role they play in immunity and cancer prevention and treatment
  • How Goji berries can improve your vision and assist with infertility issues
  • Why pregnant and breast feeding women should avoid Goji berries
  • Other side effects and negatives associated with Goji berries
  • How to source cheaper Goji berries
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