Episode from the podcastThin End of the Wedge

3. Richard Dumbrill: Music in Mesopotamia

Released Monday, 12th October 2020
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Thin End of the Wedge

Richard explains what we know about music from Mesopotamia, and how we know it. Hear his reconstruction of a Hurrian song that’s more than 3000 years old. He talks about his work with colleagues in the Middle East, using music to drive positive change. 

2:41 How do we know anything at all about music in Mesopotamia?

6:00 Babylonian system of music

12:10 What kind of music do we know about? Are they solo works or were there orchestras? 

15:16 What kinds of instrument did they have?

21:10 the Hurrian hymn

25:17 What do we know about the musicians? Who were they? What training did they have?

27:12 plans for the future

28:47 the cultural festivals at Babylon

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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