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We're Back! Much like our beloved heroes Bill and Ted, Paul and Greg are back to bring the funny and review the movies of your childhood. Upon our most triumphant return, we embark on Bill and Ted's latest, and presumably last, adventure. We'
gleaming the cube - "i need to skate my pain away!"
When aliens release a brain eating slug into a quaint little town, only a hardnose detective and a wallflower college student can rescue everyone from the Night of the Creeps! From an alien opening, to a 50's interlude to 80's prom, this movie
Take one DNA strand from a human, one strand from a pest, add in a sprinkle of Gena Davis with just a dash of Jeff Goldblum and you get The Fly! The 1986 remake of the classic Vincent Price movie where science should've done more testing. Don't
Whoa dudes and dudettes, some killer robots from the future have come for the most excellent band in the universe sending them on a Bogus Journey! The Wyld Stallyns themselves Bill and Ted have died and need the help of Death himself to get mac
When the full moon rises, the terror begins and the only way to save this small town is with a Silver Bullet! We revel in another Steven King cinematic world where a young Corey Haim with his alcoholic uncle Gary Busey must find the source of t
Is it Sunday the 14th? Or Monday the 15th? No one really knows, but it all started on a Friday the 13th and this books reached it Final Chapter! Yeah that stunk, but 4 of these movies i'm out of puns. Listen in as Paul and Greg review the '"las
When you military mentor accidently shoots a kid, you either end up taking over your school or raising the flag to play TAPS! Another in the lost line of kids taking over the school themes from the 80's, in this one we find Timothy Hutton (not
When a terrorists take over your school, hopefully all your schoolboy hijinx will help you become Toy Soldiers. The NOT 80's movie starring Samwise himself finds a group of near-do-wells facing off against bumbling terrorists. With a little kno
Lost love, lost respect, and lost womens magazines lead Clint Eastwood on a jounry to reclaim the glory found on Heartbreak Ridge! The 80's movie that find Clint taming a group of marines to become a elite fighting force in this man's army. We
Peanut butter on the tv screen? dog ate your homework? Bike left in the drive way? Dont blame your little brother, blame the troublemakers under your bed, those Little Monsters! Fed Savage and Howie Mandel star is their first movie as a little
When a car full of gold coins explodes on the street, you'll need the two best LA cops around to pull a Lethal Weapon 2! Riggs and Murtaugh are back this time dealing with South African smugglers and trying to keep Murtaugh's house in one piece
When the law is against you, the beef trade sn'tgoing as planned and your father figure is gunned down, its time to mount up, regulate and draw your Young Guns! the 1988 cowboy movie about Billy the Kid and his gang is this weeks feature. So co
Before digitally removed moustaches and red tights became a thing of the past, Clark Kent wasnt kneeling before anyone in Superman 2! Yes, the almost Richard Donner sequel is this weeks movie as we discuss all things Super, Zod, and even Luthor
High end fashion boutiquets, greasy fast food court, and killer robots on every floor? Get your credit card and let go to the Chopping Mall! The low end robot come to life movie that surrisingly pre-dates Short Circuit follows a group of partyi
Ths is a special bonus cast of This Was Rad. This week we discuss the taunt silent thriller "A Quiet Place". In this episode we discuss workshopping ideas, Bill the Boom guy, Paul's stance on procreation, and give each other a couple virtual hi
When sarge is beating you down, donuts are in short supply, and the only guy getting respect is nicknamed Joker maybe its time to load the clip with those bullets made of FUll Metal Jacket! The Stanley Kubrick war masterpeice is this weeks subj
When the world moves on and big business comes to take the last semblence of your life away, youfind your miracle but Batteries Not Included! The 80's family(?) film about little robots from space that can rebuild anything even your believe in
2 brothers. 1 martial art. 8 walls and lots of whispering will leave you fghting for survival in the Octogan! Chuck Madness returns for a single entry as Greg and Paul come back from hiatus and tackle this 1980 Norris classic. Who will emerge v
Alex is a just a kid looking to go to the college of his dreams. However, his expertise at a video game will turn his reality into a dream. Will alex and his Iguana sidekick be able to stop the evil Xur? Will he get the girls of his dreams? Wil
One's a straight laced detective hoping to retire, the other is a cop on the edge with a death wish. But when a drug lordmakes it personal, together they make a Lethal Weapon! Yes, the first entry in the long line of Riggs and Murtaugh movies h
As a comet crosses the sky, machines go haywire, start killing people, and only a small group can fend off the killer trucks. Looks like its time to put this podcast into Maximum Overdrive! Emilio Estevez stars in this one and only directed Ste
After you lose your sight, only training, a sharp sword, and a clay dinosaur can help you get revenge and unleash your Blind Fury! Rutger Hauer comes back to TWR in the 1989 samurai/comedy about a blind Vietnam vet who must rescue his friend wh
When a junoir league team is trying to win that championship, they're gonna need an injection of Youngblood! The 1986 hockey movie about a farm kid trying to make it big time. Love, life, fighting, and tea will shape young Dean's skate to victo
When a magic baby floats up beside your farm and needs to be taken to the crossroads, the only peck man enough to do is Willow! The high fantasy movie from George Lucas and Ron Howard follows the trek of one mans journey to stop evil and save t
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