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We're Back! Much like our beloved heroes Bill and Ted, Paul and Greg are back to bring the funny and review the movies of your childhood. Upon our most triumphant return, we embark on Bill and Ted's latest, and presumably last, adventure. We'll discuss Ted's awesome daughter, Bill Sadlers commitment to a role, and reveal how Greg got Paul through a bummer of a time. Enjoy!
gleaming the cube - "i need to skate my pain away!"
When aliens release a brain eating slug into a quaint little town, only a hardnose detective and a wallflower college student can rescue everyone from the Night of the Creeps! From an alien opening, to a 50's interlude to 80's prom, this movie has stuff. Is it rad? We see, but we can all agree the raddest film never made is Night of the Living Bros!
Take one DNA strand from a human, one strand from a pest, add in a sprinkle of Gena Davis with just a dash of Jeff Goldblum and you get The Fly! The 1986 remake of the classic Vincent Price movie where science should've done more testing. Don't lose your teeth listening to this one!
Whoa dudes and dudettes, some killer robots from the future have come for the most excellent band in the universe sending them on a Bogus Journey! The Wyld Stallyns themselves Bill and Ted have died and need the help of Death himself to get mack in time for the Battle of the bands. Listen and enjoy the or else we give ya the melvin! Highlights:-we discuss B & T 3-what do you do with excess foam?-we go down a 23 and Me rabbit hole-what is a Melvin? We'll tell you!-then we really fawn over william Sadler's Death-we each have a mini heart attack during the credits
When the full moon rises, the terror begins and the only way to save this small town is with a Silver Bullet! We revel in another Steven King cinematic world where a young Corey Haim with his alcoholic uncle Gary Busey must find the source of the recent killings and take it down. So keep your oven warm because we got some buns for you! Highlights: -the naps of grindelwald-we fawn over steven king yet again!-volunteering for town drunk-"hey, remember the good times"-gotta get that polaroid film-we share fireworks stories-what does the bible say about werewolves
Is it Sunday the 14th? Or Monday the 15th? No one really knows, but it all started on a Friday the 13th and this books reached it Final Chapter! Yeah that stunk, but 4 of these movies i'm out of puns. Listen in as Paul and Greg review the '"last" Jason movie where he hunts yet another groups of hapless teens. Not even Quirky Crispen Glover can excape the machete wielding maniac. So grab your fedora, defend m'ladies honor and help us decide if we've found the origins of the Incels!   Friday the 13th The Final Chapter greatest hits:-This Was Spider-Man on PS4-black boxes, the original pirate bay-Jason is the original Incel-Crispen can't dance-Jason Loves his Spear gun-Paul continues his defense of Shelly-Dr. Jason Vorhees-Mom finally sees her way out-Jason the dead beat dad end music care of opening theme can be found here
When you military mentor accidently shoots a kid, you either end up taking over your school or raising the flag to play TAPS! Another in the lost line of kids taking over the school themes from the 80's, in this one we find Timothy Hutton (not Sutton), Sean Penn and Tom Cruise all defending the school they love so much. Thankfully George C. Scott is here to bring gravitas to the film. Lets just hope you don't listen on groundhog's day!   TAPS greatest hits:-Paul starts with an unusual question-And we crown Ronnie Cox our number one TWR guest star-you dont rent a crane, you buy the crane-we rave about George C. Scott-Paul mistakes hutton and dalton-what about the female cadet camp across the lake?-advertising the release of your chldren-we have a lot of theories on this movie including 2 different endings end music care of opening theme can be found here
When a terrorists take over your school, hopefully all your schoolboy hijinx will help you become Toy Soldiers. The NOT 80's movie starring Samwise himself finds a group of near-do-wells facing off against bumbling terrorists. With a little know how, gumption, and a wet towel, they work to save their school. Let just hope it goes better than a heist by Don Karnage!toy soldiers greatest hits:-is america ready for a 3rd way of ska-we totally mis-remember this movie-our bad guy is not very smart-we take the way back machine to the phone sex line-the disappointing mafia son-the ol "im already in prison" defense-we do an after the credits music care of theme can be found here
Lost love, lost respect, and lost womens magazines lead Clint Eastwood on a jounry to reclaim the glory found on Heartbreak Ridge! The 80's movie that find Clint taming a group of marines to become a elite fighting force in this man's army. We can only hope theres a cosmo quiz that can give him all the answers.Heartbreak Ridge greatest hits:-a salute to the troops!-Paul deffinitely saw this movie despite having never seen it-Dorf on Army (remember him?)-so many shirtless men-we ask "is there a reject group in the military?"-Clint loves Cosmo quizzes music care of theme can be found here
Peanut butter on the tv screen? dog ate your homework? Bike left in the drive way? Dont blame your little brother, blame the troublemakers under your bed, those Little Monsters! Fed Savage and Howie Mandel star is their first movie as a little kid discovering the world of Little monsters. From a Dark Souls underworld to Boy's pal Bwion Greg and Paul tackle it all. You know what, just play the clip.Little Monsters greatest hits:-paul and greg grossly forget the movie for a moment-setting friend levels-another Greg Theory rises up-Set designers hate kids-A stange confession occurs-we plan our salute to the troops-paul asks greg to explain Rad yet again music care of theme can be found here
When a car full of gold coins explodes on the street, you'll need the two best LA cops around to pull a Lethal Weapon 2! Riggs and Murtaugh are back this time dealing with South African smugglers and trying to keep Murtaugh's house in one piece. From domestic Pesci to thoughts on drive-thru's, we cover this sequel like only we can. And we planked em!Lethal Weapon 2's greatest hits:-Greg and Paul reminisce on bygone east coast eats-we ask, how much does Murtaugh pay in insurance premiums-We once again bring up the greatest TV show-Paul describes eating Crandberry sauce-Then Paul tells the "cheeseburger" story-Danny Glover's bad improve music care of theme can be found here
When the law is against you, the beef trade sn'tgoing as planned and your father figure is gunned down, its time to mount up, regulate and draw your Young Guns! the 1988 cowboy movie about Billy the Kid and his gang is this weeks feature. So come on little doggies and ride with us as we see if this Billy can still rustle up a rad. Just don't be a party pooper like Greg!Young Guns greatest hits:reminiscing on the western crazeSandra Bernhard - romantic lead of the 80swe put together the Hair metal Regulatorsthe great undergarment debateCowboy Hank HillGreg is a Party Pooper music care of theme can be found here
Before digitally removed moustaches and red tights became a thing of the past, Clark Kent wasnt kneeling before anyone in Superman 2! Yes, the almost Richard Donner sequel is this weeks movie as we discuss all things Super, Zod, and even Luthorian. Will Superman get his powers back and defeat the most evilist of Generals? Maybe if he psych's himself up he can!Superman 2's greatest hits:-the ol bait and switch opener-we discuss Kryptonian Eugenics-We hope the french finally check their redundant elevator safety systems-That time DC went full pickle jar-Suburban Zod is fed up-more like the fortress of inconvienent to get too-who's the real villian here?-#PZcover-waiting for godot/Superman music care of theme can be found here
High end fashion boutiquets, greasy fast food court, and killer robots on every floor? Get your credit card and let go to the Chopping Mall! The low end robot come to life movie that surrisingly pre-dates Short Circuit follows a group of partying teenagers as they fight for their right to live. Will this all work out for them? Listen in and Have a Nice Day!Chopping Mall greatest hits:-robbing, faster then getting a job-gushing over Roger Cormen-the 80's robot shared universe-the agony of being chased by a robot AGAIN-shooting a film in sequence is a choice-Five words to remake this movie music care of theme can be found here
Ths is a special bonus cast of This Was Rad. This week we discuss the taunt silent thriller "A Quiet Place". In this episode we discuss workshopping ideas, Bill the Boom guy, Paul's stance on procreation, and give each other a couple virtual high fives! So leave the batteries behind and enjoy! 
When sarge is beating you down, donuts are in short supply, and the only guy getting respect is nicknamed Joker maybe its time to load the clip with those bullets made of FUll Metal Jacket! The Stanley Kubrick war masterpeice is this weeks subject. We go from bootcamp to jungle and let you know what we think. Just be sure to buy some of our "Zombie Juice"!Full Metal Jacket greatest hits:remembering the soundbard prank phone callgiggling costs you your main roletaking Sgt. HArtman up on his offerwhy does Hartman hate unlocked footlockerswe find out how long a thousand yard stare realy isand try and sell you "Zombie Juice" music care of theme can be found here
When the world moves on and big business comes to take the last semblence of your life away, youfind your miracle but Batteries Not Included! The 80's family(?) film about little robots from space that can rebuild anything even your believe in the salvation of the humanity. We can only hope it doesnt lead to an eternity in the menagerie!Batteries Not Included's greatest hits:we ask which demographic was this movie made forjimmy the intern gets his big breakmobster retirement home the TV Show!we try our best to get current and fail music care of theme can be found here
2 brothers. 1 martial art. 8 walls and lots of whispering will leave you fghting for survival in the Octogan! Chuck Madness returns for a single entry as Greg and Paul come back from hiatus and tackle this 1980 Norris classic. Who will emerge victorious? Only whipsering Chuck knows. music care of theme can be found here
Alex is a just a kid looking to go to the college of his dreams. However, his expertise at a video game will turn his reality into a dream. Will alex and his Iguana sidekick be able to stop the evil Xur? Will he get the girls of his dreams? Will he leave the trailer park for good and become the Last Starfighter!The Last Starfighters greatest hits:-we are now living in the 80's, again!-but we are now unionized!-we find the first fully functional and well adjusted trailer park-Xur, the angry teenage traitor-we learn you can't just open a window in space when your hot-we blow the ball bearing budget-the Death Blossom is dissapointing in so may ways-and stick around for Paul's actual SW:TLJ review music care of theme can be found here
One's a straight laced detective hoping to retire, the other is a cop on the edge with a death wish. But when a drug lordmakes it personal, together they make a Lethal Weapon! Yes, the first entry in the long line of Riggs and Murtaugh movies has humble beginnings. Yet despite it all, they crack this case even if one is getting too old for this sh*t!Lethal Weapon greatest hits:-we spend a lot of time discussing the fall and rise of Mel Gibson-then Paul wishes for Hulk Hogans death-we ask, what about the guy who's car the person fell on-Greg declares we've hit peak saxaphone-we praise the magestic bloomin' onion #twralstralia-gary donners helicopters rental-why did we get a fight no one wanted? Mel Gibson Rant: Sunny LW5: music care of theme can be found here
As a comet crosses the sky, machines go haywire, start killing people, and only a small group can fend off the killer trucks. Looks like its time to put this podcast into Maximum Overdrive! Emilio Estevez stars in this one and only directed Steven King movie about a bunch of semi-trucks trying to kill off the human race. Why they attack is as big a mystery as which movies Estevez has actually starred in!Maximum Overdrive greatest hits:-we finally watch an ACTUAL cocaine fueled movie-putting the jimmies vs sprinkles debate to bed-we define a 'rogue' comet-we have the FIRST mechanical peeper-paul tries to make a point and immediately apologies for it-We rave about a raving waitress-steven King tries to get a Tank-#TWRTag music care of theme can be found here
After you lose your sight, only training, a sharp sword, and a clay dinosaur can help you get revenge and unleash your Blind Fury! Rutger Hauer comes back to TWR in the 1989 samurai/comedy about a blind Vietnam vet who must rescue his friend while protecting his friends son. With convienent super powers, Uncle Nick will find those responsible and cut them down without the power of the dragon!Blind Fury greatest hits:-we meet ya-wee the native tennis coach-we ask what the hell ind of drugs is Frank making?!?-Nick and Frank ask what IS the worst that could happen-which came first the name or the food snack?-BLB shows up to fullfill his brothers legacy-Ernest goes to 'Nam, Again!-we do the longest bit and TWR (possibly all podcast) history-Paul recants all the movies this film wanted to be music care of theme can be found here
When a junoir league team is trying to win that championship, they're gonna need an injection of Youngblood! The 1986 hockey movie about a farm kid trying to make it big time. Love, life, fighting, and tea will shape young Dean's skate to victory!Youngblood greatest hits:-we consider becoming This was BAFTA-a new segment "barreling through"-why is rob lowe naked?-who is going to a weekday afternoon hockey game?-we fawn over Keanu's surfer/Canuk accent-the butterfly is in full effect-Paul checks the rules for us-we learn a new term music care of theme can be found here
When a magic baby floats up beside your farm and needs to be taken to the crossroads, the only peck man enough to do is Willow! The high fantasy movie from George Lucas and Ron Howard follows the trek of one mans journey to stop evil and save the land. With Razel the transmuted witch and Mad Marddigan the swordsman, he'll need to find the magic within! (movie) greatest hits:TWR BingoA Dick Clark dedicationjumping to the mother of all conclusionsGoing pre-old school with the jokesdebating the better sledding scenepre-battle career choicesRazel the gaslighting scoreress music care of theme can be found here
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