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This week in anguish: - Vasily is exhibiting palpable joie de vivre, and it's putting some desperately needed esprit back in our corps.  - The terrible story of the 1995 murder of Peter Karlsson, then teammate of soon-to-be-Canuck Leif Rohlin,
This week in anguish: - We discuss the untimely passing of Patrik Jonsson, who, among many other things, did a great deal for the Canucks in a short period of time.  - After excoriating the Canucks for not drawing more deeply on the "real" hist
This week in anguish: - The offseason, long a bastion of competition-less safety and glowing training reports, has taken a more dire turn. We remain concerned that Petey might sign an offer sheet, and we regret the inexorable march of ads acros
This week in anguish: - It's been over two months since we last muddied the airwaves. Rather a lot has happened.  - We cautiously welcome the new Special Advisors to the GM, camp out at OEL's desert abode, take in the good and the bad of Conor
This week in anguish: - We were going to make it through this year if it killed us, but we've survived long enough to come nearer to our mythical "tight forty-five" than we have in months, putting this cursed season to bed in 56 fun-filled minu
This week in anguish: - We complete the final leg of our heads-in-the-sand marathon with Breakfast TV's broadcast from the smoldering wreckage of June 2011, What a Season. - Mere waves in a sea of clever commentary, we make note of things like
This week in anguish: - We laughed, we cried, and we once again skipped over the most painful bits along with the Boys of '82 in the 2002 Orca Bay Productions Canucks PPV feature - Raisin' Hell and Waving Towels. It's 46 minutes long, and it on
This week in anguish: - Alex Edler, Tyler Toffoli, Adam Gaudette, Jared McCann, and Gustav Forsling are whistle-stops on our hopefully one-time segment, The Bleakness.  - The Virtanen situation confronts us with a bleakness of a very different
This week in anguish: - For a brief moment, it looked like the recuperating Canucks might go 19-0 to round out the season. Boy, wouldn't our faces have been red. - So, we watched a thing. It was entertaining, nostalgic, hokey, and bizarre. If y
Lo, these weeks in anguish: - A lot has happened in the 19 days since Antoine Roussel opined that a break in the schedule would be nice.  - We pester and applaud our favourite voices in the shifting local media landscape.  - The world witnesses
This week in anguish: - Our thoughts are with the players, coaching staff, and especially their families as they battle Covid-19 infections. - We still make time to celebrate the Canucks putting a $25 million dollar promise ring on Thatcher Dem
This week in anguish: - Tristan had five teensy, manageable little talking points, and Ardella claimed to have nothing at all to say. The Canucks who aren't injured are hibernating. This one clocks in at one second under 90 minutes.  - We bette
This week in anguish: - The Canucks' two steps forward, one step back approach to life has us wondering if we'll ever cross the finish line in time.  - We welcome Jimmy Vesey to the team. Or at least we meant to. We end up questioning his chara
This week in anguish: - We play a round of Vancouver's new least-favourite board game, Twisted Incentives. - Alexandre Ménard-Burrows is back behind the bench of les Habitants, and it leads us to a check-in with all our old 2011 besties. Sure,
This week in anguish: - Did you see how hard we carpe'd that diem? And since that's all that matters in this workaday world...job well done, I suppose. - But seriously, folks. Jim Benning finally had to face some media questions  and we have th
This week in anguish: - Ardella's opening statement begins with a sigh, followed by a brief moment of levity where she describes herself as being simply "so darn sad", before things really go downhill and it's hard to tell hockey- and COVID-fat
This week in anguish: - We revel in some of the more obscure benefits of a cratered season. We now cause other teams existential conniptions whenever we beat them, and we can look on the mere existence of an ember of team cohesion as the only v
This week in anguish: - Life (or in this case its henchman, Bell Media) finds new and intriguing ways to punch us in the gut. - JPat, who poured his actual tears and toil into 1040 over many years, spent just over 30 minutes talking about its d
This week in anguish: - Ardella, experiencing feelings, has prepared something of a speech. Tristan (more of a new media guy, really) would like to discuss a thumbnail.  - There have been great indignities this week. These come with anecdotes.
This week in anguish: - Was just...awful. I mean, you were there. Gross, right? Mighty disquieting in many ways as well. So we talk about all the things you might expect us to, but also... - An oh-so-timely autopsy of the 2010 draft, - The ugli
This week in anguish: - We retreat to the warm, fuzzy, fading memories of Game 1 before grappling with what may be a somewhat difficult back-fifty-three. - We finally officially welcome Travis Hamonic to the squad, and appreciate the diverse hu
This week in anguish: - Nils Höglander is forcing everyone to learn his name. Past examples of Elias Pettersson and Jonathan Dahlen just go to show that you can never force someone to learn your name right.  - We check up on at least some of th
This week in anguish: - Ardella reminds us that Micheal Ferland is a person and not just a line item on CapFriendly, and we learn a bit more about why concussions do what they do. - Travis Green climbs the TWiA power rankings as he waxes poetic
This week in anguish: - Is enlivened by the presence of Moezine Hasham, founder of the Hockey4Youth organization. While we may differ with Coach Moe on the present weight of Braden Holtby's past bona fides, and on the potential desirability of
This week in anguish: - Famously, on the day both his wife and mother died, Theodore Roosevelt inscribed a large, black "X" in his diary with the words, "The light has gone out of my life." In more recent news, Troy Stecher is no longer a Vanco
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