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This episode has much Florida. We discuss Sex in a Bull Onesie and the genius of using spaghetti sauce to burn down a house. Surprisingly, Mike pusses out on wearing a sheep costume. We learn about Emotional support bacon...I mean Pigs. Mike spends the entire episode doing his Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union Impression The guys share Bootcamp memories. Sit back, enjoy the show and ponder...Is RBG an emotional support animal?Support the show (
The guys try again to convince Mike to get a colonoscopy, Glen points out Harbor Freight has a home Colonoscopy probe. The guys discuss the anqueefa problem. Also, the white supremacists tried to throw a rally and no one came...except anqueefa who ended up fighting with themselves. The guys, continuing their delusions, begin laying ground rules for the Carey-Cortez debate. Sit back, don’t send dick pics and enjoy the show.Support the show (
The squids join a mutual admiration society with youtuber debsky...Turns out wearing wigs in the women’s bathroom to get video does not work out real well. The Dems tried to boycott West Coast Burger legend In-N-Out and no one, not even the vegan snowflakes could get behind that one. PETA hold a memorial for lobsters killed in a traffic accident on their way to restaurants...alright, that’s it...Jeff has got to be making this shit up..a memorial for lobsters...the dumb-ass unpronounceable words were one thing, but this is getting ridiculous. Support the show (
In this episode, Mike’s french side comes out , the guys try to figure out what Jabba the Slut smells like. If you find yourself in Texas, don’t expect any help from 911 if the operator is having a bad day. The squids plan a beach vacation, complete with visions of Mike. Mike suggests a new career path for Jeff. They share bootcamp stories and those explain a few things...Glen. Starbucks lets their inner racist come shining through. The Squids say goodbye to R. Lee, Babs and Some NPR guy. Sit back, be happy you don’t live in Uganda, or canada...or England...or France...or Macon...or WeezyAnna….and enjoy the Show.Support the show (
 Brian Campbell the second part. More memories, more laughter, and for what it’s worth, more Mike. Sit back and enjoy the show one of the absolute best episodes we’ve ever done. Support the show (
This time The Squids do their first interview. That’s right, boys and girls...this episode is all about Debbie, well, mostly about Debbie. But, those damn squids did sneak in some stuff about tattoos, nail gun accidents and something about a white trash trifecta. But, Mike and Debbie talk about laundry habits, cheesecake and other recipes..kind of a girl's night in.Support the show (
Shooting the breeze, tales of trips to Vegas now and in years gone by.Support the show (
The guys from Three Old Squids are back as Capt. Crotchety and the Calamari Bros., talkin' 'bout politics, recipes and prostate exams.Support the show (
This time, we learn who Nkechi Diallo is and why she’s in trouble for welfare fraud. Jeff bitches about Internet connection issues. Mike, surprisingly, admits his long-standing crush on Octomom while the guys discuss his weight, profanity usage, where he rests his ball-sack while wearing a fanny pack on his bicycle. A history lesson leads to Mike’s take on the Constitution, while Glen dives back into Google for more facts. Sit back and enjoy the squids thoughts on Roe v Wade and Gay Divorce Rates. Enjoy the show!!Support the show (
Coast Guard Cramps. The hilarity in Mike’s boxer shorts. Racism at the cheesecake factory. Child porn and machetes, the warmth and compassion of Durango, CO. This one is all over the crazy….and Mike spends the entire episode sucking on something….really sucking on something….sucking on something in a manner than really makes one wonder how he did not earn any medals. Don’t go Pitchin’ poo at Tim Hortons if they won’t let you use the head and get a sitter, babies have no place at border assaults in the middle east….enjoy the show. Support the show (
 Turns out the Navy of the squids is not the navy of today, it is infested with rats and snowflakes. It’s is a sad day in Naval history indeed. In other news, people are offended by a toy egg, while a real egg sets a record. If you ever wondered why two outta three old squids are optimistically vaccinated, look no futher. Oh, and something about Mike ranting. Sit back, spark one, and enjoy the show.Support the show (
Jeff’s highschool classmate, youtube personality Debzky stops by for 2 hour chat, we find out how angry parents get when kids don’t answer texts and are not where they should be and what happens to people who stick their noses where they don’t belong. We get glimpses of youth in a small town and more clues to why Jeff is the way he is. Cops in Florida beat up a 14year old girl and Amy Schumer declines a superbowl commercial...not that anyone asked.Sit back, go to the gofundme page mentioned linked on our facebook page and help a little girl home for Christmas. Enjoy the show.Support the show (
This time the squids discuss who might run for the Dems in ‘20. Some lady shot her husband over porn, but more importantly, Mike gets indignant over being accused of watching Transvestite Amputee Midget Porn...Perhaps a little too indignant? We learn what will happen when Mike strokes out during the show. The Navy renamed the bitch box and someone is gettin’ tired of it! Some dudes in India gang-raped a pregnant goat...we ain’t makin’ this shit up...Yeah, a pregnant goat…. Sit back and be thankful you are not a pregnant goat in India...enjoy the show.Support the show (
This time Jeff and Glen discuss Joy Braysharder and the Vice President. Glen recounts his encounter with a bear in a crawl space and gives his experiences riding motorcycles. Jeff and Glen talk cars and trucks, mount Pinatubo and buying Harleys in the Philippines. We get Mike’s thought on Trump and Rocket man in between what appears to be trips to the all you can eat buffet and mouthfuls of someonething. Sit back and enjoy...but maybe not on a full stomach, especially if you suffer from Misophonia.Support the show (
The Squids Welcome James “Mugsy” Guerriero on the show. All the news get pitched aside while the guys share sea stories. Mike’s green terrycloth shower wrap makes another appearance, as does STG3 Saposnico. Mugsy remembers the lovely Loretta and her particular talent. The guys talk about medals and Mike’s shellback credibility comes into he a really an honorable shellback or a slimy wog? Take a good look at your certificate and enjoy the showSupport the show (
Are the squids being shadowed banned by facebook? What happens when you ride your bike in goatfuckistan? Are crazy-eyes Cortez and crazy-ass Omerosa the same person? Why does Mike get very quiet when Al Sharpton’s pronunciations come up. How pissed are the the aliens gonna be when they get back? For the answers to these questions and so much more, sit back, grab a pair of panties from the hamper, not the drawer and enjoy the show. Support the show (
 Peta...oh peta, the love of animals is not supposed to be literal. This time we take another look south and fine Florida does not disappoint, amputees shooting things up from scooters, cinder blocks through car windows and machete-wielding fast food workers. The guys talk about the impact of social media and bad dining experiences, and take a short walk down memory lane. Sit back, don’t go throwing egg mcmuffins, and enjoy the show.Support the show (
This time everything seems oddly calm, relaxed, mellow as the guys optimistically tell stories of growing up and making IEDs for recreation in the 70s.  Sit back, break out your copy of the anarchists cookbook and enjoy the show.Support the show (
This time on “Shit You Should Never Do” the guys give advice on Editing wikipedia, the cleanest way to not get caught for murder, they expose the origins of the keto diet, and talk too long about constipation and boners in bootcamp. These three guys have the audacity to speak about breast feeding in public and suggest lena dunham keep ‘em in her shirt. Glen gives up my summer peach drink recipe and we learn Stormy Daniel’s net worth. Listen to find out how to score with chicks using the the Mike Carey method and enjoy the show!!Support the show (
Laughter and talk about dogs.  Support the show (
The Squids talk about the memo, Glen has talking points and we learn The Squids political leanings.Support the show (
This time, the squids discuss Minnesota and California, and try to decide which is crazier and why Jeff has ties to both states. The guys look at a few state songs and well, yeah. Being manly men, the guys compare grilled cheese recipes. Oh, they’d like to pass along, if you are standing in a coffee line and feel the need to say something to the smaller, weaker person peacefully waiting her turn to buy coffee, you should go kill yourself, because you have no used in our world. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there...especially mine!Support the show (
This time we get an update on Tim Conway and say goodbye to Burt Reynolds Glen gives an update on how he and the Diva are weathering the storm. FEMA turns to wafflehouse for sitreps as only they seem to be keeping open during the storm. Some dude faked having down syndrome to get nappies changed and he isn’t even the one huffing paint. The guys talk about careers at McDonalds and mike, being mike, talks about google as an enemy of the people out of left field. Hair Salon owner Tin Bui Says No fat chicks. And some lady does not enjoy her rat soup at Chinese restaurant chain Xiabu Xiabu. Sit back while Mike shares his true feelings on Serena Williams, and enjoy the show.Support the show (
This time the squids take a look in the mirror with other eyes.  They try to see themselves as other see them, with varying results.  It seems the mirror has many for that 2 faces.  Sit back, pack one and listen to delusions and truths of growing older.Support the show (
 This time, the fellas shoot the breeze, no rhyme, no reason, no coherent flow or transitions...I dunno but I think ~whisper~ marijuana ~/whisper~ might have been a factor. Anyway, sit back, get ready to laugh, and enjoy the show.Support the show (
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