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It’s time for us to dive into the end of the Ember trilogy as we start the Diamond of Darkhold. While we are still thoroughly enjoying the series, the realism hits a bit of a snag, as Lina and Doon return to Ember. The book is still a page turn
The tension has been building and finally comes to a boiling point. Lina has been bonding with Maddie, and Doon has been spying on Tick. The racism parallels are on full display, but we both think that the book is a total page turner. Finally,
It’s time for the second book of the trilogy, The People of Sparks. The denizens of Ember have emerged into a post apocalyptic society that only begrudgingly takes them in. As is to be expected, we have a good time ribbing both our great charac
The story picks up quite quickly this week as Lina and Doon super sleuth out both the corruption and greed of Ember as well as the egress from the city. This week we once again have to contend with younger characters who are naïve and that does
We start our new series with strong Giver vibes and a return to younger characters. We get to enjoy the mystery of the failing world of Ember as this dark city starts to deteriorate. This book Charles and Asia get to follow two innocent and lik
If the Divergent trilogy was chaotic before, it has reached an apex in this final reading. We have the big and polarizing reveal as well as lots of co-host feelings about it. For once, Charles even tries to provide the benefit of the doubt, but
The books take a drastic turn and the thematic discussion changes completely as we cover the first half of Allegiant. The world has completely changed, leading to more confusion for Asia and Charles. Continuing lack of romance does not help bot
Things on the pod start to unravel much like the plot of the books. Charles continues to be quite confused, but he luckily has Asia there to guide him through it. We watch more stress on Tris and Tobias. Both are at fault, and neither seems to
Diving into the second book of the series, the war effort continues, and the reader's confusion starts to grow. As the romance struggles, so does our enjoyment of the series. The plot does start to feel messy, and when Charles gets confused, he
We go 0 to 100 real quick as we wrap up Dauntless initiation and immediately get into the overarching of the series, the Erudite-initiated war. Tris and her ability to escape simulations is pivotal, but this is when we start to see some continu
This week we are choosing our factions as we start the Divergent Trilogy! We are entering the world of Tris Prior as she makes the monumental decision to leave the selfless Abnegation and join the brave Dauntless. There’s a lot of romance and s
As we wrap up the series, we end up feeling more and more like Messenger and less and less like The Giver. We continue Claire’s story as she reclaims her memories, climbs out of the ditch, and finds her way to Gabe. We debate Claire’s trade as
It’s time for the final book of The Giver Quartet. This final book is called Son, and we return to Jonas’ original community. We are following Gabriel’s birthmother, Claire, as she gives birth to Gabe, is dismissed from being a birthmother and
In an excoriation of an episode, we wrap up Messenger. Make sure you listen to hear how we respond to all of the suspense built up in the first half of the book. This episode is rather quick as the reading is short, but we cover many perspectiv
After divisive episodes on Gathering Blue, we are back this week with renewed hopes for book number three, Messenger. This community connects our first two books and also develops its own struggles and complexities. The protagonist Matty is a f
This week Charles and Asia continue the discussion of Gathering Blue. This time both hosts agree on their feelings on the ending unlike last week. All of our mysteries are solved and even new ones that are introduced are quickly answered as wel
It’s time for Gathering Blue, the second book of The Giver Quartet. Possibly for the first time, we have a real disagreement between the hosts. One of us is totally vibing with this book, and the other is not at all. This community or world is
We wrap up The Giver this week as we watch Jonas discover more secrets of the community. He learns more about pain, humanity, and the procedure called release. Upon discovering the secrets of suppressed knowledge and the full range of human emo
We continue our unit on dystopian society as we explore “the community” where Jonas turns 12 and his world is turned upside down when he becomes the Receiver of Memory. As we read through Jonas’ eyes we find out how disgustingly “same” his comm
Wrapping up The Hunger Games prequel, The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, we see Coriolanus Snow’s final and complete descent into evil. After being caught cheating to win the 10th Hunger Games, Snow becomes a peacekeeper and much more drama oc
Charles and Asia dive into The Hunger Games prequel novel this week, and they follow a young Coriolanus Snow on his journey as a mentor in the 10th annual Hunger Games. We get to know Coriolanus as the only surviving male in a once wealthy high
This week, we wrap up the Katniss Everdeen story, as she, Gale, and Peeta fight through the Capitol. We discuss the conflict between Katniss and Coin, and the resolution of the love triangle between Peeta, Katniss, and Gale. We lose many major
We enter the final book of the trilogy this week, Mockingjay. This episode we get to explore the Gale and Katniss dynamic as we haven’t actually gotten too much in writing yet. We also take inventory of the things that we didn’t notice on our f
This episode wraps up Catching Fire, so we follow the plot from the prep time in the Capitol, through the arena, and into the final explosion. Charles and Asia dive into Katniss’ new strategy in the games of saving Peeta rather than herself, an
We start the best of the books in the The Hunger Games trilogy, Catching Fire. In this episode, we unpack the six months from Katniss and Peeta’s victory tour to their return to the capital as tributes in the Quell. It’s finally time for some l
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