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Hello everyone! I’m popping up in your feed today... not to begin Season 3 - that’s still a little ways off yet! No, what I’m hoping to do today is to introduce you to a new friend of mine and his show, History of the Germans. I’m talking of co
This week, at long last and well overdue, we have made it to the end of Season 2 of the podcast! Having wrapped up all of the Kings and having put us on the road to Season 3 with the Carolingians, we're taking this week to look back on the past
This week, we have finally made it to the last day of the last Merovingian King, Childéric III. And what can we say about this event other than it has been a really, really long time coming. I mean seriously, we’re talking about a Merovingian k
This week, we’re going to look at the abdication of a powerful figure, a man who loomed over Francia and French politics in the mid-8th century - but this man was not the King! This week we’ll be looking at Carloman, the Austrasian Mayor of the
This week, we’re going to take a look at the end of Charles Martel, the naming of his two legitimate sons as heirs, and consider just how different the world is now from the world we started with in 451. I mean, think of how much has changed: t
This week, the show that purports to look “at history through the eyes of the Kings and Queens of France” is going to be just a little bit blind, because with the death of Theuderic IV… we have no King. We have no Queen. And we have no heir app
Hello boys and girls, and Happy 4th of July to all of my American listeners who are hopefully listening to this podcast while headed out to watch a baseball game or enjoy a picnic and fireworks somewhere and enjoy our nation’s celebration of it
This week, we’re finally there, finally to that glorious battle depicted on the walls of the Gallery of Battles: the Battle of Poitiers. To begin this week, the opening story brings us from the build-up noted in last week's episode and delivers
This week we’re getting ready for the big event, the royal rumble, the epic battle for the ages that would, one way or another, seal the fate of Europe as either a Christian or Muslim land… Okay, okay, I’m getting a little carried away with th
This week we’re going to return our sights to the Merovingian kings. They’ve been so quiet in this time period and overshadowed by such larger-than-life personalities that it’s easy to look past them, but they deserve a glance. One thing we hit
This week, welcome to Charles “The Hammer” Martel. I’ll be honest, up until this point you would be excused if you hadn’t heard of most of the names we’ve covered on this show. Clovis, Chlothar, Brunhilda, Fredegunda and Theuderic are not exact
Hello and happy Memorial Day to all of you out there enjoying a long weekend in the States; for all of my U.K. listeners, happy Spring Bank holiday! I’m not going to lie, that’s possibly the least sexy way of saying “long weekend” that I’ve eve
This week, we’re going to wrap up what has been a three-part examination of the life and achievements of Pépin d’Herstal, a.k.a. Pépin II, a.k.a Pépin the Younger, a.k.a. Pépin le Gros. Pépin was a larger-than-life figure, a man who ruled Franc
Click here to check out the Listenable course mentioned at the end of this episode! This week we’re looking at the end of Theuderic III… which just happens to also be the beginning of Pépin d’Herstal as princeps, the Prince/Duke of the Franks.
This week we’re finally looking at the do-nothing kings, les rois fainéants, as exactly that: kings who sat the throne, and besides the title and crown, had very little to say in the actual administration of the land over which they nominally r
This week, we’re going to take our focus down just a little bit. Last week we discussed the reigns and fates of four kings; this week, we’re going to look at just one: King Dagobert II. Now, to be honest, Dagobert II is almost completely superf
This week we’re going to run through four kings in short order. Up until this point we have been able to see most of the rois fainéants for what they were: well-meaning young kings who, by dint of having taken power at an exceptionally young ag
This week we’re finishing the trilogy that began back in Episode Nine when Grimoald rode out into a field following the death of King Sigisbert III, collected up two boys - his son, Childebert, and the Crown Prince, Dagobert II - then sent the
This week we’re continuing the saga of the first attempted coup d’état that we’ve seen in our history so far. Sure, the Kings and Queens in our story have tried to overthrow one another pretty much non-stop since we’ve started, and there has al
This week, we're posting a recording of an interview we did with David A. Bradbury of 20 Minute History just a little while back. David’s show, now between Seasons 1 and 2, is a really enjoyable, very well researched history podcast that I hone
For a king to rise, one had to die... and another needed to be buried so deeply that no one would be able to find him...   This week we’re taking a look, among others, at the older brother of the pair of Dagobert I’s sons, Sigibert III. Now,
This week we’re switching our attention away from Dagobert I and toward his sons, Clovis II and Sigibert III. Of these two Kings, Sigibert was actually the older, having been sired from a relationship between Dagobert and his concubine Ragnatru
This week, we’re going to look at the path to Heaven and Hell, as described in the Middle Ages, and in particular as depicted in the story of one man’s journey. The notion of this path has been the source of a constant stream of writing, with m
This week we’re going to take a look at the end of Dagobert and the legacy he left. Going through all of the literature written about this king, one thing stands out time and time again: he is referred to as the last great Merovingian King, the
“Overly addicted to debauchery, he had like Solomon, three queens and a multitude of concubines. His Queens were Nantilde, Vulfégonde and Berchilde. I would be bored to insert in this chronicle the names of his concubines, such as they were in
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