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Joe Rogan is leaving YouTube for Spotify (and a nice chunk of change!). Tim details what some of the contracts mean in the business. Then, the UN attempts to control the narrative by controlling the words with a list of appropriate, gender-inclusive/gender-neutral language. On a related note, Twitch is officially on the out after a moderator let the mask slip and told the audience they should be very afraid of them (spoiler: We are!). Some fun and thought-provoking superchat conversation finishes the evening. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and our first left-wing guest Vaush V (@VaushV on Twitter, @Vaush on YouTube) sit down for a fun, involved, and VERY long discussion about the left, the right, Covid-19, Joe Biden's odds of winning the election, government use of forces and funds, underlying race policies, UBI, and the definition and application of critical race theory. If you have felt a need for a growing understanding of left-wing thoughts, here is your chance. We encourage and enjoy conversation; this is not a debate.Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) sit doesn to discuss the state of current events, and what it means when people go too far left, Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation, the Great Reset plan of economic development, possibly forebearing student loans, illeberals and the age of Biden, early voting looking positive for Republicans, taxes hitting Fifty Cent, and Biden's verbal foibles. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Ryan Hartwig (@RealRyanHartwig on Twtiter) sit down to discuss whether Facebook is trying to swing the 2020 election (spoiler: They did it in 2018, they'll try to do it in 2020), deranking leftist Facebook pages, what section 230 actually is, and whether this kerfuffle was because Ryan wanted a raise.Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360 on Twitter) sit down to talk about Hunter Biden, the news media surrounding him, Rudy Giuliani, and Jeffrey Toobin.Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, and Lydia take some time to talk technology pitfalls with Breitbart Tech writer Allum Bokhari (@LibertarianBlue on Twitter), including the ways Google censors conservative search results, sock puppet accounts, Wikipedia, Gell-Mann amnesia, anonymity and whether it is a net positive for internet denizens, Alex Jones, the misleading polls, and finally, net neutrality. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia and special guest James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII on Twitter, projectveritas.com) sit down to discuss the state of the union and what the side effects are of breaking news the old-fashioned, nitty-gritty way - undercover. James discusses the ways Google plays god, how the public has a right to know, the ways in which democrats and the media are a complex, how conservatives cannot make movies, all the litigation Project Veritas has won, and whether they've ever done any kind of deceptive editing. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Phil from All That Remains (@PhilThatRemains on social media including Twitter, Twitch, Parler, etc) discuss the case of Hunter Biden and the implication of the steady stream of emails that have been leaking as well as other political current events and the general state of the world. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and regular Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, YouTube) go over the day's breaking news concerning Joe Biden, Hunter Biden's sordid history, corruption in politics, corruption in media, corruption at every level and what it means for the 2020 election. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and chairman of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, sit down to discuss recent focus on the Proud Boys and what it means to be a member of the group. Enrique answers hard questions from Tim about the history of some things members of the group have done, questions about the group's founder, what it takes to be a Proud Boy, and why they'll never change their name.  Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and Cassandra look at the recent story of an anarchist who was involved with a group that sought to kidnap and possibly even murder the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and what it means that people are so willing to go to such lengths in a time of heightened political stress. Conversation ensues about the pending civil war, what it means to be an anarchist, and cults (and whether the left is one).Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, and Lydia welcome voting and trash-pickup community leader Scott Presler to talk about current events and the way the election will shape up. Conversation goes from the damage BLM is doing to the good that Scott is doing to the way the local media covered Scott's work in Baltimore to the voter enthusiasm for Trump (spoiler alert: HIGH) to the indictment of Netflix in a Texas county court for their production of the perverted movie 'Cuties', and finally, mask mandates, Bernie Sanders, and third party votes. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen on Twitter, Pseudo-Intellectual on YouTube) discuss Trump leaving the hospital and the media's meltdowns, Trump's handling of Covid, conspiracy theorists on the left and right, a looming civil war (from a Canadian perspective, eh), Prince Harry's woke racism, and the ill effects of a direct democracy. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and guest Andrew from Don't Walk, Run Productions (@DontWalkRun on Twitter) sit down to discuss Trump's hospitalization for Covid, the origin of the virus, the Biden-wire conspiracy, John Roberts demand that Kayleigh McEnany put words in Trump's mouth, the peace agreement accomplishments Trump has made, Melania's eavesdropped tapes, reply guys, and the absolute state of the Democratic party. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim and Lydia host Shelby Talcott (@ShelbyTalcott on Twitter), Jorge Ventura (@VenturaReport on Twitter) and Richie McGinniss (@RichieMcGinniss on Twitter) to discuss the recent experiences Shelby, Jorge, and Richie had at protests, including arrests, being hit by less-than-lethal munitions, being held at gunpoint, and firsthand witnessing the Kenosha event. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest, author of 'Democrat to Deplorable' Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, websites jackmurphylive.com, and liminal-order.com) sit down to discuss the first presidential debate and break down what will happen now that Biden has failed so badly. Conversation naturally turns to the Proud Boys, the Nobel Peace prize, Telemundo ratings of the debate, the switch from left to right, China's war on the US, and the war on masculinity. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) discuss the Louisville cop who is now at risk because his right to own a gun has been revoked, and whether this is mob rule. The conversation then moves to the constitutionality of the orders that police seem to be following more and more often, the story of Brad Parscale, the preservation of ideas through generations, voting fraud, Trump's tax returns and THIRD nomination for Nobel Peace Prize, and Tim and Ian heatedly discuss the importance of empathy in understanding rioters. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Seamus from FreedomToons (@Seamus_Coughlin on Twitter, @FreedomToons on YouTube) introduces Tim, Ian, and Lydia into a great discussion about a Louisville police major who tried to team-build in a questionably-professional way, three hundred protesters who have been arrested during the civil unrest, false prizes that people can win (read: buy), morality and religion being thrown out, and Joe Rogan's show being threatened with Spotify employee boycotts. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, and guest Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter (@MAJTOURE, @blkgunsmattr on Twitter) sit down for a conversation starting with the riots in Louisville, and moving on to libertarian principles, the start of BLM, arbitrary rules put in place by the government, some breaking news out of Louisville, and Trump's effect on the world. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, and guest Seamus Coughlin of FreedomToons discuss no-knock warrants in the case of Breonna Taylor, Jake Gardner's case, Alyssa Milano's hypocrisy (or is it?), whether age limits should be applied on the Supreme Court, Trump's surprising victory, and Bloomberg's choice to fund felon's right to vote - and a whole lot of science fiction. Guest: Seamus Coughlin (@seamus_coughlin on Twitter,  @FreedomToons on YouTube)Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim, Ian, and guest Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules on Twitter) sit down to discuss the case of the Omaha bar owner who committed suicide after being involved in an altercation with BLM members, the Milwaukee homeowner who was arrested for making the slightest attempt to defend his property, what duty to retreat means as far as gun laws in different states, conspiracies from the left, Wikileaks and Trump, Julian Assange, and American interventionism. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim and guest Drew Holden (@DrewHolden360 on Twitter) join forces to discuss breaking news about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, and all the questions it raises about the SCOTUS, the potential for civil war, the immediate reaction from conservatives, an actress voices support for Trump and the silent majority is real, Tim has an epiphany and the two close with talk of home schooling. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim and Ian are back for another great weeknight conversation about Bob Barr mulling sedition charges for rioters, why the Portland riots stopped, who is sympathetic for the rioting lawyers who face serious prison time, the Milwaukee man who was arrested for the crime of having a mob on his front lawn, and the cost - and true cost - of the riots. Finally, another sheriff switches parties from Democrat to Republican. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim and Ian discuss how Lancaster is an example of what happens when violent rioters are arrested firmly and charged duly, how the mainstream media chooses sides, how the rioting affects voters, which side will accept the results of the election, Pelosi-gate, and the story of students who wanted to commemorate 9/11 with thin blue and thin red line American flags. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
Tim and guest Dr. Colin Wright, PhD, evolutionary biologist, (@swipewright on Twitter) discuss the cultural shift, starting with an article about a teacher who handed out a cartoon comparing modern police to colonizers and KKK members, then move on to discuss the shifting nature of the postmodern intersectional mindset, women's sports, sex vs gender, race and genetics, and possible futures. Support the show (http://Timcast.com/donate)
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