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Ep.116 What Could It Mean? (Emmy - Researching Codes And Symbols)

Released Sunday, 15th November 2020
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(Emmy - Researching Codes And Symbols)

In this episode, I had the honour to have Emmy as my guest. She shared with me her interest in researching codes and symbols as her hobby.

Codes and symbols can be found all around us, it's up to you to find them. Emmy enjoys finding meaning in various codes and symbols from the past and the present. At a young age, Emmy even ended up creating her own symbol to define her life and who she is as a person. She mentioned that symbols can come in all different styles, it can be written, drawn, or it can even be a gesture that people do. Learning more about codes and symbols has set a pleasant challenges for Emmy because every single one of them was create with a personal purpose and finding out the reason feeds her curiosity.

Emmy's link: 
Instagram: @mythicmaterials
Website: https://medium.com/mythic-materials

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