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A quick rambling about why this podcast went away, my audio documentary that will likely never be heard, my job search, and vague conversation about what's next.
Tom reacts to the 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship with Brad Edwards of and ESPN Radio. The two talk about where the game ranks all-time (01:07), Tom's love for Hunter Renfrow (10:51), how this game effects Nick Saban's legacy (20:58), and everything surrounding this instant classic. Tom is then joined by ESPN Radio SportsCenter Anchor Alan Segel for this week's #PatsChat, who has been covering the Patriots since 1977 (32:55). Song of the Week: "Why Don't You Get A Job" by The Offspring (58:28).
On a special edition of TOM Talks, Tom rolls out his inaugural "Meet A Tom Carroll" segment with the legend himself: Santa Tom (2:04). Santa Tom talks about what life is like living as a Santa Claus, from be recognized in public, to the Santa-confederations he belongs to, to the Santa oath he lives by. Tom is then joined for #PatsChat by Butch Stearns of FOX25 Boston (25:32). Song of the Week: "Linus & Lucy" by Vince Guaraldi Trio (40:36).
On this week’s TOM Talks, Tom is joined by Woody Paige, legendary Around the Horn panelist and columnist for The Colorado Springs Gazette. Woody talks about how he ended up on Around the Horn (02:22), his time working with Skip Bayless on Cold Pizza/1st & 10 in New York (16:32), watching The Apprentice with President-elect Donald Trump (36:39), the evolution of Around the Horn (55:41), and much more. Tom then talks briefly to Phil Perry of Comcast SportsNet New England for this week’s #PatsChat, but their conversation is cut short by the breaking news of the Patriots signing Michael Floyd, formerly of the Arizona Cardinals (1:14:10). This week’s episode closes out with a tribute by Woody Paige to Craig Sager, who passed away after a long battle with cancer at the age of 65 (1:20:18). Song of the Week: “Never Ending” by Rihanna (1:26:16).
Tom is joined by his old friend Steve Buckley of The Boston Herald to talk about the biggest move of the 2016 MLB offseason; the Red Sox trading for 5x All-Star Chris Sale. The guys also talk about Buck's disdain for John Farrell as a manager (13:42), the Patriots' handling of the 2016 Election (23:48), and life without Gronk to finish out the 2016 season (29:44). Tom is then joined by Nick Coit of ABC6 in Providence for this week's edition of #PatsChat (33:35). Song of the Week: "iv. sweatpants" & "Redbone" by Childish Gambino (54:27).
Tom's much-anticipated conversation with Outsider Mike is finally here! ESPN Radio's Mikey C, known to listeners as "Outsider Mike," joins TOM Talks to talk about his rise to fame. Along the way, they talk about a donkey suicide (9:30), being Twitter famous (18:00), and Outsider's "goth phase" (23:45). Tom is then joined by Karen Guregian of The Boston Herald for this week's edition of #PatsChat (34:46). Song of the Week: "Into Dust"by Mazzy Star (53:08).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom is joined by Robin Lundberg (Co-Host of "First & Last" on ESPN Radio). The guys start off with a little NBA chatter, but then begin to vent about the President-elect, Donald J. Trump (4:55). They talk about his appointments thus far, his inability to denounce hate-groups, and what people should do now if they are unhapy with the election results. Then Tom is joined by Doug Kyed (Patriots Beat Writer for NESN) for this week's edition of PatsChat (23:17). Songs of the Week: "We The People....," "Whateva Will Be," and "Solid Wall of Sound" by A Tribe Called Quest (43:00).
After an 8 week hiatus, TOM Talks is back! Tom opens the episode explaining where the podcast has been, and then welcomes in his mom, Michele, to recap the past 8 weeks (1:30). Then, Tom and Michele go into America's favorite segment, #MotherKnowsBest, where Michele fields listener questions from social media (15:14). In the segment, she gives an impassioned rant about her thoughts on the 2016 Presidential Election results (17:20), and talks about which of her children she would rather be trapped on a desert island with (33:10). Tom is then joined by Ben Volin of The Boston Globe for this week's #PatsChat (37:51). Song of the Week: "Welcome Back" by Mase (59:19).
On this week's episode of TOM Talks, Tom sits down with James Steele of ESPN Radio to preview the 2016 NFL season. The guys go division by division and predict their winners. They also give their playoff, Super Bowl, and MVP predictions. This week is also the debut of #PatsChat, a weekly segment completely devoted to the New England Patriots during their 2016 season (1:02:08). Tom kicks off the series with Chris Price of Song of the Week: "Your Love" by The Outfield (1:23:38).
With only a few days remaining before the start of the 2016 college football season, Tom sat down with two of his colleagues from "The Paul Finebaum Show," John Hayes (producer) and Julian Council (call-screener), to preview the upcoming season. They kick things off with some heavy SEC discussion, and then dive into their College Football Playoff Top 4s. They talk Rosen, Spurrier, Penn State and much, much more. Song of the Week: "Comin' To Your City" by Big & Rich (1:10:24).
Heading into the home stretch of the MLB season, the Red Sox are getting hot at just the right time. Tom sat down with Tim Britton of The Providence Journal to talk about Boston's rise towards the top of the American League East. They talk about Mookie Betts' insane few weeks, the pitching staff coming into their own, the real reason behind the amazing final season of David Ortiz, and much more. They even touch on the future of minor league baseball in Rhode Island. Song of the Week: "Jamming" by Bob Marley and The Wailers (41:40).
Monday marked the nationwide release of Burger King's "Whopperrito." Tom, along with podcast regulars and fellow ESPNers Lucas Frankel and Steve Jung, sought out the new menu item to give it a try. Tom then checked in with Mathieu "Pelly" Peloquin (one of Tom's best friends and a legendary eater in his own right) to hear his thoughts on the fast food item that everyone is talking about (41:23). Song of the Week: "Fat Bottomed Girl" by Queen (48:30).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom is joined by Jermaine "Wiggy" Wiggins, an 8-year NFL veteran who was a huge part of the Patriots' first Super Bowl victory in 2001. He now works as an analyst for NESN and cohosts morning drive for HOT 96.9 in Boston. Wiggy was a regular on Tom's college radio show, "The Man Cave." The two talk about the end of Deflategate, recent Patriots Hall of Fame Inductee Kevin Faulk, and everything surrounding the Patriots headed into the 2016 season. Wiggy, as always, remains tight-lipped about the Vikings' "Sex Cruise" from 2005, and weighs in on a few other topics around the sports world. Song of the Week: "Everyday Struggle" by The Notorious B.I.G. (36:59)
This week on TOM Talks, Tom and his brother, Tim, unpack everything surrounding the word "fashit;" a word created by Tim that has become popular both nationwide and, in some cases, worldwide. Tim talks about the word's origin, its meaning, how to properly use it in a sentence, and where he sees the future of the word going. The brothers also dub certain politicians, athletes and celebrities as "fashitters;" someone who embodies the "fashit lifestyle" in every way possible. Song of the Week: "Cold Water" by Major Lazer (1:03:45).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom meets up with five of his roommates from college to record a reunion episode while vacationing in Las Vegas together. The roommates featured on this episode are Jake Bennett, Connor Burton. Eric Doherty, Evan Sporer and Nadav Swarttz. They recount countless stories; from attempting to entice Evan to grow his beard for a calendar year, to dealing with the crazy week surrounding the 2013 Boston Marathon, to all the shenanigans that occurred in year two of living in the apartment. This is part two of the 74 Browne Reunion. Song of the Week: "Rock Lobster" by The B-52's (1:02:27).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom meets up with five of his roommates from college to record a reunion episode while vacationing in Las Vegas together. The roommates featured on this episode are Jake Bennett, Connor Burton. Eric Doherty, Evan Sporer and Nadav Swarttz. They recount countless stories; from dealing with neighbors, to breaking down doors, to massive orders of ping pong balls. This is part one of the 74 Browne Reunion.
On this week's episode, Tom tries to understand his friend Phil's crazy obsession with the Broadway musical 'Hamilton,' a play that Phil has never seen (1:37). Phil goes into detail about his many attempts to see the show, talks about the musical's history, explains his fandom, and shares some great news about him and the play. Song of the Week: "Lemonade" by Gucci Mane (37:26).
This week, Tom recaps the Celtics' 2016 draft with one of the smartest minds in basketball, Jay Bilas of ESPN (1:56), as well as Tom's former cohost on the Emerson College radio show "The Man Cave," Pat Hutchinson (10:53). Tom and Jay go in-depth on the Celtics top-selection Jaylen Brown, and talk a little bit about why Jay feels Ben Simmons is one of the most pro-ready players the NBA has had in a longtime (6:00). Tom and Pat take a look at the Celtics' 2016 draft as a whole, and talk about each selection individually. They also talk about how excited they are for the inevitable growth of Minnesota next season (19:23) and give their thoughts on the Magic-Thunder draft-night deal (29:00). Song of the Week: "What You Talkin' Bout" by Young Jeezy (46:36).
In honor of Father's Day, Tom chats with his dad. From breaking down the legal specifics of Deflategate to talking about their Irish heritage, they cover a wide-range of topics. Song of the Week: "Spirits In The Material World" by The Police (46:54).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom is joined by Chris Forsberg (1:11), who covers the Boston Celtics for, to talk all things Celtics offseason, as well as a little NBA Finals talk. Tom then dives into a Stanley Cup Finals recap with Eric Lindquist (36:04), play-by-play voice of the San Jose Sharks' AHL affiliate, and James Steele (43:15), ESPN Radio's #1 Pittsburgh Penguins fan. James and Tom also reflect on Gordie Howe's passing (54:47). Song of the Week: "Picture Me Rollin'" by 2Pac (58:50).
This week, Tom chats with Chris Villani (2:19) and John Brickley (14:50), both of whom were hosts of "SportsCenter AllNight" (SCAN) when news of Muhammad Ali's passing came down late Friday night/early Saturday morning. Tom was working as the producer of SCAN that night. The three reminisced on the crazy night, and talked about the importance of Ali as a figure in the 20th century. Song of the Week: "Lost One" by Jay-Z (26:42).
On this week's TOM Talks, Tom is joined by ESPN NBA Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan and ESPN Radio's Marvin Prince to take a deep-dive into all things surrounding the Jordan Crying Meme. Before they get into meme talk, the guys discuss Sunday's Heat-Raptors Game 7 (Raptors won 116-89). The guys then get into what inspired this podcast topic (3:34), talk about some of their favorite versions of the meme (5:45), and where the face for the meme originated (7:15). Charlie from Connecticut calls in with some intel on where the meme may have started (12:34). Marv asks Amin about NBA teams’ draft strategy (15:12). Jacob from Connecticut calls in to talk about his appreciation for the meme, hoping it can be etched into his tombstone (17:46). Marv and Amin don’t understand how Tom has never seen the famous Birdman Meme (19:43). Trace from Boston weighs in, saying the meme is only acceptable if it’s artfully crafted, original and clever (20:59). Mike Golic Jr. proclaims on Twitter that the meme will never die, and the guys agree (23:22). Miguel from Brooklyn calls in, and he talks about how the meme was harshly used on Kyrie Irving this past season (28:32). Halfway through, Marv and Amin decide that Tom’s Twitter timeline might be too white for him to be hosting this podcast (30:00). Jack from Los Angeles calls in, and brings up a great point about Twitter’s “No Fun Police” (34:05). The guys get stuck on a tangent about the hilarity surrounding USA Basketball’s 2004 Olympic roster (37:25). Marv and Amin decide that there needs to be a future episode exposing just how white Tom really is (42:54). Kevin calls in from Providence, and he agrees that Tom needs to step his game up (44:22). Cat from New Britain calls in, and she says the meme will never die because “it’s funny seeing people cry” (50:00). As Amin gets ready to board his flight at the airport, the guys give their final thoughts on the meme (53:11). James the producer gives his opinion on the meme, and tries to get his 1-year-old daughter to talk into the mic (54:54). Songs of the Week: “Them Changes” by Thundercat & “Down In the DM” by Yo Gotti (57:29).
In honor of Mother's Day, Tom chats with his mom. From proving that she knows sports to the 2016 Presidential Election, they cover a wide-range of topics. Song of the Week: "Sugar" by Maroon 5 (52:31).
In this season's finale of #AllAbout18, Tom sits down with his coworker James B. Terry (JBT); known throughout the department as "The King of ESPN Radio Screening." Along with his king duties, JBT also blogs about the Celtics for The guys breakdown game 6 of the Celtics-Hawks series, and put a bow on the season that was for the Cs. They also look forward at the NBA Draft Lottery and Kevin Durant's impending free agency. Song of the Week: "What You Know" by T.I. (46:55).
This week, Tom sits down with ESPN's Mike Golic Jr. to breakdown this year's NFL Draft. He then talks with John Karalis of for this week's installment of #AllAbout18. Tom starts with Mike, and they talk about players managing expectations headed into the NFL Draft (1:08), attempt to give a quick rant on the latest Deflategate news (it ends up not being so quick) (3:46), the Rams and Eagles mortgaging their futures for two unproven commodities at quarterback (12:22), whether the Rams or Eagles are closer to contending for a Super Bowl (24:13), who Mike thinks is the best player in this draft (28:00), the risk-reward of drafting Robert Nkemdiche (30:15), his thoughts on being teammates with Manti Te’o amidst “Girlfriendgate” (32:27), how high he would draft Ezekiel Elliott (36:59), whether or not the Broncos should draft a QB (40:55), and what the Patriots should try to accomplish without a 1st round pick (45:21). Mike and Tom closeout their conversation with a phone call from Lucas Frankel, resident Jets blowhard and hot dog-truther, to hear his thoughts on what the Jets should do in the draft (48:51). Tom is then joined by John Karalis for #AllAbout18 Part II, where the guys recap game 5 of Hawks-Celtics, and look ahead to Thursday’s game at TD Garden (56:25). Song of the Week: “Cha Cha” by D.R.A.M. (1:20:21).
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