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‘Tis the season to be jolly but the wacky Tomboy Tirade crew find themselves crossing path with a reindeer kidnapping gang run by comedians Hannan Azlan and Harriet Braine. Can these hapless elf wannabes stop the reindeer theft and save Christmas for everybody? It’s Tomboy Tirade’s favourite season of the year (after Halloween, of course!) and the team is set on becoming Santa Clauses this year. Unfortunately, only Joanna was accepted to the Santa Claus school. In the meanwhile, Persis, Raven and Siti are forced to swallow their pride and audition for the Santa Workshop Christmas Elf school where they... The post EP 81: A TIRADE CHRISTMAS WITH HANNAN AZLAN AND HARRIET BRAINE appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Let’s get ready to rumble on the new episode of Tomboy Tirade as the Tomboy Tarts, Persis, Sharon and Raven get into the wrestling ring to bring down a few more topics that are nagging them silly. Get your Nacho Libre on folks! This will hurt. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW Welcome to episode 7 of Tomboy Tirade with your hosts, Persis and Sharon with Raven in the back seat, cracking her whip. This time around, somebody gonna get a real hurt as we don our Nacho Libre masks on and take on some of the... The post EP 7: WRESTLEMANIA appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week, Persis and Raven get locked in their apartment as do Birmingham-LA band Deluka, who get locked in their studio. Some crazy jinx in the Universe is taking place where everyone is getting locked in for some odd reason. Get the keys to unlock another zany episode of Tomboy Tirade by clicking below. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW! JUST PRESS PLAY BELOW TO STREAM. Holy keyholes! It’s a claustrophobic episode of door lock proportions as LA-based, Birmingham-born band, Deluka find themselves locked in the recording studio, the Tomboy Tarts,Persis and Raven find themselves bored stiff... The post EP 32: DELUKA ON THE RADIO appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
'The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug' film is almost upon us and Persis and Sharon are on a quest to meet their friends in Middle Earth. The post Tomboy Tirade EP 14: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week we say ‘Sawatika’ and ‘Mabuhay’ to our listeners as we take the mickey out of the F1 night race held every year in Singapore. And then what’s up with the world’s fascination with cats? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW The crazy duo are back with another zany episode. This week, they claw their way through the upcoming F1 Night Race in Singapore and hiss at the sheer adoration people have towards our feline friends. Also, introducing our guest artist David Brent’s second wife’s cousin sister. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT 1. F1... The post EP 8: CARS, CATS & CRAP TUNES appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Join us on the Tirade Time Machine as we go back in time to unearth some of our most memorable episodes of 2014 and 2015 in the second of our ‘Best of Tirade’ special. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE NOW! JUST CLICK PLAY.  We turn the clock back and revisit episodes featuring one of India’s top standup comedian, Aditi Mittal, UK indie comedy group AhhGee Productions and Jaime Dempsey, biker & host of History’s Channel ‘s travel adventure show, Ride N’ Seek THIS EPISODE FEATURES EXCERPTS FROM: Episode 35: Mumbai Jamming f. Aditi Mittal Episode 34:... The post EP 55: BEST OF TOMBOY TIRADE PT 2 appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
In this episode, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are taking their new stint as Gotham City Police Department detectives pretty seriously as a spate of iconic DC Comics villains go missing. With the help of GeekGirlCon’s Kristine “Kitty Woman” Hassell and her sidekick, sub-editor and master geek expert of geek site,, Ryan, the crew delve into the dark archives of Gotham City to find out where our favourite villains have disappeared to. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW All our favourite DC Comics villains, Papa Midnite, Dr Harrison Wells and even Dr Crane (Scarecrow) have... The post EP 50: GOTHAM CITY FILES appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven head down to the hood to meet Malaysia’s one and only beatboxing comedian, Kim Sng. Will they survive their first ever freestyle battle? Listen to our latest episode of Tomboy Tirade below! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW! JUST CLICK BELOW TO STREAM. What’s up? Your favourite best Asian comedy podcast, Tomboy Tirade, is dropping the beats with a brand new episode, yo. Kim Sng is in the house and she’s also Malaysia’s one and only beatboxing comedian. Breaking into the scene in 2008, Kim Sng has garnered quite a bit of recognition,... The post EP 57: BEATBOXING IN DA HOOD appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
The age of magic is upon us and the Tomboy Tirade crew finds themselves in a futuristic dystopia where magic has been discovered as a form of new technology. When Team HEX11 is on the run from a sinister corporation, it falls upon the wacky tomboys to save their fellow Hex witches. The fate of humanity is in their hands but can Team Tirade rise to the occasion and not miss the San Diego Comic Con at the same time?  Listen now to our magical episode of comedic proportions! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW. JUST HIT PLAY!... The post EP 68: AGE OF MAGIC WITH TEAM HEX11 appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week on Tomboy Tirade, Persis, Siti, Joanna and Raven are fleeing Castle Black and the Night’s Watch from the evil clutches of Ser Alliser and his men who’ve just killed Jon Snow. The Tirade crew find themselves in a pickle of icy problems and must leave Westeros before things get worse in this Game of Thrones-themed episode where we talk about the show so far and our reactions to the Season 6 premiere. GET YOUR SWORDS READY & LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE ON YOUR IRON THRONE NOW. JUST HIT PLAY! Jon Snow is dead! Oh, the devastation and utter... The post EP 62: CASTLE BLACK BLUES OF WESTEROS appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Enter the world of burlesque with the Tirade Crew, Joanna, Persis, Raven and Siti as they rope in Sukki Singapora, global burlesque star and Singapore’s first ever burlesque artist to save their fledgling club. Will she bring in the star power they solely need? Or will Team Tirade’s wacky grandiose plans go up in smoke again? Download and listen to our latest episode now! ENTER THE WORLD OF BURLESQUE & LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW. JUST HIT PLAY! There is more to burlesque than nipple tassels and Dita Von Teese. Combing elements of theatre, music and adult entertainment,... The post EP 71: WELCOME TO BURLESQUE f. SUKKI SINGAPORA appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Howard Stern, Casey Kasem, Ryan Seacrest, these are all super famous radio jocks that achieved massive stardom. This week on Tomboy Tirade, we try to get our share of the fame game by taking over a radio station and hijacking Melbourne radio personality, Ginni Saraswati’s weekly show until bad static hits us up in the butt. Ginni Saraswati. Sri Lankan. Gay. Witty. Smart. Cashew-curry-lovin’ tomboy woman of epic journalistic proportions swings by this episode of Tomboy Tirade! The award-winning journalist and amusing and endearing host of Melbourne’s “The Ginni Show” podcast holds the Tirade Crew,... The post EP 78: RADIOJACK CITY WITH GINNI SARASWATI appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Hey kids! It’s episode 84 of Tomboy Tirade and this week we have a special interview with FBI agent turned surf-rock musician who has just released her latest album entitled ‘The Magician’. Persis and Raven are interviewing former FBI agent turned surf and blue rock musician, Susan Surftone in this Tomboy Tirade Interview Special. Check out the spiffy interview special below but we apologise for the not-so-great-audio for this interview on Susan’s audio. We did try to clean it up but it came from the source. Don’t let that spoil your enjoyment though of the... The post EP 84: SURF ROCKING WITH SUSAN SURFTONE appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Halloween came early this year at Tomboy Tirade. In our first part of the Tomboy Tirade Terror Trilogy, meet the Dirty Cues crew who recuses the Tirade tomboys from a horde of zombies at an abandoned amusement park. But is there more than meets the eye? Check out the latest, wacky episode of Tomboy Tirade, Asia’s biggest and only all-female comedy chat podcast below. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW. JUST HIT PLAY! It is Halloween night in 2016 and the entire world has been wiped out by a zombie apocalypse. Joanna, Persis, Raven and Siti... The post EP 74: NIGHT OF THE DIRTY CUES HALLOWEEN SPECIAL appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Shamaine Othman is an actor, writer, improviser, stand-up comedian and aspiring director, all rolled into one tasty sushi roll. But did you know she is also the formidable Queen of Four Dragons? Now the Tomboy Tarts, Persis, Raven, Joanna and Siti want to make their stage debut as a foursome at her annual magic gala. With dragons and real-life magic galore, what could possibly go wrong? Find out in a surreal new episode of Tomboy Tirade. The Tomboy Tarts, Raven and Persis are back again with double the trouble and quadruple... The post EP 59: COMEDY MAGIC WITH SHAMAINE OTHMAN appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Hop onboard the Delhi Express with Joanna, Persis, Raven and Siti as they embark on a wild ride with comedian Neeti Palta. When Persis is kidnapped by the Suicide Squad, the rest of Tirade crew has to deliver a mysterious shipment via the Delhi Express train to raise the money for her ransom. Can she rely on her wacky crew to save her or will everything implode in a hilarious fashion for this latest episode of Tomboy Tirade? LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW. JUST HIT PLAY! To save Persis who is kidnapped by Suicide Squad, Team Tomboy... The post EP 63: ONBOARD THE DELHI EXPRESS WITH NEETI PALTA appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week on Tomboy Tirade, explore your inner rebel as Persis and Raven catch up with Jaime Dempsey, host of History Channel’s exciting bike travel show, Ride n Seek Borneo to find out why riding isn’t just for the guys. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW It’s a tough Sunday for Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven, when their Harley Sportsters break down on a highway in Borneo. Great! What’s next, eh? With no signal on Persis’ phone, it looks like our resident tomboys are done for until Raven spots a secret biker’s bar hidden in the... The post EP 29: RIDE N SEEK WITH JAIME DEMPSEY appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
We’re excited! Tomboy Tirade is 1-year old! How did we last this long? And we want to say thank you to all our faithful listeners for supporting us this year with a goody giveaway. Tune into our latest episode for details. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW It’s Tomboy Tirade’s first anniversary and we’re giving away Tirade goodies to 2 lucky listeners! Unfortunately, before they can celebrate, Persis and Raven die and go to Apple Heaven after Persis’ computer explodes while watching a World Cup match. Bugger! In this ethereal white and glossy world, they discover... The post EP 26: IN APPLE HEAVEN appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
It’s horror in New York city as psychic detectives, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven try to bring down the most evil force in the Universe, Necessary Evil with circus freaks from London, Andy, Grax and Mike of AhhGee Productions. Will they be able to save this foul night from the hands of evil or will it all go up a demon’s arse? Listen to find out! It’s EPIC! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW It’s a dark and evil Halloween night in 1930s New York as psychic tomboy detectives, Persis and Raven are on a... The post EP 34: HORROR IN NEW YORK CITY f. AHHGEE PROD appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
The Marvel Avengers are assembling for The Civil War but the superheroes in Asian comedy are here on a different mission. The annual Singapore Comedy Fringe is back and it’s bigger than ever! Bono thinks that comedy can help to fight the ISIS. And he is right. We believe comedy is a superpower in itself. Instead of sending over the usual boring suspects such as Amy Schumer and Chris Rock, we propose sending in an international team of superhero comedians to fight the war on terror. In fact, the Bono should come to down to... The post SINGAPORE COMEDY FRINGE: IN FUNNY WE TRUST appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Persis and Sharon are back at it again with the second part of our Tirade Terror Trilogy Special. This time horror goes to a whole new level as the US government, Miley Cyrus, Sinead O’Connor, The Walking Dead, Silent Hill and Resident Evil gets slaughtered, possessed, gutted and thrown into a bloody mayhem. By us! LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW Halloween is almost upon us and it’s time to stay away from dark corners and shady alleys as it’s the month where ghosts and ghouls and foul things come out to play. And what happens?... The post EP 10: TIRADE TERROR TRILOGY PART 2 appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
Asian governments are now being targetted by the Anonymous collective. From ministries and secret weapons manufacturers, no one can escape the wrath of the world’s best Internet hackers. Not even this password-protected podcast. Listen and find out how. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW Persis and Sharon are back at it again for another zany episode of Tomboy Tirade. In this episode, the Anonymous Collective decided to pay a visit to their show. Or did they? Japanese people are giving up on sex. (WHAT?!?) And the celebs have gone nuts. (What else is new?) Get into... The post EP 12: WE ARE ANONYMOUS appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
In this episode of Tomboy Tirade, we take a hirsute look at Movember, a month-long charity campaign every year in November where men all over the world are growing our their 5 o’clock shadow to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW November is Movember and the Chris Brake Show barges in on this week’s rrrrrriotous 13th episode of Tomboy Tirade. Sexy Sarah, Chris Brake and John Rapp take the Tomboy Tarts on a trip back to 1995 as they talk beards, moustaches and everything hirsute, Showgirls, Lily Allen’s latest... The post Tomboy Tirade EP 13: NOVEMBER IS MOVEMBER appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week, on Tomboy Tirade, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven are backstage with Singapore’s best-loved style-guru, Marcus AC at the SWAG FASHION SHOW, a special fashion event for tomboys. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW This week on Tomboy Tirade! Get your swagger on as we talk style, celebs and everything fashionista. It’s Labour Day and Persis and Raven get invited to swag their tomboy style at the 2014 SWAG FASHION SHOW by Singapore’s best-loved style guru. As they wait for Marcus, two of Tomboy Tirade’s biggest fans, Aman and Geoff send in their heartfelt... The post EP 22: PROJECT FASHIONISTA WITH THE STYLE MONK appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
This week, on Tomboy Tirade, international television celebrity is flying off to her next assignment and we join her at the airport as we talk everything travel and culture. LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE NOW This week on Tomboy Tirade, Anita Kapoor, international celebrity television host and traveller, writer and advocate, hot dog fanatic and laundry fanatic, checks-into Changi Airport, Singapore with her producers, the Tomboy Tarts, Persis and Raven, as the three fly off to Myanmar to film their new travel show, ‘Riding with Bermudas’. But there’s still about an hour and half before their... The post EP 18: COME FLY WITH ME appeared first on Tomboy Tarts.
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