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Merla has been banished from her home for a grievous crime which she must now solve in order to prove her innocence. The first person she turns to for help is her dear friend, the Grandmaster of the Order of the Crimson Fist – Varis. Want to su
Merla killed Arvel Morningdew in an honour duel. Somehow the golden sun pin he wore was false, making the fae-bard’s final strike against the eladrin commander fatal when it should not have been. What will happen to the Daughter of Summer? Did
Things have been difficult since Sheryl’s return from the Shadowfell. Dark omens haunting her waking dreams and in her thoughts fester the Raven Queen’s black words of prophecy. All of this began in the Feywild, in her home, the Summer Court. I
Baine has recently come to the realisation that he can summon a noble, celestial Steed with the help of Lathander. The only one who can and should fill that role is Frankie, Baine’s best companion, his partner and buddy. But Frankie isn’t a cel
With Sheryl free of the Cloak of Many Feathers, the group turn to dealing with the mysterious body they found below Vorsthold. Returning to Daring Heights, they bring the dead knight to the Order of the Crimson Fist compound, where the fae-bard
After the way she spoke to Rangrim, Baine and Arkadius decide that something needs to be done to help Sheryl. She picks up on the half-orcs poor attempt at subtly though and soon tensions rise within the group. Are these people she calls friend
The undead attacks on Vorsthold are increasing. A few weeks ago a group of Dawnland adventurers tried to help Rangrim, a necromancer of the Silent Circle, hunt for his lost colleague Morin, but to no avail. Archmage Duron Cragshin is worried ab
Once a full moon, Merla must return to the Summer Court to tell tales of her adventures to Queen Titania. The stories she brings this time though concern the Summer Queen greatly. With a possible connection to the Matron of Ravens and a growing
Sheryl receives a note from her firbolg sorcerer friend, BB, together with a lovely small bouquet. In the note, BB explains that she wants to go to the Feywild to finally meet Egle and the closest portal to her domain is north of the Angelbark
Cordelia Jadefist, commander of the First Battalion, have accepted an invitation from General Cassisus Razorback to conduct a practise battle with the army of K’ul Goran. Sheryl, along with Arkadius, Baine, Sergent Grimes of the Daring Heights
Just like Avernus, their recent trip to Fallford has left its mark on both Arkadius & Sheryl. What will be talked about and what will be left unsaid? The Kantas Expanse is a long-running Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign run by the Lond
Sheryl and her friends have escaped the nightmare journey through the Temple of the Raven Queen in the Shadowfell, finally arriving in the demiplane of Fallford, Arkadius' childhood home. It has been years since he left... Will it still be the
Arkadius, Sheryl’s best friend, is looking for a way home, having left his demi-plane long ago. The Temple of the Raven Queen in the Shadowfell seems like a promising start. But the Plane of Dread is a treacherous place where nothing is quite a
The Rift War still weighs heavily on Sheryl’s mind, as does the Marfachrei, and Kruxeral’s continued avoidance. Hoping a trip to the House of Wondrous Pleasures in Sigil will help her relax, Sheryl agrees to retrieve a special music box from on
Getting to meet one of Faerûn’s most notorious pirates – the Lord of Luskan himself, Jarlaxle Baenre – and to have his help with a little family reunion for Traavor was fun, even if the privateer mistakenly thought Sheryl was being rude to him.
Part Three of the tale of The Lost Girl Merla awakens from an enchanted sleep, hearing the Song she followed into the forest all around her. Not knowing where she is, but taking comfort in the music only she seems to hear, Merla is taken to see
Part Two of the tale of The Lost Girl In a woods, dark and deep, Merla is frightened and alone. The beautiful voice beckoning her no longer singing. Running away in fear from the monsters in the woods, Merla comes across an enchanting woman by
Part One of the tale of The Lost Girl Before she was Sheryl, the Fae-Touched, before she was adopted by Queen Titania into the Summer Court, the fae-bard was known as Merla Copperkettle… The Kantas Expanse is a long-running Dungeons and Dragons
The Eternal Summer Time. There are various unique traditions held by the Courts of the Feywild, many obscure and rooted in the beginnings of the Land of the Fey itself. It comes as no surprise that Summer Solstice is one of the most important c
There is one more person the fae-bard must see before this long and emotional day can come to it’s end. Stepping out from the Order of the Crimson Fist Compound and into the heart of Perihelion Palace, Merla is greeted by a full assembly of Sum
In the aftermath of the battle, through the pain of all that they have lost, Varis, Sheryl, Baine and what remains of the Order find comfort with each other and in the memories they share of those who made their lives a shield, so the world can
This is it. All the pieces are on the table. All gambits, final. Sheryl along with her friends, the Glorious Company, the Crimson Fist Cavalry, Daring’s First, and the army of K’ul Goran are to face the endless hordes of hell. Against all odds,
Sheryl and her friends have marched into the Hells. Daring’s First, the forces of K’ul Goran, and the Cavalry of the Crimson Fist are starting to get low on supplies, whilst Zariel’s forces surround them. They must find a way to stop the advanc
Everyone has their task. Everyone has their burden. Everything is on the line – and the fate of the multiverse rests with Sheryl and those beside her. Some will ask, what can mere mortals do in the face of the approaching wall of infernal flame
Decisions must be made and plans need to be formed. This time, Sheryl is prepared for what is being asked of her. But will her friends be? When it comes to war, the wrong action is often less deadly than no action at all… The Kantas Expanse is
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