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Too Legitimate to Quit

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Do I really have to make reels - and if so, do they have to be so performative and goofy? How frequently do I really need to reach out to my mailing list - and how often am I allowed to be "salesy" before they unsubscribe? With every social med
A doctor doesn't normally thank you passionately and profusely for letting them treat your aches and pains. They know you're there to solve a problem: they advise you or perform a procudure, you pay them, 'nuff said. But, as a small business ow
It's a whole new year - are you feeling the crushing weight of expectations already? Maybe you promised yourself you'd somehow be shinier or more prepared for this year? Screw that! This week, Amber Hawley is here to remind us that one of the m
Ho ho ho - it's a TLTQ Holiday extravaganza and we're digging deep into that heartwarming concept known as professional jealousy. Wait, what? Yep! And for extra fun and cheeriness, we discuss the holiday classic where Santa dies in the first 5
An online course has limitless possibilities. Where should you start? What should you promise? How many problems should you solve? And how the heck do you make sure your buyers actually use your product? If you've been debating gamification, au
TLTQ celebrates our 1st birthday in this powerhouse interview with Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, Body of Work, and The Widest Net! As a small business owner, it's easy to think of yourself as a rock or an island (cue the Pa
Habits - they surely don't feel very sexy. We got into self-employment for the freedom, right? But un-shiny necessities like routines, rituals, and consistent behaviors are the keys to your success, confidence, legacy, and more. How can we lear
By trying to speak to everyone, we actually speak to no one. Kinda like high school, huh? When we tried to fit in with everybody, we wound up sitting alone. This week Annie P. is joined by copywriting and funnel genius, Breanna Gunn. Although t
Let's face it - leaning into your uniqueness can be hard, especially when you aren't sure what exactly is so unique about you, or who out there is looking for your particular brand of special sauce. How can we best explore our own voice, messag
Do you lie awake and drive yourself crazy wondering what to do about your email list? Whether you pelt your audience with too much information, forget to message them at all, or are completely baffled by your open rates - this episode is for yo
What role does intuition play in your business? Whether you believe that your inner voice comes from God or from your lived experience, there are certain problems you just have to feel your way through. You may not identify as "Woo-Woo" - but a
If you are timid about putting yourself out there, this is a must-listen! So many small business owners crave and fear publicity simultaneously. Does getting some well-deserved attention have to be so overwhelming? Heck no! This week, Annie P.
There are approximately 9 billion things to consider when you put your message out into the world. What the heck should you say? Which words should you use? Which persona should you play? Does everything have to be so dang dramatic/traumatic? W
If you want to have a thriving small business (not to mention be a good human) in 2021, things like "diversity" and "equity" can't just be buzzwords. They must be chosen, advocated for, and practiced daily. But, how can we go beyond lip service
What's more important - the plan or the action? When is a rock-solid strategy essential and when is it just a distraction? And how can we rise up against the constant looming threats of perfectionism, procrastination, and doubt? This week, Ann
Is your business kind enough? Is your marketing loud and bold enough? According to superstar author and business giant Mike Michalowicz, these two questions likely have the same answer. It's phenomenally easy to fall into the trap of dimming yo
How do you view yourself within your business? Are you a small business owner, a founder, a CEO? And how do you claim your business? Is it your purpose, your vision, your livelihood, or just your job? The terms may not vary all that much on pap
What makes your business truly magical? How can you grab and keep the rapt attention of your prospects? And is it manipulative to do so? This week, Annie P. is joined by mentalist, speaker, and "the greatest thought-leader of all time," Jonatha
Is "Relationship Marketing" a quantity or quality game? What's more important - leaving a lasting 1st impression or keeping in touch? And how can we stand out in crowded markets - even if we're introverts, camera-shy, or behind-the-scenes-types
What are your goals for the rest of 2021? What wins would you love to usher in by New Year's Eve? How have your goals shifted thanks to everything we've collectively been through in the last 18 months? This week, Annie P. is joined by the fabu
What the heck does intentionality actually look like? How do you know if you're showing up in a way that fulfills all the labels you've put on yourself? And how can we cut through the noise and connect with our clients, colleagues, and prospect
Tell most small business owners you work in sales and they look at you like you have three heads - and that stigma extends to the very act of selling in heart-centered small businesses. We don't want to cheapen our clients' experience or put a
It's been said that entrepreneurs are people that do hard things on purpose. (Yay?) Although it has never been easier to express yourself on a worldwide stage and to profit from your platform - it's still a day-to-day challenge. What lessons ar
Buzzword, Buzzword, Word Salad, Credentials. Is this the recipe for compelling copy? HECK NO. We are living in the most connected era ever - which means that your voice can easily reach more people than ever before. But, what should you say and
"I love my clients!" Hopefully, all small business owners have said this from time to time. But, love is a verb. What does it mean to actually show up for your ideal clients in a loving but still professional way? Are you showering them with gi
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