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Here are the social media platforms and content to focus on right now. To work out the most popular topics for this podcast, all I need to do is go back into the control platform and see which episodes have the most downloads. ...and if I need any confirmation, I head into the back end of Jigglar, our online design template platform and look at what the most popular downloads are about. I'm sure you guessed it... social media. But then I sometimes wonder if social is popular because it works or because it's free. I think it's definitely, a combination of both. In this mini-episode I want to share what I've learned about social media in the last year and also give you the heads up on which platforms agents are using the most to get results and what type of content they're posting. There's a massive shift going on right now and we're all part of it. In fact, I believe real estate is one of the industries that has the most gain from this shift. This shift is not only about how we're reaching out and connecting with future clients, it's about how they are reaching out and connecting with us. For example, you're listening to this podcast episode right now by choice. You're not listening to a podcast about Latvian rugmaking or instructions on how to train your Portuguese water dog. You're looking for ideas and inspiration on winning more listings and making more sales. It's the digital age and suddenly, we have choices to consume the type of content we want to consume. Your future clients are doing the same thing. Right now they're searching Youtube for information. They are just as likely to click on a video that offers the 7 things they must know before they selling in 'your area' or a video that's all about the top 3 ways to create a buyer's bidding war when selling in 'your area'. In fact, there is so much demand for highly relevant and niched content people can consume, that it's almost impossible to match it with the supply required. It was the early two thousands when the global media giants started diversifying because they could see the writing on the wall. If you owned a bunch of newspapers and magazines in the late nineties, your readership was starting to go elsewhere. The monthly circulation of the larger mastheads was falling like a brick as companies like News Corp, one of the biggest in the world, scrambled to understand and then try to capitalize on the new digital world that caught them napping. I think the best way to look at the changes between the old newspaper and magazine world from last century and the digital world we know today is to compare Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation to the novelty online start-up that nerdy student Mark Zuckerberg founded in his Harvard dorm room in 2004. Comparison is relatively straightforward as the stock of both companies is publicly traded. Founded in 1980, News Corp has a market capitalization of $15 billion while Facebook comes in at close to $900 billion or 60 times that of News Corp. This begs the question: Is a social media ad likely to be 60 times more effective than a newspaper or magazine ad? I'd say a resounding yes. And with good reason. Look at the specific media changes around this shift to digital. Radio has been replaced by iTunes, Spotify and Podcasts Billboards, Magazines and Newspapers have been replaced by Facebook, Instagram Reddit and Twitter to name a few. TV has been replaced by Youtube and a whole range of streaming services like Netflix and HBO. Letters in the mail have been replaced by email and a bunch of messaging services. Outdoor advertising is pointless because it's way harder to engage a potential client and the last time I looked around at other drivers at the lights, everyone had their noses in their phones. I didn't start out trying to convince you of the obvious marketing shift, I think you already know that because your one of my listeners and your smart. My mission is to get you to do more of it starting...
Luck happens when you combine hard work with the right ideas. Here's the system and strategy you need to sell 100 homes a year If this is your first time listening, I'm Ray Wood and I partner with modern real estate agents to attract, nurture and convert leads and show you how to become the local influencer in your real estate market. If you've tuned in before then welcome back and thanks for the opportunity for my guest and I to share our best ideas. And speaking of guests, you're about to meet my guest for this week and I think I need to tell you this comes with a warning. That is, a wealth warning because you're about to hear from a dynamic Californian realtor with a powerful message, that if followed, will win you extra listings and sales. Krista Mashore's real estate career spans twenty years. Yes, she's won all kinds of awards but she's one of these great energy agents who has figured out the process and adapted to embrace online marketing and reaped the rewards which she now shares with her lucky coaching clients. And the good news is, she's more than happy to personally share her ideas and strategies with you in a very popular 5-day free course. You'll find the link in the show notes and Krista will tell you herself in a moment, but just before we get into it, I'd like to share an important message. I think I know my people pretty well. I know you tune in for inspiration, motivation and what's working for the top agents in our industry. You're about to be exposed to some things that may or may not be news to you, but here's the thing, they work. Krista might be an elite real estate coach but she's still listing and selling and can afford to do both because she runs a proven system. So when you hear something that strikes a chord in your thinking, And you can see yourself taking action and doing it, I want you to press pause and write it down in your journal and make it happen. Don't try and do ten things in ten minutes. It never works. And don't be overwhelmed. Do one thing, nail it and then come back and do the next thing. I want to thank Krista for being so free with her success ideas. You're in for a real treat. (Click this link to join Krista's Client Conversion Accelerator) (it's a FREE 5 day LIVE course with Krista, you'd be crazy to miss this opportunity) (Krista's real estate page)
If you're a first-time listener I would like to say welcome and thanks for joining us. If you're a regular listener, it's great to connect again for another show, and thanks for the faith you have in me to deliver actionable content straight into your ears each week. In case you're wondering who am I and what do I do, I'm Ray Wood and I partner with modern real estate agents to attract, nurture and convert leads and show you how to become the local influencer in your real estate market. I'm also excited to announce I have just published my latest book, which is a book full of my best listing ideas called The 7 Essential Prospecting Actions Blueprint. (You can download it here) This is not a one-page pdf of bullet-point tips, it's the actual step-by-step blueprint real estate's top agents are using right now to grow their market share by becoming a local influencer. This week on the show I'm super-pumped to feature a great session with my good friend Trent Pool from Merimbula on the south coast of beautiful New South Wales. Trent and I have been working together for many years and I wanted to share one of our regular meetings and take you deep inside his business which has grown from strength to strength in the last 8 years. After our call, I started to think about the amazing transition that is happening in real estate right now and how modern agents are leveraging new tools and cleaning up while many are getting left behind. The way Trent is using social media to attract and nurture new relationships is a great example. He understands where his people are and what they react to. He knows how to cause a social encounter and how to engage. As you'll discover in this session, he uses LockedON to store and communicate with all future sellers and Jigglar to build and customize all his marketing and social footprint templates. Almost without knowing it, Trent has become a local influencer in his town of 3000 people or what I would call the digital mayor of Merimbula. Becoming a local influencer is 2 main things: Knowing what to do and being consistent at it. Just posting to social media when you feel like it is not a plan that will yield fruit. In fact, if you're doing that it's probably costing you potential engagements and damaging your brand. I think that right now presents one of the biggest opportunities to beat your competition at becoming a local influencer mainly because most of your competitors have no clue what to do or are getting poor advice from so-called marketing experts who charge crazy money for average or zero results Right now, we're focussing on the three social platforms that give us the best bang for our buck, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. The link to download your very own copy of my new prospecting blueprint is in the shownotes or you can grab it now at ( Trent is living, breathing proof that leveraging social media has not only fast-tracked the success of his business but given him total dominance in his market. And how's this for acknowledgement of his success? ...He recently told him one of his competitors called him up and to ask him what he's doing to win so many more listings than any other agent in town. You gotta love that!
Women in Real Estate Series. After hearing how she handled customers working for the Post Office, her future boss knew he was in the presence of greatness. But it would take him 2 years to win her over! This is part of a series we're producing here at the podcast about women in real estate. We'll be featuring a number of interviews with some very impressive women who all have a story to tell about their journey and rise to the top. You might wonder why I made the decision to single out a group that represents half the population and feature female agent interviews. Well, there's a number of reasons: For a start, most of the women I know in real estate had to work twice as hard to reach the level of success they now enjoy. If you're a woman in real estate or even if you're not, you'll know as well as I do that, right from the start, the learning curve is steep. Then there's the fact that so many women juggle family and other commitments to make their careers work. Many are single mothers who somehow adapt to higher levels of organization to manage the daily routine of kids and school and everything that goes with managing all the lives in a family. So even if you have a partner to share the load, that's a solid workout. But many women ride alone and do everything themselves. To make this happen, they work hard and the hours are long. But then something happens along the way. ...and it happens because it has to. They get super-focused and super organized because they understand better than anyone, time is money. They become personally accountable for every minute of each day because they know and understand there will be some more heavy lifting to be done before their head hits the pillow that night. So when you hear me thank my guest for their time, it's not just a throwaway line to wind things up. I genuinely know, understand and appreciate the sacrifice and contribution they are making. By way of example, after I hit the stop button on this week's episode with award-winning legend Gizzelle Powell, she told me she was happy to share her experiences and lessons learned because she knows there are so many women who are going through the same battles that she did. She told me there were so many people who helped and mentored her right from the start of her career and this is her chance to pay it back. I first met Gizzelle at an event we held in Australia some years ago. She had just started her career and came up to tell me that she had read some of my coaching and training manuals and that she built her career by following and implementing those ideas. Gizzelle has a lovely smile, great energy, and there's something about her that tells you she can face big challenges head-on and keep going when others don't. She reminds me of some other impressive women I've featured on the show like D'Leane Lewis, Nyree Ewings, Arabella Hooper, Emmy Thies, Jessica Chia and Leigh Thomas-Brown. These women share a work ethic that guides their careers on an ever-upward trajectory. And it's not so much that they're afraid of hard work, they embrace it as a secret weapon which is why each one dominates their market. This year, Gizzelle won RE/MAX's prestigious Hall Of Fame award, the Chairman's national award plus national and local awards for placing in Rate My Agent's Top 100 agents. What I took away from this interview is Gizzelle's deep commitment to helping her sellers and buyers achieve the real estate solution they are looking for. Her demeanor and attitude telegraphs her dedication to client care on a whole new level.
Just in case you don't know, I'm Ray Wood and I'm a real estate agent from Melbourne Victoria living on a lake about 2 hours north of Toronto Ontario Canada. It's been a cold blast here at the cottage in the last couple of months where we have been in semi-isolation and various stages of lockdown for almost a year. The month of February is testing us because there's this weather effect called the polar vortex that brings with it arctic cold temperatures like minus 30 Celcius and feet of snow. But, fortunately, the boathouse is keeping us warm thanks to a wood fire we installed last year and some incredible spray insulation that keeps in most of the warmth. The boathouse has been a fun project and it's still a work in progress that will take me a bit longer to complete. Personally, this last year has been an amazing time. I feel I have better focus and direction. I feel like I have more drive and energy.  In the last 12 months, I have completely overhauled Bestagents to a digital marketing platform and with the amazing resources of Jigglar and LockedON, a steady stream of new members are coming on board while they can still get the heavily discounted founding members deal. My real estate funnel marketing model is working like a well-oiled machine and let me share what I've learned about the art of funnel marketing in the past year. There are 3 stages to a good funnel; Attract, nurture and convert.   The 16 digital assets including eBooks and autopilot lead generators we have created at Bestagents do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to attracting with the impressive resources of Jigglar pitching in by pumping out fresh professional-grade content on a daily basis. LockedON's new version 2 is turning heads and playing a critical role nurturing and converting contacts to listings and sales with the help of our digital pre-listing kit and lots of pre-written emails ready in the system. In fact, that's a perfect segway into this week's interview which is all about the power of email marketing and some awesome tips to make sure your messages are connecting with your contacts in all three stages of your funnel. My guest for this episode is email writing and marketing expert Chris Orzechowski, and the timing around the release of this episode is highly relevant as the Australian government finds itself in something of a Mexican standoff with Facebook. Basically, Canberra wants Facebook to pay for the news it strips and recycles. Facebook have said "I don't think so" and have started deleting content from any Australian Facebook page that faintly smells like it offers any kind of news. In fact, today's email from Chris (and as soon as we met, I signed up to get his daily emails) talks about this and he warns, you can't build your brand on quicksand which means don't rely on Facebook or any social platform for that matter to be there tomorrow. Chris says that's all the more reason to build solid relationships with great email marketing and I couldn't agree more. You are your brand, not some tri-color logo or pretty font. But here's the critically important thing: Marketing you doesn't mean talking about you.  Want to write better emails to attract, nurture and convert more contacts? Right now, you can download Chris' eBook, Make It Rain for free. Can I suggest you head over to ( and get your copy? Here are just some of the things Chris shares in his book which is a brilliant read by the way: How to segment your email list properly, so you can send the right offer to the right person at the right time. Why emails with great copy out-convert fancy, HTML emails… every time! How to make your emails stand out from all your competitors… and how to make people fall in love with the emails you send. 3 email campaigns that will work for you every day… even while you sleep! That URL again is and that link is...
As a listener to the show, I have a special complimentary offer for you at ( A special welcome this week to new Bestagagents members Varinder Sharma from Kellyville in NSW Shannon and Samatha Smith from Queensland's Gold Coast Dean Bozunovic from Frankston in Vic and Silvya Saric from Wodonga Bestagents on the Murray River in Wodonga Victoria I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with you guys and the results you're already achieving are impressive. If you're familiar with my work and real estate success strategies, you’ll know I’m a big fan of what I call the real estate funnel and if you're looking to add better systems into your business, I'm going to make you a complimentary offer in a moment to help you make it happen. In marketing, a funnel is the system and strategy that attracts new paying clients into your business. The good news is that once a funnel is set up, it will work hard for you 24 hours a day producing leads, listings, sales and (this is what I love most about a good funnel) consistent success. And the really great news is that anyone can do it. You don’t need to be a national brand or super successful agent. It doesn’t matter where you are, whether your market is hot or cold or how long you’ve been in real estate. Let me ask you a question: Have you ever suffered the humiliating frustration of the good month-bad month income YoYo? One month you’re flying high and thinking about a new kitchen, updating your car or skiing in Italy. But the next month, you don’t quite feel that dopamine hit when you log in to your online banking to discover you’ve got too much month at the end of the money. And you had no idea that tax bill was payable so soon. If that’s you then that’s okay, because that’s been all of us at one time or another. And it’s almost like you need to experience the good month-bad month YoYo to know you don’t want it to happen again and you’re very motivated to work out how. Let me share a simple but vitally important fact I often return to with some of my coaching clients: (and the keyword here is FACT) You can’t expect different results when you keep doing the same thing. This can also happen when you decide to lift your numbers. Say you’ve done the same amount in GCI give or take for the last 3 years and you want to move things up. There’s no way it can happen if you’re rinsing and repeating the same strategies you used for those previous years. Businesses grow. So do people. So back to my funnel. Let me share the three essential stages that drive a good real estate funnel and of course, it goes without saying, the better each stage is serviced and enhanced, the better it will perform. The first stage and the top of your funnel is Attraction. Just how are you attracting your future clients, how many are you pouring in and how often? This is the most overlooked yet essential stage of your funnel. At Bestagents, we like top say the magic is in the numbers and this is exactly what we're referring to. What lead magnets are you employing to drive traffic to the top of your funnel and what is motivating or attracting these people to you? In the online marketing world they call this your offer or offer stack. ...and your lead magnet needs to clearly show, it's something of value your potential new contact will want. It’s the offer that causes attraction. What’s yours and how many do you actively employ? The second stage of your funnel is Nurturing. Real estate is a service. We generate a fee for that service by offering a solution to a problem. Now that your new contact is swirling around in your funnel, what are you doing to move them on into the narrow bit? Why are they staying? Why do they want to stay? What is it about you and your real estate business that compels them to hang around and not opt out from your messages? How are you helping them solve their problem? I believe the number one reason...
Special guest Danny Wood of shares his ideas on GETTING MORE SELLER LEADS. Most are very cheap to implement and amazingly simple. He mentioned a video of his presentation and that can be found here Ask Dan about his “done-for-you” marketing services by texting (905) 903-5442. He has a special bonus for you too!.. Anyone who listened to the podcast can book a free coaching call with him at Finally, he mentioned his group coaching calls at I hope you take the time to reach out to him because he’s a treasure trove of unique ideas that will keep you coming back for more. Thinking social? YouTube: Instagram: @calldanwood More old school? Call (905) 903-5442 or visit: Https://
The system is the solution. Every great business has one or more It’s been a huge month for me and Bestagents with a bunch of awesome agents coming on board and securing exclusive area rights to their postcode. I’d like to personally welcome some new Bestagents members including Craig Robinson from Castle Hill in NSW Daryl Johnson from Hamilton NSW Melissa Saad from Camp Hill in QLD Leonie Snook & Steve Welsby from Wellington NZ A special shout out to Craig, Daryl, Melissa, Leonie and Steve. I’m delighted to share our Bestagents resources with you guys. Welcome top Bestagents and I’m looking forward to working with you to help you grow your brand and your numbers as you offer a clear and compelling point of difference to property sellers in your areas. I can also share we’re about to roll out another lead generating landing page offering sellers in your area a current list of recent sales under the domain This is an additional offer at no charge to Bestagents founding members. …and if you’d like to find out if your area is available, message me with your location and postcode and I’ll let you know. Well, it’s always a pleasure to catch up with Troy Kincaid from Colac in Victoria. Troy joined Bestagents in 2012 looking for ideas and systems and his journey from a raw beginning to a consistent number of sales each month is evidence his systems work and work well. In less than 12 months from joining Bestagents, Troy’s business had doubled and within 3 years doubled again. In the last 170 plus episodes I’ve profiled some amazing agents doing amazing numbers. Many enjoy an average selling price of more than $1 million but country agents in regional centres like Troy rarely see those prices so they need to really heavily on volume and consistency. And as you’ll hear in this interview, there’s a powerful underlying community commitment that gives Troy and his team a valuable edge. All that and more, coming right up.
A quick shout out and welcome to some brand new Bestagents founding members  If you'd like to know more about an exclusive area Bestagents Founding members deal with all the bells and whistles at a discounted bundle rate, let me know. BA founding members have exclusive access to systems, a bunch of dedicated digital assets, and my ongoing personal support. Well, speaking of training and support, this week's guest heads up an innovative company serving, what some might describe, as the forgotten agents in the real estate industry. My guest, Jake Dixon is CEO of the Locker Room. The Locker Room services what Jake calls the 'Blue Ocean' of agents who make up 97% of our industry.  I'm talking about the agents in their first year or two doing less than 24 deals a year. The more I got into this interview with Jake, the more I began to realize the stunning attrition numbers in real estate and how the difference between success and failure can often be so small. I often wish I could connect with every new agent and help them hit the ground running by intensely focussing on the all-important blue dollar actions. But I guess that's what this podcast is all about. Jake has terrific energy and it's easy to see why so many agents are opting into working with The Locker Room to quickly achieve great things. We cover a heap of topics during this session but I really like Jake's take on what is needed to quickly succeed in an industry where so many struggle. - main website - free downloads - use "PLAYBOOK" promo code and get $50 off our most popular product! 
Our COVID Summer on the lake is sadly drawing to a close. In a few months, the so called Canadian 'snow birds' would typically be heading south to Florida, the Carolinas or the gulf of Mexico to escape a brutal Toronto Winter but this year, the border to the US is closed to cars and folks are making sure their cottages are stocked with firewood and supplies so they can ride out the winter up North. For us, it's been a magic summer. The boathouse we started renovating back in March is starting to take shape. I don't know that we'll have it ready for Winter but it's definitely in better shape than it was. For a guy who likes to write copy, record podcasts and create marketing ideas, learning how to demolish, renovate and rebuild something has been an incredible journey of learning with a few failures but some memorable victories. If this sounds a bit echoee, it's because I'm in a very barren boathouse looking at stud walls, bare plywood walls, some gorgeous hand made timber trusses and a ghetto kitchen that will hopefully be gone by this time next month. If we were in Queensland, finishing would be easy but with the winter temperature getting down  to minus 35 celsius which is about the same temp in Fahrenheit, we're going to need a heap of good insulation and maybe a cosy wood fire to help us combat conditions from November through to May. ...and I guess right now we're all overcoming setbacks and challenges which is what this episode is all about. But before we get into that, I'd like to welcome some new Bestagents members including Ben Stevenson from Estate Realty in Queanbeyan NSW Dan and Ness Brugghink from Wallan in Victoria Chris Brown from New Vision Real Estate in Glenwood in the Hills District of Sydney Kim Turner from Mount Pleasant in Perth WA Peter Stone from Real Estate of Distinction on the Northern NSW Coffs Coast and Zieglar Coelho from beautiful downtown Brampton right here in Toronto Canada I'm pumped to be working with our new members and so impressed with how everyone is jumping in to access Bestagents resources to win more listings and make more sales. The marketing library is getting a solid workout and our brand new online pre-listing questionnaire is receiving great feedback from sellers and paving the way for the best possible listing presentation because we've set it up that sellers are taken straight to the member's client review and free ebook page when they submit their pre-listing answers. I'm getting a clear message that great marketing is more important now than it has ever been before. Bestagents memberships are exclusive to one agent or team per area, suburb, city, town or district. Each area is different so message me if you'd like to know more and to check and see if your area is available. ****** A lot of people are facing challenges right now that they have never faced before. Life is tricky enough without throwing a global pandemic into the mix and it's fair to say that if you're under 75 years old, you've never had to face any kind of global crisis. If this was some kind of bizarre social experiment, you'd have to wonder at the extremes many people are experiencing right now. For some, who get trapped in the downward spiraling vortex of failure and despair, hope quickly fades as they grapple to acquire the resources to cope. While others...  are reveling in the forced changes these times are bringing and grabbing some amazing opportunities. My guest this week is Albert Garibaldi, a 20 year veteran, CEO of The Agency, an innovative real estate business operating in California's Bay Area south of San Francisco. You don't need to spend too long with Albert to know and understand he is living breathing proof about acquiring the best mindset to handle everything and anything. He's also a 3 book author including The Passion Punch which is a book we get into during this episode and stays firmly in the top 1% of agents within his national
Almost any and every real estate situation calls for the right language. Get ready to challenge everything you believe is the best approach to powerful communication. My guest for this episode is Paul Ross, a speaker, author, trainer & teacher. Paul is a gifted communicator who will quickly influence and empower you to adopt some very fresh yet proven communication ideas for your next listing presentation, price reduction meeting or buyer showing. If you click (this link) now, you can score a couple of awesome free video training sessions from Paul.  
What if a simple email to set up your listing presentation could totally swing the odds of winning the listing in your favor? I was on a call with Bestagents member Kim Turner this morning. Kim and I were workshopping some ideas and I shared something that has been very effective for a number of agents in my private client group. In fact, I would say it has the power to supercharge your chances of winning more listings at presentation? And it must be a secret because nobody eyes is doing it! :-) I’m also going to suggest this is a drop-everything-and do-right-now kind of thing! In a sec I’ll give you a Pre-Listing email that’s killing it right now for one very specific reason... Your potential selling client gets to see your testimonials! …PLUS I have a special kicker that will take your ‘authority’ through the roof. Here’s the thing: Most agents don’t give potential selling clients their testimonials until AFTER the Presentation.
Many thanks for the feedback and interest from last week's show about the real estate marketing funnel I've built and the launch of the Bestagents Founders Membership. In this week's episode, I'm going to take you through the 3 critical stages of a dedicated real estate marketing funnel then you're going to meet one of the nicest guys in real estate, RE/MAX Canada's Broker of the year. All that and more coming right up. The funnel concept is simple. I can even 'show' you in a podcast episode like this: Imagine a funnel. In my mind it's a red funnel. But it's big. Say 1 metre or 3 feet in diameter at the top and 2 metres or 6 ft deep. At the bottom it takes a right-hand turn for another 3 feet and at the end, money comes out in the form of listings and sales. The real estate funnel is made up of 3 parts: First and obviously is leads coming into the top of your funnel. Next is 'nurture' where your CRM takes over directing you to employ a range of innovative connectors like email, text, phone, hard mail and social media. This stage is critical because it's warming up and building the relationship with your new contact. It's also critical because it will determine your new contacts perception of you where, essentially, they're asking themselves; Is this the agent I'll be choosing to sell my property. The third and final stage is often triggered by one of your CRM connectors. It's the all-important listing stage. This is where your hard work and investing in stages one and two of your funnel pays off. The listing process is where you on-board your new client with a regular and digital pre-listing kit and industry best listing presentation I've made a video that shows you exactly how the real estate funnel works. You can check it out at Earlier this year I had the pleasure of connecting with RE/MAX Broker of the year, Asif Kahn. A recipient of RE/MAX's prestigious Diamond & Chairman's awards plus Hall of Fame & Lifetime Achievement awards, Asif runs a highly successful team based in Markham just east of Toronto. He also co-hosts a weekly radio show called ON THE MARKET, on The Region which is 105.9FM. In case you don't know, Eastern Canada has a very strong RE/MAX presence and has done from the early days when the RE/MAX brand was just getting started. That makes winning Broker of the year all that much harder. I was keen to learn some of the challenges Asif faces, and how he sets his agency apart. We get into the key aspects of Asif's brokerage that set him and his team apart including his charity and community work. I think you're going to like this episode. There are lots of valuable takeaways and I'd like to thank Asif for sharing so much awesome content. (Connect with Asif Kahn)
Welcome to Bestagents! Please take a listen to this episode as soon as you can. It contains important information to help you get the most from your membership I firstly want to say a BIG welcome to Bestagents and thanks for joining us. I'm humbled you have chosen to become an exclusive member and also that you have placed your trust in me and my team to grow your personal brand
A 'Funnel' is the oxygen to your business. When set up correctly, it's continually breathing life into your future listing and selling pipeline. In this episode, we take a deeper dive into the unique marketing strategies Bestagents members are using to attract quality leads and nurture them through the process. Full info at
I'm blessed to work with some pretty amazing people. Meet one of my favourite humans
The Auction agents that scrambled early to explore and adopt the best ideas are now reaping the rewards. Discover exactly what they're doing to stay two steps ahead of their competition. First off, a big thanks to everyone who reached out to see how I'm doing. We're still in isolation here in Canada like so many others and life is good. It's been a super busy time with lots going on and I'm making the most of what I'm calling a 'reset' with a number of projects on the go to help agents adjust to win more listings and make more sales. In the last episode, I mentioned how my team and I are rolling out a series of Virtual Agent lead generation landing pages and virtual tools and the response from my podcast audience was way more than I expected. I've actually spent the few months setting up a new membership group where I'll be not only creating landing pages and social media templates but re-releasing eBook versions of my books. And one book, in particular, I have ghostwritten so you can be the author. And, for the very first time, I'm inviting agents I work with to access my private library of marketing tools, graphic templates plus my back catalog of scripts and client email copy. If you're familiar with how I work, I prefer to offer postcode exclusivity so only one agent per area can use these resources. Right now, I have a growing list of agents I'm bringing on board as Founding members who'll be 'grandfathered' into the group with a below-cost deal to access everything and be part of this new movement of Virtual Agents complete with area exclusivity! If you'd like to know more, please reach out to me on Facebook and send me a private message or email me and I'll get you more information on the Founding Members Package. Speaking of Virtual Agents, I was interested to find out how Australia's world-famous Auctioneers have adjusted to this new contact-free environment. Are they still running auction campaigns? If so, how are they doing it? And who better to reach out to than my brother David who ranks as one of Australia's top auctioneers. David is a partner at Belle Property in the premier Inner-Melbourne suburb of Albert Park and at the first sign of restrictions surrounding the COVID 19 changes, David and his team quickly adapted with a combination of applying the best tech tools and solid client communication. The outcome has been a steady stream of listings, some very impressive results, and a lot of happy clients. In this interview David and I get into the biggest challenges he faced, how he was able to educate buyers, the actual process the Belle Property team employed to conduct fully isolated and contact-free actions and the new strategies he thinks will remain when this global reset is over. (Belle Property) (Contact David Wood)
I hope you're staying home and staying safe. It's day 27 in isolation for me and I'm very fortunate. I don't have kids to organize and entertain or their meals to plan. I'm not on a health professional on the front line helping virus sufferers like a number of friends and family who are doing an amazing job saving lives. I've worked remotely from a home office, coffee shop and often my car for the last 15 years so there's no major shift in work habits and so far, and  touch wood, I don't have a sore throat or dry cough. And if I bring the virus back home to Christine who suffers severe asthma... well, I don't even want to think about that. In times like this, I believe it's important to focus on what we can influence. For a start, we have the power to influence our own thinking. We can wallow in the cancer that is self-doubt and choose to take the low road of despair, pending doom and negative, destructive thinking which, as we all know, never ends well... or we can choose to remain optimistic and hopeful and reach out to others and either ask for support or offer it. Nobody is immune and we've all reached this fork in the road at some point. The important question is when you do? When you think about it, we're all born with the same two options... we can choose to be a tower of strength or a swamp of suffering and if I've learned one thing in life, it's that you will move towards what you think about. You naturally gravitate to where your head's at. In fact, it's virtually impossible not to. For so many, success begins when we make the decision to hack into our optimism and achievement tools with things like exercise, meditation, a solid routine, focussing on the right business actions for these times and tuning our radar to actively scan for opportunities. Since this thing started I've had the chance to connect with agents in many different places. Sometimes we email, sometimes we talk on the phone or face to face it with a Zoom call. I'm honored and humbled that many real estate contacts (including quite a few I don't know) have reached out to me for help and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share any ideas, suggest solutions and workshop options at a time like this and I'd like to extend the offer here and now. If I can help, let me know. Reach out and say hello and tell me what's going on. I'm ready to welcome your message and looking forward to helping out wherever I can. I can tell you I don't have all the answers for what's happening right now but I don't believe anyone does. I do have some solid ideas and strategies I learned in the early 90s and 2008 that are working well for my private client group, This morning we woke up to a very cold cottage because the fire went out during the night and there's no other heating. I needed some kindling to get things underway but it had rained overnight and the kindling was wet. I cursed myself for being unprepared. If you've ever tried to light a fire with wet wood you'll know it's a challenge but it's the perfect metaphor for what's happening in real estate at the moment. So many agents are trying to light a fire with wet wood. The things they were doing in February are not working in April. Adaption is key. There's no doubt this global health crisis will trigger an economic downturn and probably the most severe we will see in our lives. Last week I checked in on my 87-year-old mother in law to see how she was doing. She lived through the blitz in London during the second world war and I was interested to know if she noticed any parallels. "Not really" she said. "During the blitz we honestly didn't know if that day would be our last. Bombs were falling out of the sky and killing our neighbors. With this pandemic, all we need to do is stay inside and keep ourselves busy." In my view, this event is dramatically different from the early 90s recession and the mortgage meltdown of 2008. It's different because we can't go out and support local...
WTF just happened? Joel Sharpton from Louisianna produces my podcast each week. We like to get on the phone and chat about stuff. This time we recorded it. :-)
Today's guest is one of my favourite humans. Super Agent Nyree Ewings is a phenomenal success. Last year she recorded GCI of $1.3 million which came from 94 sales and 140 listings. So let's take a quick look at those numbers for a sec. If you take a day off each week and a few week's vacation, that's one listing every two days. Nyree's no-nonsense approach to jumping in and getting things done consistently wins her amazing results and if you're familiar with the 'whatever it takes' philosophy, she's living breathing proof that it works. She's successfully grown her career in the past 12 years starting as a stand-alone salesperson and growing her brand and personal following to hire 2 assistants and build an amazing team A big reason why I love hosting guests like Nyree is that she has the power to inspire so many people and if you're new to real estate, you're about to get a raw and real look at what it takes to thrive in one of the most competitive industries there is. If you're not new to real estate and not getting the results you want, then can I urge you to listen closely to this episode and take special note of the things that jump out at you. I believe the power of a good podcast is that it will speak to you about the things that are important and help you with the changes you need to make. And hey, if you're killing it then awesome. In fact, if you're listing more than 100 properties a year, I'd love to feature you as a guest on the show. But I know many of my listeners are in the early stages of their career and looking for real and tangible ideas they can quickly implement. So here are 5 rules I've picked up along the way to get you started: Personal accountability is your best friend. The world is full of people who say they are going to do something then don't.  Sure they have excuses but they suffer the frustration of not achieving the results they set. By the way, you'll find personal accountability at the corner of focus and discipline. If you need some, hire a good coach to help you plan and set your action and task priorities with a deadline. Set your priorities the day before and you'll achieve more.  In fact, do something for me: After you've finished listening to my call with Nyree, ask yourself this question:  What is the most important thing I should be doing right now? If you need listings you should be prospecting. If you have listings but need sales, find your most motivated seller and go and see them and get the price reduction you need to help them get an offer. Then go to the next one and so on. Find your 'why.' My friend and super-agent Garth Makowski who runs a $6 million dollar enterprise is so big on this. Why are you doing what you're doing?  What are toy dreams? When the going gets sticky, what's motivating you to get through? Write down your goals. Let me tell you, I've tried not writing goals and writing them. For years I dreamed of setting up an online graphics tool for real estate agents. I would come up with great lead generation and business growth ideas but the graphic designer costs were just too high.  Plus they took too long.  Then one day, and it was actually on a train trip, I wrote down the goal and planned it out. The more I wrote down, the closer I came to working out what needed to happen. I got up-close with the objectives and priority action steps along the way. Two years later we launched Jigglar. Two years after that, we're in more than 130 countries and thousands of agents use Jigglar every day to win listings, make sales and grow their brand. I can honestly tell you that it would never have happened without a written goal. Garth carries his goals around with him in a journal that never leaves his side. He's an amazingly driven guy and understands that we become what we think about, we achieve what we focus on and we build what we feed our subconscious mind. He's built a business and a lifestyle on exactly that. Surround yourself with the people...
I love featuring interviews with authors. Having the discipline, let alone, time to write a book is a skill I really admire. It's not complicated... A good non-fiction, 'how to' book shares the essential knowledge promised on the cover. My guest for this episode is author and Ohio agent Derek Tye. There are two main reasons why Derek and his team are killing it in Cincinnati: The first reason is because they work a system (which is exactly what Derek's book is about) The second is because they have a plan and follow it. In case you don't know, I never really prepare for my interviews. I used to when I started out but I quickly discovered I would go off-script because some shiny thing would always come up and there's where I like to go. It's a little bit like being in a listing presentation and searching for some common ground. An old habit I guess. Anyway, as you'll hear, Derek and I worked out that we're both Tony Robbins fans and he reminded me of a free test Tony offers online. It's kind of a personality strengths and weaknesses assessment, or as it says on the website 'Understand your personality to get ahead in your career, to communicate better in your relationships and understand your personal patterns' So I did the test and was kind of flattered with the summary. Especially this bit.  Check it out.  It says and I quote "You have the ability to persuade others, not with hype but rather with warmth, sincerity and understanding. This skill comes from the merging of your people skills along with the fact that you tend to be more modest when dealing with people" Well I guess it could have been worse! The test took me about 20 minutes and I'd like to suggest you try it. And what about this for an idea, if you're hiring, ask them to do the test and send you their results. Here's the link. It's free! ( I really enjoyed my call with Derek. His book? '7 Levers for Success in Selling Real Estate' went live in paperback and Kindle on Amazon last week.  The link and Derek's contact info is in the show notes. (Check out Derek's book) (Connect with Derek)
I'm delighted to present another interview in the super-agent series and my guest for this episode is currently ranked in the top 100 agents in Australia. I define a super-agent as anyone earning more than a million dollars a year in gross commission. These are the agents others look to for inspiration and ideas. They're better organized, with better systems and a highly productive marketing plan that continually feeds their new business pipeline. Today's guest is a quiet achiever who sticks to the tasks that win results and I have a feeling you're going to get a lot of takeaways from this episode. Speaking of results, how would you like to be the only agent in your area to use some of the best real estate marketing ideas ever created? What about exclusive postcode rights to powerful brand-boosting strategies, regular coaching, free subscriptions to some of real estate's most popular tech and software and a unique set of tools built to position you as the local authority and attraction agent in your area? Bestagents is the personal marketing partner to hundreds of successful real estate professionals who have secured exclusive postcode rights to use my personal marketing and lead generation ideas in their local area. If you'd like to know more, email me or check the show notes for this episode for links and more info. Sydney's James Baker listed 47 homes in 2019 and sold 40 giving him a GCI number very close to $2 million. James has a story that's not unique in real estate success. He has a proven plan and it works so he keeps doing it. Perhaps it's the discipline and focus that keeps him on top year after year. After all, his area of Sydney's Northern Beaches is some of the most highly-priced and sought after real estate in the world. And where you find high-priced property, you find a very competitive local real estate industry with literally hundreds of agents all competing for business. In this interview, you'll discover how James cuts through to stand out from others, how he keeps his days-on-market low and how his loyal client base acts as his most important referral network. (James Baker. Corporate Profile and contact points) Connect with Ray.  
My first real estate marketing breakthrough came after I wrote a book called ‘How To Sell Your Home For More’ I created some marketing that I could distribute inviting people to call me to get a free copy of my book and kept tweaking the formula until I got it right. It quickly positioned me and my brand as a clear alternative in the market. I’m sure you’ve heard the homeowner's mantra…  a good home sells itself. My book started to change the way home sellers thought about the home selling experience.  They began to understand the opportunities and the major influencing factors that really help a home sell for more. Long story short, it worked very well for my business and today, the book and the marketing system around the book is used by of hundreds of agents under my Bestagents brand. If you’re a Bestagents member, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, message me and I’ll get you some more info. My guest today is in the same space. A few years back he wrote a book called Sold Above Market and created an offer to generate seller leads in his area which is the Sydney harbor suburb of Mosman. Since then he’s written two new titles and you’ll find out all about them today. So I guess my observation is that the real estate seller education business is alive and well and that’s a good thing. Because property has no recommended retail price, property sellers, in my opinion, are somewhat vulnerable and face the risk of becoming easy prey to agents who have no idea what they’re doing. Then there are agents like today’s guest. An experienced professional and trusted opinion who can not only guide his sellers to a great result, he’s a published author on the subject. Sydney agent Geoff Grist has seen his market double, and double, then double again and in a highly competitive professional environment, he’s worked hard to build a solid client base and loyal following. Geoff’s a great writer and has the book sales to prove it.  He’s also become a good friend over time as well as a reliable sounding board for different ideas and strategies. He recently hired an agent to sell his own home which is an interesting story as you’ll soon discover. Check out all Geoff's book here
This week I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, the Tim Ferris Show. In this episode, Tim’s guest interviewer, a very interesting performance and longevity expert named Dr Peter Attia interviews legendary dealmaker and American billionaire Sam Zell.  I’ve put a link to this interview with Mr Zell in the shownotes for this episode and if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, investment and a whole raft of excellent business growth tips, make sure you check it out. The story of how Mr Zell’s parents escaped across Russia just before Hitler and Stalin invaded Poland in 1939 is worth it alone. But as I was listening to this amazing interview, it again hit me of the success so many immigrants enjoy in their new countries. As an immigrant myself, I can somewhat understand some of the challenges newcomers face. To pick up and move at the age of 48 leaving my career, my amazing family and many friends behind is no easy thing let me tell you. But I’m not claiming hardship. For I have no idea when compared to so many hardship stories. One of my favourite immigrants is marketing genius Gary Vaynerchuk. Those of you who know Gary will know that he doesn’t pull any punches and effectively communicates his ideas to an ever-growing fanbase. I recorded the interview you’re about to hear a few years back when Gary was preparing to head to Australia for a series of talks. I think his story is impressive and his journey from working in his father’s shop to his current role as the head of Vayner Media is beyond impressive. He took his father’s liquor store in New Jersey from turnover of $3 to $60 million in just 5 years. He’s now the head of his own company, Vayner Media, a Fortune 500 company that looks after the social media marketing for some of the biggest brands in the world with revenue now well over $100 million. But before you switch channels because you don’t think this multi-million dollar career trajectory relates to you in any way, please hear me out because I truly believe there’s something here for you. I’ve studied Gary’s ideas from the first time I saw him speak live in Las Vegas back in 2011.  I’ve read his books and soaked in his methods. I’ve admired his hussle his drive and his chutspah. It’s because of Gary Vee that I started this podcast. He inspires me tremendously and he’s a powerful and very relevant thought leader in the marketing space as we know it. He says he day trades attention which is a cool way of saying that he says and does things to get noticed. Put simply, his pitch is that he wants to encourage us to embrace and leverage the social media opportunities and unique and different marketing ideas that are available to us in the new digital world.  He knows there are people out there ready to buy what we’re offering and these eyeballs are free or very cheap so he doesn’t understand why we’re all not doing it. He wants us to make videos and podcasts and not be afraid to be different.  He wants us to be game enough to not conform. To have the courage to empower and promote others so that we too can benefit from an information and content-hungry world. He wants us to create content, to share a dream, to tell a story to suffer humiliation and not be too proud to tell others and laugh at your own misfortune. In other words, he wants us to be us… and share it. You’ll find the youtube video for the 2011 RE/MAX Keynote I attended featuring Gary in Vagas in the shownotes for this episode together with the Tim Ferris Show interview link with Sam Zell. And just a quick word on getting started. Please don;t make the mistake of letting perfect get in the way of great. I can 100% promise you that your first video will probably suck but who cares.  I can almost see some of my private coaching clients listing to this nodding their heads. But I’m so proud you guys had the courage to start. I was so nervous recording this interview and you can hear it in my voice but look what I...
So suddenly it's February 2020 and we're into yet another wi and there's no shortage of distractions trying to take our eye off the ball. And some distractions they are. The Democrats are trying to impeach a US president. The Coronavius remains without a vaccine and so many of us are still struggling with the surreal reality that Kobe Bryant, the guy we grew up watching and admiring is gone at 41 in the prime of his life.  So it's might feel like we're under siege with bad news and negative vibes but let's look at the upside for a moment and get this year off to the best possible start. Interest rates remain at record lows around the world. There has literally never been a better time to buy property.  As agents, we have access to world-class coaching and support, amazing technology that can save us time and money and the real estate entrepreneurial spirit is thriving as savvy agents who know what they need to do are listing and selling more real estate than ever. If the loss of Kobe Bryant can teach us anything, then surely it's to live, love and give thanks. That life is precious and time is our most valuable resource.  And that we owe it to ourselves to hone our skills to get better each day. Small improvements combine to deliver massive change and perhaps most important, don't put off that thing you know you have to do. Personally, 2019 was a massive year.  In addition to setting new audience records for this podcast, thousands of new Jigglar agents came on board as we rolled out some impressive new templates designed to win listings and make sales. In fact, late last year we were delighted to discover we were helping agents in more than 130 countries. We're also delighted to know that as we grow, so do our partner Jigglar agents who log in to their dashboards each day and create and download templates to boost their brand and connect with more and more sellers in their local area and sphere of influence. The regular emails we receive from Jigglar agents sharing their stories of extra fees earned though Jigglar marketing is a constant source of delight, vindication and proof that our idea not only works but is changing lives. ...and that, my friends is a very humbling reward. Together with my partners, Josh, John and Aaron, we're excited to be in a position to empower so many people within our industry to achieve more by removing the barriers of cost and time to the creation of professional-grade digital and print marketing. And just in case you're wondering, we all have other jobs. The cost of building and maintaining a global online platform the size of Jigglar, in addition to renting server space and paying developers is enormous, so for the time being, everything we make goes to making a better platform. If you'd like to join us and support our push to liberate real estate agents from expensive graphic design while accessing proven marketing concepts ideas and strategies to grow your business and your brand, please grab a free 30-day account at  You don't need a credit card and there are no contracts or tricky conditions.  We'd love the opportunity to work with you and share our career boosting ideas.  When you sign up for your free trial, you get access to everything we have. Okay. I'm excited to share today's interview. Have you ever thought, if only there was a simple, hassle-free and inexpensive way that you, the agent, could show your potential seller exactly what they need to not only prepare their home for sale but make it stand out from others for sale in the area and attract multiple buyers in a short space of time?  ...and isn't that the formula for real estate success? A sale at or below average days on market for a great price and a happy client... not to mention sellers in the area that notice your top result and hire you to sell for them. Enter Interior designer Mikah Abbananto who not only picked up on this huge gap in the market but, together with husband Sean, built a...
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