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FIRE BREATHING AWESOMENESS Prepare the baracade we have podcast episodes to raid
Excellent world building with great characters! Well worth a listen. I’ll be sad when I get caught up and have to wait on episodes.
Hey! Good job. I love this podcast tail ace and door dash are great at role playing! What happened to the person who played seku I can’t remember his name but where did he go? Great podcast. - sir us
So fun and immersive! honestly the only podcast I listen to, and I'm so glad I do! Every episode makes me laugh, and I can't wait to figure out the secrets hidden within this story!!
because im lazy CHAZ, THATS WHY ive been listening for like a year and yelling in your discord but not leaving a review this is my favorite AP to listen to and such a great cast and community. hi drama, amazing characters, complex and intricate lore and storytelling, hilarious and heartrending in turns, solid and consistent enough to support elaborate theorizing about various mysteries, lush and emotional audio editing. everybody listen to this podcast please and also come yell with us on the discord
This is possibly the best Actual play ive listened to to date. And thr first one since ive discovered it that ive listened to everything. Keep doing amazing things!!!
Absolutely fantastic! My first introduction to DnD. You guys made it seem so fun I binged the first 20 episodes cuz that's when I found out you guys were doing a podcast. Then we got into it. We bought dice and a tray and the players handbook and mini figures. My friend at work just happened to be getting into it at the same time and we started a game. I am so addicted to DnD now. Thank you guys! I am completely caught up and I hate it. Haha I can't binge listen anymore. Keep it up!
Writing a novel with good characters, great story and amazing descriptions is hard. It gets even harder when you need to do it on the spot, improvising. Yet Nikki, Kenon, (Joe,) and Jordache pull it off. Talice, Zek'kar pull it off in such an amazing manner, that it rivals the best audio dramas and novels out there. Along with that, Nikki has really grown into a master editor in the later episodes. Every song is perfect for the situation, everyone's mic sounds amazing. Kenon can do absolutely amazing voices, can give incredible descriptions, and can RP amazingly (he also builds amazing worlds). Jordache brings the best energy to the table that can be. He's funny when needs be, and has an incredible commitment to RP'ing. If you are looking for a good podcast/ story/ whatever and like dark, (sometimes macabre) stories, you Top of the Round is definitely for you!
So, now that I have listened to this show top to bottom 5 times now (I think anyways, I've lost count.) But somewhere along the line, this became my favorite show. I look forward to the release of many new episodes for shows that I listen to, but there is something different about TotR Mondays. There are so many factors that make this the best AP show, and in some cases audio drama, going right now. The world that DM Kenon has built and the unreal amount of lore and details that are constantly discussed, to the amazing RP that happens between the PCs. Nikki has found this incredible knack for music in the episodes. Every episode, the music for each scene is simply perfect. The thing that has helped put TotR in a very special place in my heart, is the people. Kenon, Nikki, Joe, and yes, even Jordache, are some of the most amazing and wonderful people that you will ever have the opportunity to meet. So if you are into DnD, or even if you aren't, give TotR a try. You won't regret it. Don't let the fact that it is Dnd. This isn't like other DnD shows that you might've tried. It's not solely focused on dice and stats. It's more focused and driven by the story, the lore, and the RP of the group. If you don't, you're missing out and doing yourself a disservice. Previous Review: "This is an amazing actual play D&D 5e podcast. You pretty much get thrown in right from the start. Which is a neat change to having a long character creation opening episode. The humor and characters, both in game and out of game, are amazing. Definitely one to add to the list."
It's perfect right from the get go. If you haven't started listening to this podcast yet, please give this one a chance, because you will not regret doing so. If you support them on Patreon, you'll be able to listen to Sea of Sorrows which is also fantastic.
It is incredible!!! It is the only thing helping get through these times we're in!!
Top of the RoundThank you so much for listening! We are glad we are able to help entertain and distract!
I have mostly been shadow listening while my wife listens but I have loved every second. You guys are on my list to binge soon and I'm so excited to get to know the characters and world better.
Top of the RoundHeck yeah! We are so excited to have you along for our wild ride. :) Can't wait to hear what ya think!
A great AP show with a fun crew that definitely sound like they're having a blast playing together. Listening to it feels like we're sitting at the table with them, enjoying the game and the camaraderie. Also one of the best last episode recaps I've come across.
Top of the RoundThank you so much for your kind review! We love what we do, and don't tell him this (because he'll get a big head), but Brad is our favorite recap NPC. :)
I'm generally not a fan of fantasy or dice heavy podcasts. So why would I be listening to a D&D 5e homebrew that has players roll for seeming innocuous things? Because, "The dice know the story." The chance for seemingly mundane actions to go horribly wrong make for an entertaining and unexpected element to the fantastic overall story. Combined with wonderful character interactions and player banter, it makes for a show that I highly recommend.
Top of the RoundThat means so much, coming from you! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. <3
I just recently started listening to you, but I am loving every second of it. I'm already on episode 22 and have been listening to at least 1 episode every day (often a lot more). I want to thank you for making this podcast as its bringing me and a lot of other people joy.
Top of the RoundThat makes our hearts happy. We're glad you're enjoying the wild ride and we hope we continue to bring you joy!
I've tried so many so called actual play podcasts. Most end up either so caught up in rules lawyering / metagaming or just do much random table talk that it just makes me tune out. This show is not like that, even using a rules heavy system like D&D5E they never let the rules get in the way of amazing role-playing. Yes there is some table talk but with this show I can overlook it as there are so many great moments. The DM is amazing, he handles off the rail situations so well you almost feel like he planned things to go this way. If you have ever wanted to dive into an actual play show but didn't know where to start this would be a good place.
What a dynamic and fun DnD pod! The cast is great and the story is super fun to get into!
This podcast captured my imagination within the very first minutes. The storytelling is so compelling and impressive. The characters and RP are feel genuine and heartfelt. There is a fantastic balance of comedy, intrigue, horror, adventure and drama. The production quality is on par with it's wonderful content, delivering clear sound, voice acting, background music and sounds. This podcast is so worth listening to. Prepare for a ToTR addiction!
I absolutely adore this podcast! The characters have great depth, the voices are great, and it's keeping me engaged in the world and on the edge of my seat time and time again.
This is literally the best d&d podcast I've ever listened to
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kenon pearce
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Feb 24th, 2019
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Apr 19th, 2021
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About 1 hour
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