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Max Borrowman of Open Outcry on Restaurant Trends, Cocktail Culture and Vancouver Brunch
...And we’re back!!!After a nice summer hiatus, we’re back today with a great one. Meet bartender/consultant Max Borrowman. He’s set to dig in and open his new bar for Heather Hospitality, ‘Open Outcry’ and we’re delighted he stopped by to give us the goods. In this one we wax on cocktail culture, the process of getting a bar open, concepts and much much more. Tennis talk ensues as both Jamie and Max correctly pick the US Open champion. Mickey details his summer of hibernation and then Jamie rapid fires a series of fun questions for Max near the end. If you’re into cocktail culture and restaurants in general, you’re going to enjoy this one. 
Group Chat: Josh Pape of Gooseneck Hospitality and Ron Oliver of Mamie Taylor’s on Vancouver's Cocktail Bar Scene, The Diamond's 10 Year Anniversary and Bar Stories
In this episode we did another group chat as we brought on two Vancouver industry legends, Ron Oliver of Mamie Taylor’s and Josh Pape of Gooseneck Hospitality. We wanted to wax everything hospitality as we discussed The Diamond 10 year anniversary and how the past decade has changed things for Josh, as he co-owns The Diamond with his partner Mark Brand. Ron chimes in as he was one of The Diamond’s first bartenders. They each swap stories as we delve into how The Diamond helped shepherd a cocktail revolution of sorts for the city. We go on to further discuss cocktail culture in general, the state of restaurants in Vancouver, glass shakers vs tins and much much more. A bit of Coldplay referencing came up once again by Jamie, which pissed Mickey off, to the delight of Josh and Ron. If you’re eager to learn more about the inner workings of the Vancouver hospitality scene, this is the episode for you. **Gooseneck Hospitality is a group of local restaurants owned and run by Josh Pape and his partner James Iranzad. Check out their website or visit one of their establishments. They do wicked stuff. WildebeestLucky TacoBells and Whistles BufalaBufala (North Van, opening soon)gooseneck.caJamie also did a great interview with James and Josh recently for Scout Magazine. Do check it if you want to learn more about their story. Taylor’s is owned and run by Ron Oliver. It’s Mickey and Jamie’s favourite restaurant to hang out at. You can find it in Chinatown. Do hit it up. Best burger in town!
Reflecting on a Year and a Half of Podcasting, Vancouver Complaining and All The Shout Outs
In this episode we reflect on over a year and a half ( 30 episodes) of the Track and Food Podcast. It's been a super fun and therapeutic experience for both of us and we wax on show themes moving forward.As usual barbs are thrown, rambling occurs and things get opinionated. We Talk a bit of NBA and Mickey get's a chance to "do the dishes". We also discuss our new website venture Midrange. Its a content website that aims to highlight music, culture, food, film and art in our lovely city. Finally we get shout out crazy and go through all the wonderful guests we've had on the podcast so if you've been on,  you'll be mentioned! (Shout out Ron Oliver, friend of the show)Heres to 30 more!!
Parkside Brewery Co- Owner Sam Payne on Canada's Craft Beer Landscape, Running a Booming Brewery and Basketball Opinions
In this episode, we spoke with Parkside Brewery co-owner Sam Payne. He gave us the goods on his start in hospitality, opening and starting the brewery, challenges he’s faced along the way and much much more. We also waxed on about the current state of the B.C. craft beer industry and there was plenty of hoops talk to get us started. Sam used to play! This definitely got us going. This was one of our favourite chats of the year as Sam brought Mickey to life with some delicious beer. This made Jamie very happy. If you wanna understand more about the nuances of the beer industry, this is the episode for you.
Kurtis Kolt of Top Drop on Terroir Focused wines, Wine Journalism and  Running Vancouver's Coolest Trades Festival
In this episode we spoke with Top Drop Wine Festival co-founder Kurtis Kolt. Kurtis gives us the goods on the genesis of the festival, its aim, where he sees it going and why those who love wine should definitely check it out. The festival, now in its sixth year, takes place in Calgary on May 21st and in Vancouver on May 23rd and 24th. Jamie was excited to pick Kurtis’ brain about some of the producers his group chooses for the event, his favourite wine regions and his thoughts on the BC wine industry as a whole, plus much much more. The two of them dig deep, while Mickey does his best to keep up. If you’re a fan of wine this is the episode for you. The Top Drop main event is sold out for this year, but do check their website for the myriad of dinner events happening over the week at some of Vancouver’s finest restaurants. They sure look like a good time.
Group Chat: Ron Oliver and Mike Shum on Canada's Top 100 Restaurants, VanMag and The Georgia Straight Golden Plate Awards
In this episode we bring on past guests of the pod, bartender Mike Shum of the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel and Mamie Taylor's Owner, Ron Oliver. We brought them on to talk about the recent array of food lists to hit the internet, most notably, Canada's Top 100 restaurants and the Vancouver Magazine Awards. In discussing these lists, we argue about their validity, who was left off and why some of the choices don't make any sense. Mike throws out a few hot takes and Jamie is left puzzled by the whole affair a few times over. Oh and Mickey rants about a certain restaurant he dislikes. We then wax on the whole David Hawksworth saga and a few other things. This was a fun and spicy chat. Enjoy!
Pedro Villalon of O5 Rare Tea Bar on quality farming, Running a Business in Vancouver and Eastern Philosophies
In this episode we chat with local business owner and tea ninja Pedro Villalon on starting a now thriving business in the heart of Kitsilano. Pedro is the co-founder of O5 Rare Tea Bar, a staple in the Vancouver landscape with their excellent selection of small batch teas. It’s a place where you can go to learn a heck of a lot about the history of tea, take komboucha making classes or just have a great chat with a fun tea bartender in a beautiful atmosphere. Pedro shares the story of the origins of O5 and how he came to love the culture of tea and the countries that produce it. This guy was super knowledgeable and dropped some serious, serious fun facts.Jamie had fun time learning the ins and out of this vast universe, which oddly enough relates very closely to one of his favourite worlds, wait for it….wine. Mick already knew some stuff as he’s a legit tea snob. Enjoy!
Chef Daniel Williams of Dachi on cooking Seasonal, Vibrant Restaurant Communities and The Healthy Chef Life
In this episode we spoke with our good friend Chef Daniel Williams of Dachi. A new 40 seat upstart located in the Hastings-Sunrise area of Vancouver, Dachi is the sort of small neighbourhood restaurant a community often craves but rarely gets. With a vibrant beverage program and a focused food menu set to the concept of locality and what’s in season, we were eager to hear Dan speak about his journey in kitchens and what it’s been like to open and be apart of this popular restaurant. We also discussed his recent years cooking in Scotland, how he and Jamie became friends (a popular Scottish rock band sealed the deal) some current events and much more. **If you'd like to visit or learn more about Dachi, please check out our good friend Tracy  Giesz-Ramsay's excellent write up on them. 
Book Club #2: Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals Plus Bonus Documentary and The Rise Of Plant and Cell Based Meats
In this episode we finally sit down and do Book Club #2. Mickey's choice this time around was the amazing book written by Jonathan Safran Foer, titled Eating Animals. The book's topic is centred around the way in which animal agriculture has changed for the worse over the past 70 years. Heavily researched, Safran Foer takes you on a wild and often sad journey as he explores the food choices of his youth and how animal agriculture is now being done in the United States. We explore this theme and discuss how reading this book affected us and why the choices Safran Foer brings up have been made to keep the market status quo. As a vegan, Mickey had his own thoughts on the matter, especially with regards to the idea of eating meat in general, a topic he's come to share many times on previous episodes. As an added bonus, Eating Animals was also made into a documentary in which we were delighted to see. You can check it now as it is currently streaming on Netflix. This was a fun discussion for the two of us as many questions were posed with regards to how we eat, the future of animal agriculture and the rise and growing prominence of plant and cell based meat options, a topic Jamie recently wrote about, which you can find here. We hope you enjoy this one as well as possibly learn a thing or two. 
Grant Sceney on Competing in Diageo World Class, Influences / Mentors and Travel Stories From Around The Globe
In this episode we spoke with bartender Grant Sceney of Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel. Grant’s been one of the few guests we’ve had shortlisted to have on for some time now as we were eager to hear his story, how he came to Canada by way of his native Australia and what it was like winning the Diageo World Class Canadian final in 2014. His win, a crowning achievement for a bartender, helped propel his ascension to being one of the worlds best as he would end up placing 4th at the Diageo Global final a few months later. Achievements such as this one, as well as running bar programs for the award winning Botanist restaurant and the Pac Rim’s Lobby Bar have given Grant a skill set and set of experiences we were excited to hear him discuss. It was a sunny Monday when we met and Grant delighted us with a bottle of batched Don Julio margaritas, which were we more than happy to indulge in. We hope you enjoy this fun and lively conversation. 
Andrew Morrison of Scout Magazine on The Death Of Traditional Journalism, Media Today and Vancouver's Food Landscape
In this episode we brought on Andrew Morrison, the Editor-in-Chief of Scout Magazine. In our estimation, Scout is Vancouver’s preeminent food and culture magazine, one in which, full disclosure, Jamie currently contributes to. As such, we were excited to finally have Andrew on so as to hear his thoughts on Vancouver and its food industry. We discussed Andrew’s start in journalism, how and why he came to co-create Scout with his wife Michelle, his thoughts on the state of Vancouver’s current food landscape, restaurant closures, skateboarding and much more. This was a fun chat as Andrew proved to be one of our more lively and engaging guests. A few expletives were thrown out and yes, some basketball talk made its way in. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did. 
BCL and LDB Shenanigans, The State Of Vancouver's Dining Scene In 2019 and NBA Basketball!?
We’re back!In this episode we discuss news of possible changes to BC’s liquor laws as well as some trending topics the restaurant industry will be facing in 2019. We reference proposals brought forth from the Mark Hicken report, a lawyer who was hired by the BC government to asses how to improve the efficiency and outcomes for business and government and all those who deal with the BCL. Lastly we touch on the four topics Jamie wrote about in his most recent column, The State of Vancouver Restaurants at the Beginning of 2019. Basketball talk ensues, emotions bubble up and Pete the Cat says hello. We’re delighted to be back. Thanks again for listening. We have plenty planned for the year, so please stay tuned. 
Group Chat: Mackenzie Chilton and Shoel Davidson of Vancouver's Mind The Bar and Industry Mental Health
In this episode we spoke with Shoel Davidson and Mackenzie Chilton, who are two of the main drivers behind the new hospitality driven non-profit Mind The Bar. As an excellent follow up to our last episode which featured Tracy Giesz-Ramsay speaking about addiction, this episode we delve into what Mind The Bar is and how they're trying to bring awareness and resources for those who suffer from suicide, depression, anxiety and workplace harassment. Part of doing the podcast for us was to have episodes such as this one, where thoughtful discussion would emerge when an important topic needed a platform. Shoel and Mackenzie showed us that there are people out there who can and are willing to help anyone in need. It was important to us that we hear their story so as to help break down walls and stereotypes which surround mental health. We urge you all to have a listen to this episode. You or someone you know may be struggling with something. Associations such as Mind The Bar are here to help. **This will also be our last episode of 2018. We want to thank all of you for listening. Your support is much appreciated. We'll be back soon with some great guests so please stay tuned. Pass us along to your friends and please rate us. See ya in 2019! Jamie and Mick
Tracy Giesz-Ramsay on Everything Addiction, What Causes It, How We Deal With It and Things That bother us About It
In this episode we chat with local up and coming writer Tracy Giesz-Ramsay about addiction, its root causes and how society has come to recognize many of its symptoms. Drawing on some of her well researched knowledge, Tracy gives us the goods of why this issue is one worth discussing. We highly recommend you read her latest feature from Ricochet Magazine “The Underlying Causes Of An Escalating Crisis.” It’s a vivid and eye opening piece that will give you full insight into a growing epidemic. This was a fun and insightful episode for us. Definitely one of our favourites. You can also find more of Tracy’s work on her website, ReframingAddiction. 
Sommelier Jayton Paul of Hawksworth Restaurant, Fun Industry Stories and So Much Wine Talk
In this episode we chat with Hawksworth sommelier and over all great guy Jayton Paul. Jayton regales us with some pretty hilarious tails of his experiences in the Vancouver hospitality scene and flexes his vast knowledge on not only fine wines but wine culture overall. Jamie and Jayton geek out super hard while Mick tries to keep up, It's a real insight in to world of the Sommelier and vancouver hospitality in general and way more basketball talk goes on than expected.....Jayton is 6ft six so don't ask...
Altruism for the Wine Industry, Subscription Services for the Restaurant Industry and Fancy Pants Elitism
Altruism is the belief in or practice of disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. It’s a concept of shared happiness at the expense of self. In this episode we discuss this concept and how it relates to the wine world. This reference comes from Jamie's latest column, "Would A Small Bit Of Altruism Be A Saving Grace For A Wine Industry Obsessed With Competition And Status?" This idea is one he tackled from the narrative of a few wine related stories which came to his purview recently. We touch on the Court of Master Sommelier scandal, old Romanee-Conti fetching for two million dollars and the release of Somm III. We later discuss subscription services for restaurants, Opentable and the sale of Reserve to Resy and much more. Stories of Krug Champagne are told, one of which is rather sad and brunch once again found its way into the conversation. 
Book Club: Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential
In the first of our monthly book club series, we tackle the book that put famed Chef and TV personality Anthony Bourdain on the map, Kitchen Confidential. A rousing and fun read, we discuss how the book relates to some our own experiences working in hospitality, how Anthony's personality was fuelled by some of the choices he made and what the significance of the book has come to be 18 years after it was first published. We talk about some the books most entertaining moments, from how he witnessed a bride cheating on her husband during their wedding dinner (gulp!) to Anthony's awkward recount of waiting to be interviewed for a job he desperately needed. Sex, drugs and alcohol fuel this journey and it's a ride we highly recommend. This was a fun exercise. Stay tuned to the end as we announce book 2 in the series.  
Group Chat: Ono Vancouver's Bruce Nollert and Tj Conwi, The 2nd Annual Chefs in the Hood event and Dan's Legacy
In this episode we sit down with the fellas behind the emerging catering/consulting company Ono Vancouver. Chefs TJ Conwi and Bruce Nollert dish the goods on their latest project, ‘Chefs in the Hood’, a pop dinner featuring chefs from various Vancouver restaurants who will look to showcase their talents from the hoods they represent. With an emphasis on high quality food, and a farm to table objective, the dinner looks to be a great opportunity for anyone seeking a unique dining experience. Happening on Oct 20th, with tickets selling for $75.00. Aside from this great project, we discussed: food waste, giving back to the community and Dan’s charity, which the guys are very passionate about. This is one of our more laidback episodes, if they can get any more relaxed. Tea was drunk and unfortunately hits to Jamie’s basketball ego were thrown. 
Chef Jeff Koop of Farmer’s Apprentice, making the leap from line cook to head chef and the great back of house shortage
In this episode we bring on a close friend of the podcast and someone who’s work we’ve admired for some time, Chef Jeff Koop, formerly of Vancouver staple Mamie Taylor’s, now to be found working with the talented David Gunawan at his highly respected farm to table restaurant, Farmer’s Apprentice. Jeff led us down the rabbit hole of his life as we touched on his early start in the business, why he fell in love with cooking and how it’s fueled his desire to stay in the game. He touches on his experience running Mamie’s, how he learned to trust the process and your team and why there’s still a chef shortage. This was a fun one, and for once we didn’t bitch about brunch...well sort of.
Shaun Layton of Como Taperia, travels in Spain and opening a new concept in Vancouver
In this episode we chat with Vancouver bartending legend Shaun Layton. We wax on his career in hospitality, his years behind some of Vancouver’s best bars, most notably at L’abattoir and Juniper, where he helped spearhead some of Vancouver’s most innovative beverage programs. Shaun also gives us the inside scoop on his forthcoming venture Como Taperia, where he is a co-owner. He delights us on what inspired him and his team for this new style of tapas bar, one they hope to have open by mid October. We can’t wait! Sherry is consumed and we also touch on Anthony Bourdain, who’s book ‘Kitchen Confidential’ will be the first in a new monthly series in which Mick and Jamie will each read a book then discuss its influence. More to come on this on our next pod.
Veganism and Carnism: why we make the choices we do with animals and where we are going
In this episode we tackle the issue of Veganism and the construct of Carnism. Based on the Green Pill episode of The Ezra Klein Show (and also the book by author and activist Melanie Joy: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism) we dive into the choices we make as humans and how they trickle down into other issues facing the world. Is Jamie thinking about becoming vegan!? Is Mick swearing so much because he's been sober for a month!!??
Group Chat: Nick Black of Strange Fellows Brewing, Patryk Drozd of Good Company Lager, Beer Company chit chat and "Making It" in the Craft Beer Industry
In this episode we bring on two prominent pillars of the BC Craft Beer community in Nick Black of Strange Fellows Brewing and Patryk Drozd of Good Company Lager. We wax on their careers in beer, business philosophies and how their brands differ. Later we discuss the beer community at large and how we see it evolving in the ensuing decade. Delicious beer is consumed and laughs are shared. Mick was stoked to say the least.
Group Chat: Max Borrowman of Juniper, Mike Shum of the Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver’s Curious Dining Culture and Favorite Hidden Gems
In this episode we talk with Max Borrowman and Mike Shum about the state of the Vancouver dining scene, how to fix it and favorite hidden gems. We tackle new restaurant issues and what it should take to "make it" as a new concept in the city. Things gets opinionated to say the least, feelings get hurt and Jamie fires up some great questions for the was probably the bubbles..
Tristan Young of The Oakwood, Restaurant Industry Chit Chat and Management philosopy
In this episode we talk with Oakwood GM and over all great guy Tristan Young on his experiences running a top Vancouver restaurant as well as his start in the industry. Mick and Tristan reminisce on working for the trend setting restaurant chain Glowbal Group, then we get in to a bunch of industry stories and chit chat...Jamie gives us the questions and we have the answers! Also, management styles and horror stories.
Tales from Portland, Diner Misperception and Anthony Bourdain
In this episode we reminisce on fun times spent in Portland, Oregon. Then, we dive into Jamie’s new column about price misperception in the restaurant industry. NBA basketball gets some serious love and we touch on the legacy of American celebrity chef, author, travel documentarian, and television personality Anthony Bourdain. Jamie schools Mick on wine as usual and cocktails are back!
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