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Named by Book Riot as one of the six best books addressing healthcare system inequities, Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health is a collection of essays by 26 Queer activists from around the world and is the first book written by LGBT healthcare consumers to inform the healthcare system and make it work more equitably for all of us. The critically-acclaimed book is structured chronologically to take the reader on a journey through the major stages of life for LGBT people.
Skyler Jay is a queer transgender activist, creative performer, and community keystone with more than a decade of devoted influential work under his belt dating back to his undergraduate time at the University of Georgia. In June of 2018, with the intention of bringing forth visibility for the Transmasculine community, Skyler shared his personal journey on Netflix’s Emmy award winning series, Queer Eye. As the first Transgender person featured, he heartwarmingly entered households across the globe, building a platform that he utilized to engage major news networks like NBC, NPR, CBS and others to shed light onto the triumphs and struggles of being Transgender in America. You can follow his personal journey and keep up with his latest activism on instagram at @trans.ginger or visit his website at to review some of the latest press highlighting Skyler’s work in relation to transgender visibility, equality, and equity.
Abraham Dickison (he/him) is a Minneapolis, MN based entrepreneur, designer, and husband. A transman with a non-binary lean, because labels have never fit quite right, and overall queer person. Abraham is the owner of ABE Studios a design strategy agency that focuses on creating jobs with a compassion and understanding for the needs of trans folks, but really just jobs that allow employees to be people first. He is also the founder of Brave Bear, an organization that seeks to create opportunities to inspire moments of kindness and connection to strengthen the support circles of LGBTQ+ folks. Being a trans entrepreneur has been a struggle but he has learned that recognizing and having compassion for your challenges can take you a long way (and a bit of luck).
Kellen owns and operates My Spouti LLC, where he develops and markets innovative stand to pee devices and advocates in LGBTQ+ community spaces and events. Kellen presented his revolutionary STP device, Spouti™, and its 3D printer enabled prototyping process at Equality Virginia TIES. He also reported in Outwire 757 Magazine on the National Trans Visibility March On DC. He is active in LGBTQ+ business communities earning the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) business certification and participating in the Hampton Roads Business Outreach Program (HRBOR). Kellen previously worked in Information Technology for Gannett Digital and the USA Today Network and as an American Sign Language interpreter in Norfolk public schools. He enjoys RPG video games, singing when no one is looking, watching Star Trek re-runs, and spending time with his family.  Support the show (
Malcolm Ribot is, a trans man who is a community builder, avid hiker, graphic designer, artist, constant wanderer, wiggler, and man of trans experience. He was born in Maryland and grew up in PA, Germany, UT, IN, and IL – where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. After working at a travel goods company for 5 years as their packaging designer, he left for life on the road and found his true purpose and calling as the FTM Traveler.   In June, 2015, he began traveling with his trusty copilot Catahoula pup, Grayson, connecting fellow men of trans experience with one another – helping folks like him see that they are not alone, and that there are other folks like them often even nearby. He’s done so in 49/50 states, Vancouver, Brighton, and Berlin thus far – with much more to come. He now also volunteers, works with, and partners with his favorite non-profit The Venture Out Project bringing together queer folks in the outdoors - combining 2 of his great passions into 1! His trans experience, and his efforts have been featured by/in: NBC OUT, Buzzfeed, Transform Washington, and much more.  Support the show (
Lindsay ‘Lindz’ Amer creates LGBTQ+ and social justice media for kids and families. Through their multi-media production company, Queer Kid Creative, they write, produce, and co-host Queer Kid Stuff, an original LGBTQ+ educational webseries for all ages, and a brand new family-friendly podcast called Activist, You! where they explore social justice topics through interviews with kid & youth activists. They perform QKS music and stories at schools, museums, libraries, and local LGBTQ+ community centers around the country. They recently performed to a packed house at the Bill and Melinda Gates Discovery Center in Seattle, WA as a part of Amplifier’s We The Future Campaign. Artwork from the campaign depicting Lindsay has been distributed to over 13,000 schools and seen by an estimated 500,000 students nation-wide. They are a fellow with The Coaching Fellowship, a Creative Resident at SPACE on Ryder Farm, and a TED Resident, they were named a Rising Star by GLAAD, a 2018 Queero by, were a 2018 Webby Honoree, and have received grants from the Tegan and Sara Foundation, Made in NYC Women’s Media Fund, the Awesome Project, and VidCon’s Emerging Creator program. The Huffington Post calls Queer Kid Stuff a “groundbreaking YouTube educational resource.” Teen Vogue praised their episode on consent during the height of #MeToo that “shows exactly why there’s no excuse not to grasp consent. Even toddlers can understand it.” And @shondarhimes tweeted she’s “so here for this!” Lindz is currently developing a picture book, scripts for television, and a full-length screenplay about a non-binary kid! Support the show (
We were VICTORIOUS!!! We conquered Title VII despite the hardships we were facing. Tune in this week to get an update from Mason Dunn on what this victory means for the LGBTQ community and where do we go from here.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 30 we wrap up the last 30 days and Kayden answers all the guest questions from his perspective. You don't want to miss this episode. New stuff coming soon.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 29 we talk to Marc Renaud cohost of Trans AM Podcast. Marc Renaud is a 37-year-old, married transman from Michigan, born and raised. Marc is a advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and founder and co-host of Trans A.M. Podcast. Marc co-hosts the podcast with his wife, Ashley in which they discuss transitioning, marriage, work, family, coming out, life, LGBTQ issues and many other topics. By day, Marc is a Team Lead and Legal Assistant at a Real Estate Law Firm who specializes in helping people keep and stay in their homes. After spending nearly, a decade working in Real Estate Law, Marc knows the ins and outs of Real Estate Law in 8 jurisdictions. Marc is major animal lover and loves being a father to their dog, Ty, their cat, Theo and their turtle, Squirtle! Marc also is an avid music lover, 420 lover and lover of all humans. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 28 we talk to Malcolm Ribot. Malcolm Ribot is, a trans man who is a community builder, avid hiker, graphic designer, artist, constant wanderer, wiggler, and man of trans experience. He was born in Maryland and grew up in PA, Germany, UT, IN, and IL – where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. After working at a travel goods company for 5 years as their packaging designer, he left for life on the road and found his true purpose and calling as the FTM Traveler. In June, 2015, he began traveling with his trusty copilot Catahoula pup, Grayson, connecting fellow men of trans experience with one another – helping folks like him see that they are not alone, and that there are other folks like them often even nearby. He’s done so in 49/50 states, Vancouver, Brighton, and Berlin thus far – with much more to come. He now also volunteers, works with, and partners with his favorite non-profit The Venture Out Project bringing together queer folks in the outdoors - combining 2 of his great passions into 1! His trans experience, and his efforts have been featured by/in: NBC OUT, Buzzfeed, Transform Washington, and much more.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 27 we talk to Gearah Goldstein. Gearah is an inclusion and diversity consultant and nationally-recognized LGBTQ subject matter expert who works tirelessly to focus on and illuminate the importance of discussing topics of race, gender, ethnicity, age, equity, disability, acceptance, and understanding. Her transgender life experience and people-first attitude encourage a positive learning environment that opens hearts and minds. Gearah is warm, approachable, engaging and always finds ways to bring people together.  A main focus of her work involves training within businesses, organizations, government agencies, hospital networks, law-enforcement personnel, and schools. Her training curriculum employs best practices as outlined in the WPATH Standards of Care and HRC's Corporate Equality Index.  Gearah is frequently quoted in the media supporting the narrative of accepting and protecting people who identify within the LGBTQ community. Over the last several years, her visibility has reached millions of people around the world. She has been featured in influential national media including: The TODAY Show; The New York Times; Rolling Stone; ABC, CBS, NBC national news; The Chicago Tribune; NPR, and many other outlets.  Gearah is often invited to speak at professional conferences, universities, and schools. She is also co-founder of The GenderCool Project, a national storytelling campaign that showcases successful and talented young people who identify as transgender. GenderCool is empowering the world to see diversity as positive and important. As a community advocate, Gearah has trained more than 2,000 volunteers through Chicago's Center on Halsted, the largest LGBTQ center in the Midwest. In addition, she founded the Transfeminine Alliance Chicago, which meets weekly. She is also credited with bringing LGBTQ policies and procedures to school districts across the state of Illinois. Gearah is committed to bringing positivity and visibility to your inclusion and diversity approach. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 26 we talk to Elten Friday. Elten Friday, is a non-binary and openly gay adult living near Chicago Illinois. They use They/Them pronouns. Elten works as a social worker in the foster care system and has a passion for LGBTQIA+ issues. They are leading change with LGBTQIA+ training and practices in their company along with other passionate people. They are pursuing a master’s degree in social work and counseling so that they can better help LGBTQIA+ youth. It is their mission in life to help others.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 25 we talk to Mikaela Alexandria. Mikaela was, born in 1961, is a transgender woman who grew up in a family of 4 brothers and no sisters. She grew up in a small suburban town north of Chicago and after high school, served in the US Navy from 1980-1992. After transitioning to civilian life, she went on to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (2003). She finally discovered she was transgender in September 2019 at the age of 57. Being a late transitioner, she’s learning new things everyday and has been on HRT for only 6 months. Besides her love of travel, she also enjoys cooking and keeping fit riding her bicycle. She’s currently working as a Computer Network Engineer in downtown Chicago. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 24 we talk to Greg Green. Greg Green a trans man from South Carolina. You might remember him from episode 38. Greg graduated from The Citadel in 2006 with a degree in Psychology. After working 5 years as a Police Officer and Firefighter, he began working in the trade business at FedEx. Greg has been a member of Tau Kappa Phi Inc, a non-profit LGBT Greek lettered organization since 2004. During this time, he helped to maintain a space within Tau Kappa Phi for transgender men, Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity, Inc. serving as the first president of the organization. Greg served as a moderator for a transgender support group at Garden of Grace United Church of Christ.  He has been on the board of South Carolina Equality as the chairman of the Trans Action Task Force. Greg has spoken in Washington DC with the U.S. Department of Justice ; Federal Bureau of Prisons, Dorn VA Hospital, Federal Correction Institution; Edgefield, SC, Federation of Families Summer Summit and various other engagements. He also runs the Transgender Awareness Alliance.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 23 we talk to Riley Gold a transman originally from the UK. Riley Beau Gold is a transgender man, born in the UK and recently immigrated to the US to be with his American wife. Riley is a human empowerment engineer and coach with a neuroscience background and over 8 years of coaching experience working with an eclectic mix of amazing humans. The creator and founder of Fearless Humans, Riley utilizes and embraces both brain science and spiritual methods and practices to create programs and experiences and to coach, mentor and teach. His own experience and journey as a transgender man has given him deeper insight and understanding into the very human journey to come all the way out about who we are and to embrace and shine our unique light in the world. He believes that the greatest freedom you will ever have in life is the freedom to be who you are and that your power lies in the remembering, defining and tapping into it. Everything he creates is designed to support his mission and message to empower and support beautiful humans to show up as all that they are and to give the world all that they’ve got. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 22 we talk to Denise Bowker a trans woman from Chicago. Denise defines herself by what and how she treats others and not by the job she does. Her priority in life is to be good to others, help them when she can and be kind to herself. Being transgender is one of the least interesting things about her. Sure, it's a big part of her but what she’s learned over the past few years is to those around her, she’s just Denise. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 21 we talk to Ari Dennis. Ari Dennis is an educator and coach who over the last eleven years has presented on topics including LGBTQ+ cultural competency, gender creative parenting, and family dynamics. When not presenting, Ari participates in creating community resources by collaborating with academic researchers and crafting social media content through the project Ari Not Sorry. Through Ari Not Sorry they have been able to have an international and viral reach educating about gender with accumulated views on interviews and content of over 3 million. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 20 we talk to Emma from the UK. Emma is a 51 year old trans woman from the UK. sHE began her transition 4 1/2 years ago and has been on medication for a little over 3 years. Growing up she knew she  was not right from the age of about 7. Back then they didn't have the internet & gender issues were something not discussed at all and Emma could find no information on.  So she went along with society's rules & lived in the wrong role, but after her mother passed away, closely followed by her father, then her sister, she had to begin the journey in becoming her true self & she hasn’t looked back since. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 19 we talk to Rachel Sykes a trans woman from Georgia. Rachel Sykes is a 52 year old trans woman from Hinesville, GA. She is retired military after spending 23 years and 2 days in the Army.  During which time she was a Cavalry Scout for 15 ½ years the rest of the time she spent as an IT Specialist. She graduated with an Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality Management and then went on to get her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Computer Programming. Rachel has been out as a transgender woman for about a year and a half and been on hormones for about a year.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 18 we talk to Nick Garver about how Pride is not for everyone. Nick Garver is a trans man from Sarasota, FL who you might remember from episode 29. Nick is a native of Northwest Ohio and relocated to Sarasota in 2015. He began his transition on 12/01/2016 and works in the medical field for a neurology practice. He says he loves air conditioning, baths and beer! Support the show (
Pride Series Day 17 we talk to April Paige a 21 year old Trans Woman from Texas. April Paige is a 21 year old trans woman who has been on hormone replacement therapy for 4 and a half months. She spends most of her time online helping trans people who are just coming out to themselves with what possibilities lie ahead and the options available to them. In her day job she works building computers and as a tech worker. For fun April likes to race cars, ride dirt bikes and loves nerdy things like anime and gunpla.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 16 we talk to Liam LaFleur a fellow podcaster from Chicago Illinois. Liam (Lobotomy) LaFleur is a 38-year-old and who lives in the Chicago land area of Chicago Illinois. He started his medical transition in march 2012 and has gone in and out of visibility throughout it. Liam is originally from South Florida and has traveled a bit living in New York City, Jersey City, Georgia, and rural central Florida. He is happily married to his wife Tam for just over a year. He is a proud (most of the time) Cat Dad to 3 balls of fluffy terror. He co-hosts a true crime based pod cast with his wife called Die It Black. Liam is an artist that works with a variety of mediums, though he tends to learn towards Gothic horror based portraits. He is also a musician, loves to sing, play guitar, and bass. Liam is a part of the 3 piece all trans pop punk band Size of Sadness. He also plays bass guitar for an upcoming Alt-Country group Casey and the pickups. He is also a writer and has been putting together a collection of poetry. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 15 we talk to Sam Sharpe non-binary PhD student from Kansas. Sam Sharpe is a PhD candidate studying biology, a drag king, and a trans activist. They are passionate about advocating for the importance of scientific literacy, science communication, and the capacity of biology to empower self-understanding of diverse identities. Sam has performed at Pride events throughout Kansas and given presentations all over the US on plant evolutionary ecology, increasing inclusion in STEM fields, and understanding biological variation in sex and gender.  Support the show (
Pride Series Day 14 we talk to Nikk Selik from Chicago, IL. Nikk Selik (he/him) is a 31 year old trans man from Chicago. He began his transition in 2009 while studying video editing at Columbia College Chicago.  Nikk began his work as a trans activist in 2010 by becoming a public speaker on transgender identity. Since then, he has been facilitating workshops across the country in high schools, colleges, conferences, and businesses across the country. In 2016, Nikk co-founded the organization, T-MAC: Transmasculine Alliance Chicago, which is now the largest organization for and by transmasculine people in Chicago.  Nikk has also been working with trans youth and their parents, both through his volunteer work with the Trans Mentor Program at Lurie Children’s Hospital and leading workshops on his own along with his family. In 2018, Nikk was selected for the “30 Under 30 Award” by Chicago’s largest LGBTQ publication, the Windy City Times for his contributions to the community.  Currently, Nikk is in the process of using his skills to start a YouTube channel under the name “Trans Papa Bear”. He hopes to utilize this platform to provide information and insight to others from the perspective of a “trans elder”. Support the show (
Pride Series Day 13 we talk to Sophie White. Sophie Marie White, married with three kids, is a native of South Louisiana. She draws from her varied experiences as a filmmaker, Director of Photography, Chiropractor, EMT, firefighter, race car driver, and boxing promoter to inspire her acting. She began acting a little over a year ago and since was cast in several feature films including Hummingbird and We All Think We Are Special. Sophie was also cast in Tell Me Your Secrets and Chicago Med, in a guest-starring role, for television. Sophie is a transgender female, and with her family, they are making their way through the complicated transition process. She brings a unique voice that is extremely under-represented in the film and television industry. The story Hummingbird is inspired by her transition process and confronts suicide -- one of the most significant issues of the transgender community. Movies often depict that once a transgender makes it to the point of reaching out for help, their struggle is over. Her personal experience defies this stereotype, which is only the beginning of a much longer and difficult process. To be honest, after her first reach out for help, things became more intense and arduous. According to Sophie, “The first attempt can be a cry for help. The second is a true attempt.” One of the biggest things that have helped her transition is sharing her stories and her struggles with others. While each journey is different, most stories share many common themes. However, the film community portrays the transgender female as a person wearing a dress. Her transition has never been about a dress; it’s about how the world sees her and, most importantly, about how she views herself. Her desire to share her journey will hopefully show others that there is hope, and they are not alone. As always, love, light, and peace.  Support the show (
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