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401 - Nüwa

Released Wednesday, 23rd November 2022
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The crew onboard the moon base Guang Han Gong-1 witness events on Earth that will change the course of history.


  • Faith Feng (Jiao Li)

  • Tomislav Zigo (Dario Vidas)

  • Darian Garey (Omar Alvarez)

  • Shiyun Yu (Bo Xia)

  • Whitney Gries (Leslie Jacobs)

  • Adam Huber (Ben Richards)

  • Jack Ritchey (Scott Richmond)

  • Stacy Ni (Mei Wen)

  • Halima Shehu (Niki Floros)

  • Brittany Forrest (Rose Cooper)

  • Anežka Gočová (Ava Murphy)

  • Larissa White (Rita Holgersen)

  • Jim Tudor (Max Baker)

  • Bin Yan (Zhiming Chen)

  • Phoebe Shen (Shun Zhang)

  • Jesse Pazmiño (Felix Mendes)

  • Catharine Golomski (Jane Goodwin)

  • Andrew Rader (Danny Holland)

  • Luke Steingruby (Damian Collins)

  • Dustin Miles (Clifford Stillman)

  • Emily Hickner (Kimmy Zola)

  • Jing Bao (Fei Lu)

  • Marcy Wiegert (Elina Torres)

  • Bill Parmentier (Sam Flynn)

  • Brian Voelkerding (Walter Langston)

  • Jeffrey Chamberlin (Bill)

  • Zak Farmer (Tim Conrad)

  • Sarah Porter (Abby Murdoch)

  • John Richter (Ethan Reese/Naveen Yesh)

  • Dustin Weiskopf (Fedor Morozev)

  • Clare Burke (Rachel Yoshida)

  • Edward Selvey IV (Connor Nye)

Written, Produced and Directed by John W. Richter


  • "The Unanswered Question" - Composed by Charles Ives, Performed by John Richter

  • "GRB 080916C" - Sylvia Zhu 

  • "Nuages Gris" - Composed by Franz Liszt, Performed by Faith Feng

  • "The Planets, op. 32: VII. Neptune, the Mystic" - Composed by Gustav Holst, Performed by Faith Feng

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