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Cruising the World Doesn't Cost What You Think

Released Friday, 11th September 2015
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In March 2014 John and Monika Mundell said goodbye to their 11 pet birds and set sail (literally) on an adventure that so far has taken them to 4 continents and counting. Their journey, often by cruise ship, has seen them visit Papua New Guinea, Japan, Russia, North, Central and South America and across to Europe where we caught up with them housesitting amongst the vines in the beautiful French setting of Pellegrue, a quaint village of around 1000 locals approximately one hour east of Bordeaux.

They took time out of their (let’s be honest) fairly relaxed morning to have a chat with our show about their experiences so far and they provided us a breakdown of their costs to date (John’s the money counter!) which has been surprisingly affordable given how much time they’ve spent on cruise ships (and no cheap inside cabins for these two!)

Enjoy the show and if you want to reach out to them both you can contact Monika at http://monikamundell.com/ and follow their blog at http://www.entrepreneursodyssey.com


What I learned from John and Monikas interview:

1.    How Colombia is not what it used to be. These guys spent several months there and rate it their favorite place to return to. The old image of drug lords and random killings has largely disappeared thanks to a large scale clean up and Colombia is welcoming tourists and expats with open arms – plus apparently it has first class dental care; Monika has already earmarked her next lot of dental work for when she returns.

2.    Cruise ships are a very viable way to get around. These guys were averaging $15 0 per day when onboard a boat, certainly more than the cost of many if their longer term accommodation arrangements in cheaper locations but given they weren’t scrimping 9they admit they could have done it cheaper), and cruising involves food, accommodation, entertainment, and transportation all rolled into one it’s not a bad way to get yourself from A to B.

3.    You need less than you think. They started with several suitcases, packs and day bags but have now jettisoned much of what they thought they needed and are travelling with a combined weight of less than 60kgs – furthermore they aren’t missing for anything proving the fact that much of what we gather in possessions really aren’t necessary to have a happy life.