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How Travel Has Helped Me Deal With Depression

Released Monday, 21st December 2015
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What do you do when you’ve left University with a degree in Theatre? Travel the world of course! For Chris Walker-Bush staying at home in rural Australia wasn’t an option – and when a friend suggested teaching English in Korea might be a career move Chris decided it was time to start traveling.

After a further stint teaching English in China Chris found himself in the unique position of helping an African safari company develop their business in the Asia region and he has since been on over 20 safaris in places such as Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya.

We caught up with Chris during a visit home to Australia where he discussed his travels and how they have helped him deal with depression. You can follow his journey (and his upcoming 2016 climb of Mt Kilimanjaro) at http://www.aussieontheroad.com


What I learned from speaking with Chris:

  1. A name we associate with genocide has moved on so far in the last few years. The nation is developing well and has moved ahead of its neighbors, such as Uganda, in infrastructure development. The country has modelled itself on Singapore with a benevolent dictator who is unique – he wants to resign but the people won’t let him!

  2. Chris’s interview was very candid in terms of his battling with depression. For many travel might seem like a means of creating more stress for someone already with a lot to deal with, but he has credited travel with the ability to help him overcome it. It has a unique ability to heighten the senses and, as he rightly says, when you’re battling to make yourself understood in a foreign country you have little time for inward focus.

  3. You can turn your own unique talents to any opportunity. Chris credits his job opportunity to a unique combination of travel experience, English teaching skills and his theatre background that helped make him ideal for the position. There is certainly a benefit to making yourself unique when it comes to finding job opportunities on the road!