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In Search of the Perfect Climate - Chasing 82 Degrees in Costa Rica

Released Tuesday, 8th December 2015
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Dan and Cindy Gaskell left the comfort of Wichita Kansas for the climate of Costa Rica only a few months ago. Their website 82 Degree Quest refers to their search for the perfect climate but in many ways it is a metaphor of their search for the perfect life. So far they have found it in Gracia a mountainous city that gives them ideal living conditions with everything they could need

Dan and Cindy did a lot of research talking to others before they moved and they believe hearing others talk about their Costa Rica experiences is critical for anyone considering the move themselves. With that in mind they set up their 82 Degree Quest podcast (link here) last month to talk to fellow Costa Rican “gringos” about their experience of living in the country that has been called the friendliest on earth.

You can check out the website and get the link to their podcast here.

What I learned from talking to Dan and Cindy:

  1. 90 days is the limit for a visitor’s visa but you only have to cross the border and return immediately – there is no time frame required before you return – unlike other countries that you might visit in Central and South America. It pays to keep this in mind when choosing your location – you don’t want to have to make a long trek every 3 months to meet requirements.

  2. Once you start the process of applying for residency which can take up to a couple of years you no longer need to do border runs – a definite plus.

  3. You do need to think about income if moving to Costa Rica as you aren’t able to work there as a visitor. In the Gaskells case they are living off savings and can comfortably survive for under $US1700 per month – their targeted budget.