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Ep 103 - Omnivore vs. Vegan with Sean Lee - A rational conversation!

Released Wednesday, 3rd February 2016
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Sean Lee is a rational entrepreneur who makes over $30,000 a month from Youtube, and is also an outspoken Vegan. As an Omnivore and someone who preaches Grass-Fed Butter and Pasture raised meat, I was really interested in sitting down with Sean to hear the Vegan side of the story and answer questions like, "Why are some Vegans such #@%@s?" "Why do Vegans drink alcohol and smoke?" "is Durian Rider really an asshole?" 

We also go into some actual solutions, real health benefits of both diets, and basically have one of the first ever rational conversations on air with a hard core vegan, and a hard core Paleo eating, Bulletproof Coffee drinking Omnivore. Listen to this episode to find out why health and diet matters and how it allows both of us to build location independent six figure businesses while having the time and money to shop at Whole Foods without it being our Whole Paycheck.
Guest: Sean Lee
Facebook: facebook.com/theminimalpro\
Youtube: 1MinaDay
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