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I have things to do. I've put this off for far too long. I regret to announce this is the end. I'm going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye.
In this week's adventure, Magnus talks about horror comics and the original plan for 2020 before the beer bug forced a lot of changes.
Gothic horror in the macabre Marvel manner! In this week's adventure, Magnus shines the spotlight on Tomb Of Dracula #01, a series that's long overdue for discussion and analysis. The audience for Tomb Of Dracula has always been fairly niche. And yet, there's no good reason for that considering how amazing this series in general and this issue in particular both are. So what more do you need to hear? Start listening right now before your descendant breaks into your house.
In this week's adventures, Magnus is rejoined by Scott Ryfun of Dinner 4 Geeks fame for a Shoot The... Bull episode. Ryfun and Magnus talk about music. A lot of talk about music. And not much else, tbh. So what more do you need? Start listening right now before something or other.
In this week's slashing adventure, Magnus offers a look back at Halloween H20 and tosses out a hot take. Specifically, discussion about H20 as a retcon of what had come before. After that, it's time to crack open the feedback section and let some listeners have their say. So what else is there to say? Download the show right now before your long lost brother returns and tries to poke you with a knife.
In this week's adventure, Magnus takes a look back at the Star Wars prequels, especially Revenge Of The Sith. The spotlight falls on the Episode III novelization and the prequel film scores in general. Much to be said there. Usually, more hype and click-bait would follow right here but who has time anymore? Start listening now before a bunch of Jedi Masters crash into your office and try arresting you.
In this week's adventure, it's another unboxing episode as Magnus takes a gander at the latest items sent by Mark Kalmbach. What might this week's goodies include? Is there any chance it has something to do with Tolkien? Hint: This episode is part of the Radio Free Isengard. So that should be kind of a tipoff right there. After that, it's time to check out some more listener feedback!
In this week's adventure, a sleep-deprived Magnus flips through Amphibionix, a reissue of an old Cyberfrog comic from the 90's. These days, Cyberfrog is actually a pretty well-developed sci-fi concept. But back in the 90's... less so. After that, it's time for some listener feedback. So what else is there to say? Start listening right now before mutant insects attack you.
In this week's adventure, Magnus goes back to the well by taking a look at Wizard #27. This will probably be the last issue of Wizard on TMPR for quite a while. So enjoy it while you can. This time out, Magnus talks at considerable length about a Dan Jurgens interview, the Superman/Doomsday miniseries, a bit of WildC.A.T.s, general Jim Lee chit-chat and so much more. Weren't the nineties awesome? So what more do you need to hear? Start listening now before, who knows, maybe Dan Jurgens and Jim Lee show up at your house to demand the money that you owe them.
In this week's adventure, mighty Magnus teams up with daring Dave Atteberry to yammer about The Curse Of Dracula. Or, just plain "Dracula" as it's known in some territories. Such as the United States, for example. This was the first time watching the movie for one of the participants so there is a newness to this film to liven up the conversation. Of course, the inevitable question is just how faithful an adaptation of the book this film really is. AND THE ANSWER WILL SHOCK AND CONFUSE YOU! Or, y'know, maybe it won't, whatever.
In this week's adventure, Magnus laments something different. Being lamented this week is the fan transaction between Lucasfilm and the core Star Wars audience. Of course, there's really no way of doing that without taking the shill media to task too.
DC Comics is in deep trouble. The time for hard decisions has come.
n this week's adventure, Magnus just can't stay away from Wizard magazine for very long. This time out, the curtain rises on Wizard #41, the 1994 End Of Year mega special. It's a fun little time capsule of an era when comic books were something to get excited about. There's a lot to discuss here. From hypocritical letter columns, tons of X-Men-related articles, what industry pros thought about 1994 at the time (and how wrong it ultimately was) and Batman's new outfit, there's simply not enough time to discuss everything from Wizard #41. Even so, what does get discussed is a ton of fun. So what are you waiting for? Start listening right now before some ironic-yet-highly-improbable fate befalls you.
Magnus has suggested more than once that the mainstream comics industry is not long for this world. So if DC, for example, ceases to public comics and licenses their characters out to other publishers, what might that be like? How might a post-DC Superman play out? It's quite a thought experiment. After that, it's time discuss some more feedback.
In this week's adventure, Magnus completes the 2020 annual rewatch of the Eastrail 177 trilogy. While doing so, stuff that should've been mentioned in the big Eastrail 177 retrospective came up again. So here seems like a good place to mention all that stuff. Once that gets wrapped up, it's time for some listener feedback. So what more do you need to know? Start listening right now or else some pscyhopath might derail your train.
In this week's adventure, Magnus offers up another helping of Magnus Talks About Smallville. This time out, it's all about "Kara". The episode titled "Kara", that is. Pro-Tip- Kara rhymes with Sarah; not Mara. Anyway, so what did Magnus think of Kara? It turns out there's quite a lot to say... and giving it all away here would defeat the whole point of listening to the episode, no? After that's over, it's time to tackle some more feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Start listening right now before Kara slaps you around and demands that you not mess with her stuff.
In this week's adventure, Magnus goes back to the well by taking another look at an old Wizard back issue. From Frank Miller's legendary bridge-burning speech to a feature about The Batman Adventures, a lot of ground gets covered in this issue. Not least, by the way, is a rather primitive (by modern standards) costume contest in observance of the fact that Halloween was just 'round the corner.
In this week's adventure, Magnus joins forces with Dave "Yes, That One" Atteberry to discuss 1987's The Lost Boys. And, as a matter of sad coincidence, Joel Schumacher passed away recently. In any case, Magnus and Atteberry crank the Nostalgic Affection up to 11 as they fawn lovingly over this 80's classic. What went right, what went *REALLY* right and what went really *AWESOME* are all put under the microscope as Magnus and Atteberry pull no punches with their analysis. So what more do you want to hear? Start listening right now before some weirdo vampire chick shows up outside your window.
In this week's adventure, Magnus re-records something he originally recorded back in February, when things were less crazy than they are now. Since some of the things said back in February have started coming true, new stuff needed to get recorded to balance things out.
In this week's adventure, Magnus takes a stroll down memory lane by cracking open Wizard #44 from April 1995. There's some serious trouble going on with comic book distribution in April 1995. Just like now, but less so. Except back then, people understood that monopolies were bad. To put it another way, it's a time capsule from when the entire comic industry wasn't suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Plenty of Marvel stuff is going on in this issue, that's the point. Another fun bit of business involves a joint quasi-interview with J. Scott Campbell and Brandon Choi as they yammer about the then upcoming Gen13 ongoing series. Some tantalizing tidbits there. Although, really, it's more like an article that includes quotes from Campbell and Choi than an actual interview. But what the hay, it's still good! After that comes goings on with Chuck Dixon in a bit more of an in-depth retrospective of his whole career up to that point. At least, it's more in-depth than the Campbell/Choi feature.
In this week's adventure, Magnus eulogizes Christopher Tolkien, likely the biggest JRR Tolkien fan in the world and second biggest contributor to JRR Tolkien's legacy (behind Prof. Tolkien himself). After that, it's time for some conspiracy theorizing related to the Amazon show... much of which is somewhat out of date in our post-COVID world, but what can you do? Finally comes the mystery box. Special thanks to long time listener and long time friend of the show Mark Kalmbach for sending this box. Much appreciated, man!
In this week's adventure, Magnus wraps up These Seven Men Are Disrupting The Comic Book Industry concludes as the curtain rises on Spawn #04. It's Spawn vs. Violator as the two rivals duke it out for reasons that aren't terribly clear because it was the 90's and the focus is primarily on the amazing art. After that, Magnus switches gears and works through some feedback. See, boys and girls? He really is getting caught up with the feedback. Next week, it'll be time for a mystery box. So what more do you want to hear? Start listening before the Violator decides you don't need your heart after all.
In this week's adventure, These Seven Men Are Disrupting The Comic Book Industry is nearly over as Magnus takes a deep dive into Spawn #03. Answers are beginning to get revealed, there's some fighting and more cool art than you can shake a stick at. As if that wasn't enough, the 90's references go far beyond just the title of this week's episode. Once all that's finished, it's time for some more listener feedback! So what more do you want to hear? Start listening right now before you have to disguise yourself to talk to your wife.
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