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Primal Endurance With Mark Sisson – TSC Podcast #99

Released Thursday, 3rd March 2016
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In this podcast, Kevin interviews Mark Sisson, former Ironman triathlete turned primal, and head of marksdailyapple.com. We went over some of the highlights of his new book, Primal Endurance. Points discussed:

-Mark’s history as an endurance athlete

-Injuries and maladies

-Marksdailyapple.com origins

-Low carb/paleo/primal endurance

-Problems with endurance sports & health

-The Black Hole & heart rate training

-Train slower to go faster?

-Optimal strength training

-Pitfalls of group training

-Periodized training, High intensity workouts

-Having FUN with training

-Sprinting with triathlon training?

-Training efficiently

-Sleep habits


Mark’s Website: http://marksdailyapple.com

New Book: Primal Endurance: Escape chronic cardio and carboh…image

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