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Newly leaked audio tapes show Iraq's Foreign Minister Jared Zavif talking about how Kerry gave him intel on roughly 200 Israeli attacks on Iranian forces in Syria. John Kerry?! He DENIES the accusations. Meanwhile, as the woke movement grips th
The left is ready to ditch a meritocracy and discriminate against anyone they don't consider worthy. Kamala Harris is sitting down with a real champion of women... Bill Clinton... to talk about WOMEN. And, US taxpayers are footing the bill for
Iconic children's book writer Dr. Seuss is getting cancelled because his works are now considered racially insensitive. Meanwhile, Paul Krugman is back at is saying the only risk to our economy is not having a BIG ENOUGH stimulus. And, why is N
First it was book burning - now, it's CABLE burning?! The left is on the attack...zeroing in on any points of view that differ from its own! The left is trying to force the destruction of Newsmax, Fox News, and OAN. WOW - Is this the Former USS
It's a total double standard. Cuomo is imploding, Biden is hiding, and yet, the media targets TED CRUZ?! On today's show, I setting the record straight on all the media hypocrisy! Plus, the left can't break its Trump addiction. They even want t
NY Dem lawmakers 'trash' Cuomo's explanation for nursing home data delay: "No one believes you." Parler is back online but, will big tech try to make it the sacrificial lamb all over again? Bitcoin is heading to $50k as institutional investors
The left shot itself in the foot with its circus act and now the former President may be gearing up for 2024. So, what exactly did this whole impeachment accomplish? The left will lose midterms. SOCIALISM will NEVER fly in the USA. Hear my thou
It's a hostile takeover of the U.S. government. And, NO ONE in the mainstream media or corporate America is willing to call them out. Join me as I set the record straight. Plus, my intel on the crypto surge and why I like Roblux, $RBLX, #Bitcoi
Dems are planning the political equivalent of a nuclear war -- they want to pack the courts by adding 4 more justices in order to destroy the conservative majority on the bench. The Democratic party is intent on destroying America for its own p
Biden doesn't just want to raise taxes here in America, he wants to raise them all around the world! Plus, Kamala is ignoring Joe's order to handle the border. Is she insubordinate or just political? And, what's the racial audit all about? Amer
The left wants you to believe our economy is heading for disaster. All so Joe Biden can get more money for social programs. Meanwhile, Is Joe Biden trying to seal Kamala Harris's fate (and not in a good way?) Why tasking her with the border ass
Horrific new video from CBP cements the reality of our disastrous border policy. Baby girls are dropped liked rag dolls over the border wall...Where are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris?  Too busy spending YOUR money! $2.3 TRILLION. Find out how muc
It's all about CONTROL. The left wants to know WHERE you are going, WHO you are going to see, and HOW MUCH money you have to spend. Biden, Harris, Schumer, Pelosi, and the rest of the progressives will continue to USE this coronavirus crisis to
In what could be a first in the nation move, a Chicago suburb votes today on whether to award qualifying black residents $25,000 each in reparations. Is this really the kind of policy that's going to "fix" America?  Speaking of lousy policy, th
A second woman, a former staffer, has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. It may be the final straw for a governor seen as more concerned with his own political career than with the lives o
This is a humanitarian crisis--most especially for children--at our southern border. The Biden administration is keeping the cayotes IN BUSINESS. I'm on it.  Plus, is Fauci serious?! And, the markets sure love Jerome Powell. Join me today on th
The left won't stop covering for Cuomo. Why can't they be honest with America? After all our country has been through, our people deserve TRUTH. I'm setting the record straight.  Plus, why isn't President Biden showing support for Texas -- and
In today's show, I'm sharing with you clips from a Sky News program out of Australia in which the host blasts President Biden, accusing him of having dementia. You've got to hear this. Plus, Biden makes his debut on the international stage offe
Everyone's suddenly mad at President Biden -- including members of his own party! From AOC attacking Kamala to Jane Fonda going after Biden...the infighting has officially begun. HERE's WHY that's good for the economy and GOOD for the stock mar
Trump hinted he may run for President in 2024... while Steve Bannon hints Trump could replace Nancy Pelosi in 2022. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: Independents and Conservatives need to stand up to SOCIALISM. Joe Biden is prioritizing a
New emails suggest Anthony Fauci might have worried the coronavirus was created in a lab -- but, he never told the American people. Instead, he pushed the narrative that the coronavirus originated in a wet market. Why did he do that?  Plus, Joe
What is the government hiding on this recent wave of cyber attacks? What are they hiding on the origins of coronavirus? It's time for everyone to come clean. Join Trish by subscribing to the channel. Get more online on her website at https://T
WATCH as Trish Regan Reacts to former President Obama telling the New York Times that the Biden policies are a continuation of his own initiatives. This is a "fast track to Venezuela," warns Regan. Subscribe to channel to watch her daily Trish
Why is Kamala encouraging open borders and asking American companies to INVEST in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador? How about investing in AMERICA to create American jobs? These are globalist policies at work to benefit everyone but those t
Fauci SUPPORTED risky research. A new bombshell report raises questions this week about Dr. Anthony Fauci, his lack of transparency, and what role his NIH funding of the coronavirus bat research in Wuhan might have played in the pandemic. There
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