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Everyone's suddenly mad at President Biden -- including members of his own party! From AOC attacking Kamala to Jane Fonda going after Biden...the infighting has officially begun. HERE's WHY that's good for the economy and GOOD for the stock mar
Trump hinted he may run for President in 2024... while Steve Bannon hints Trump could replace Nancy Pelosi in 2022. Whatever happens, one thing is clear: Independents and Conservatives need to stand up to SOCIALISM. Joe Biden is prioritizing a
New emails suggest Anthony Fauci might have worried the coronavirus was created in a lab -- but, he never told the American people. Instead, he pushed the narrative that the coronavirus originated in a wet market. Why did he do that?  Plus, Joe
What is the government hiding on this recent wave of cyber attacks? What are they hiding on the origins of coronavirus? It's time for everyone to come clean. Join Trish by subscribing to the channel. Get more online on her website at https://T
WATCH as Trish Regan Reacts to former President Obama telling the New York Times that the Biden policies are a continuation of his own initiatives. This is a "fast track to Venezuela," warns Regan. Subscribe to channel to watch her daily Trish
Why is Kamala encouraging open borders and asking American companies to INVEST in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador? How about investing in AMERICA to create American jobs? These are globalist policies at work to benefit everyone but those t
Fauci SUPPORTED risky research. A new bombshell report raises questions this week about Dr. Anthony Fauci, his lack of transparency, and what role his NIH funding of the coronavirus bat research in Wuhan might have played in the pandemic. There
Prices are going "up, up, and away," says Trish Regan. In this episode of The Trish Regan Show, Trish blasts the Fed for its reckless and overly aggressive policies she says have caused causing price to skyrocket to the highest level in 13 year
The media covered up for China in the coronavirus scandal in 2020 and the Biden Administration may be covering up for China AGAIN in 2021. Why would the Biden State Dept be told to drop its investigation into the origins of Covid-19? Trish Rega
The Governor of Michigan in the hot seat after she got caught red RED HANDED in yet another “do-as-i say, not as-i-do scenario.” This one was especially bad... and her explanation is priceless. Trish Intel founder, Trish Regan, says this is ju
More than a year after President Trump told the world that a Chinese lab in Wuhan was most likely the source of the original coronavirus, Dr. Anthony Fauci finally admits he's not convinced the virus developed naturally in a Wuhan wet market. T
Vice President Kamala Harris is refusing to disclose her assets, instead keeping her finances in a tax-advantaged family trust – the very same kind of trust that she and Joe Biden campaigned against. According to a new government report, Kamal
Trish Regan reports that far-left Democratic lawmakers are pushing for a Congressional Commission to investigate January 6 “insurrection on Capitol Hill.” Left is not satisfied with just winning the 2020 election, now they want to entirely era
Fears of a fresh cyber attack surfaced amid news that Colonial Pipeline suffered from a new disruption in its communications systems. The company said the disruption was NOT related to its recent ransomware attack by a cyber hacking group out o
There is too much misinformation surrounding the Gaza conflict. In today’s show, founder Trish Regan cuts through the Gaza to discuss what’s really happening on the ground. Plus, what’s going on with masks? Do we wear them or no
Why is the Biden team seemingly ‘okay’ with buying green energy panels from China... when we KNOW the CCP is enslaving people in forced labor camps?!  Climate “Tzar” John Kerry is ADMITTING the supply chain is downright horrific — so why, WHY,
Liz Cheney is out. Trumpism--with or without the big guy--Is here to stay. This is the biggest reshuffling of the Republican Party in modern history. But, can the new party win in 2022 and 2024? Join founder Trish Regan as she ex
From escalating gas prices to higher food lingering problems associated with the coronavirus pandemic, our economy is facing an uphill battle. Find out what needs to happen NOW to jumpstart growth.  Join founder Trish
The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack calls into question the security of infrastructure and electric grid.  This is the REAL threat that no one is paying enough attention to. Over the weekend, we learned the company that operates a pipelin
News today that the Small Business Association is offering white men access to PPP funds... LAST.  Those that qualify first must be socially, economically disadvantaged (or women, or veterans.) In today's show, Trish explains and questions the
Florida and Governor Ron de Santis get THE AWARD for the best coronavirus crisis management. But, don’t tell Vice President Kamala Harris that... Ever the politician, Kamala is refusing to acknowledge the simple reality of a job well done.  Is
Which is it, Joe? You and Dr. Fauci keep telling us that we MUST wear masks EVEN if vaccinated -- so, why not follow your own advice? Why are you taking your mask off to hang with the quite elderly President Jimmy Carter? (Yet wearing a mask ou founder Trish Regan addresses the messed-up insanity that has become our border - pointing out that EVEN Biden's biggest defenders on the left know his lack of policy is not sustainable. This, after a migrant boat crashes on the
The Biden administration is trying to TAKE our country and the President isn't even pretending to hide it! In today's show, TrishIntel.compublisher Trish Regan examines the very deliberate, very calculated move to make "we the people"... "we th
You need to be worried. Joe Biden wants to strangle American livelihoods -- all in the name of realigning the U.S. to create a socialist nation. It means that EVERY American WIL see a massive spike in taxes and a decline in household earnings.
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