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Horror Movie Review for the film “It Follows”. --- Send in a voice message:
One of the most prolific serial killers to ever live was countess Elizabeth Bathory, she was probably one of the most sadistic and cruel people to her victims, to hear about how she killed up to six hundred people in the most sick and horrific
Eric who once had a successful recording studio in Hollywood after moving there at a young age was struck down by a terrible disease the last seventeen years of his life. Brilliant, lonely and full of things to say before he died, living in a p
Rosalie Owens was a young girl in a small town who went to college there, she needed to get away from her dorm so she could keep up her grades when she made a decision that was bad, she answered a ad in the paper that said free rent in exchange
Jekyll Island of Georgia is rumored to be one of the most haunted islands around, the Rockefeller’s, Morgan’s & the Vanderbilts were some of the most notable families back in its day, come along with me to Jekyll Island at Night --- Send in
Children and adults with disabilities on average one disabled person murdered a week just here in America. We will discuss this how the justice system often takes pity on the murderers not the disabled dead --- Send in a voice message: https
The Watts Family Murders Happened two years Ago Today. Will we ever know the truth? Shaman, Bella,Celeste & Nico deserve justice. --- Send in a voice message:
The most Horrific Child Abuse case in the USA was done to baby Brianna from the instance she left the hospital after birth from the time she died, her own mother, father & uncle severely abused and raped this baby who was born on Valentine’s Da
Jolly Jane was an American serial killer, she killed for pleasure and a sexual thrill with her elderly patients, she killed for personal reasons as well. One of the most bizarre and creepy killers in American history. --- Send in a voice mes
This True Story of a man named Eric who is dying, he talks about his life and about the pain he goes through, he offers up a lot of wisdom as he’s dying he’s hurt that his family lets him live in this tiny RV when he’s unable to take care of hi
16 year old Kate experiences people of her town dying of mysterious diseases and mental illness takes over some. She finds herself alone, fleeing for her own safety even darker things take place when she meets two people that will be very impor
Two guys who become friends in their formative years experience something we can only explain as time travel. Our second story a high school girl dreams of people she knows if only briefly before they die. This foretelling I can attest to being
Two brothers traveling 300 miles stop for food at a restaurant, where it seems everyone there knows them, except they are a thousand miles from home, and they have no idea what is going on, this true Creepy tale makes you wonder is there a Glit
It was 1985, almost every person in my town died of a mysterious illness, at 16 I fled to save my life, my boyfriend Derek was supposed to come with me but suddenly died in front of me, I fled, after reaching a rest stop in Alabama I found out
An account of a guy and friends encounters of skinwalkers and alien beings one night camping on sacred land. --- Send in a voice message:
It was the 1980’s when the people of my town started getting sick of weird ailments and coming down with mental illness, people started dying or going crazy, after four years of planes flying overhead spraying a mist most everyone I knew was ei
This Creepy Bedtime Story is the tale of a detective who gets a break on a family disappearance twenty years earlier that he was the lead on. But what he found is made of nightmares and no sleep. *Listening discretion is advised* --- Send in
Riverdale Road Located In Thornton, Colorado is said to be the most haunted in the area, and sightings to the Paranormal and Supernatural alike, listen to one persons account of her and her friends crazy night on Riverdale Road. --- Send in
What’s underneath The Denver International Airport?if anything... get ready for a creepy tale, from a person who claimed to have worked there years ago. --- Send in a voice message:
The Watts family Channeled Reading from a psychic medium, empath. Learn some new details that may be shocking. --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: Democracy Works: This advertisement is part of a charitable initiative in p
Darcy and Mallory are two teenagers who work at the mall, they spotted a strange looking man lurking around the mall on a Friday night, from that moment the two girls became paranoid, was this man an alien following them home? Or was there some
Misconduct in the judicial system, lets explore why this happens, and what can we do about it. --- Send in a voice message:
The Strange Things About The Watts Family Murders. Opinions from others and myself on what weird things occurred in the case. --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: Democracy Works: This advertisement is part of a charitable
The 1939 assassination attempt on Shirley Temple is a true tale that is not well known, it happened on Christmas Eve in 1939 when Temple was just 10 years old, the story gets bizarre and sad. Listen for this story lost to time. --- Send in a
Kurt Cobain Channeled. I give Kurt the floor to tell his Fans, Family and Friends, the world what he wants us to know about his death about what his future plans were right before his passing and much more. --- This episode is sponsored by
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