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THE AGES OF THE WORLD, PART 4, THE END OF THE WORLD - As we look back over the 21st Century, we see a pattern over time that looks something like a layer cake, with layers laid down and left in place, with each successive layer stacked one upon the other. At this point, remaining future layers, as projected and published by the globalist architects - the 'bakers' of the cake - can be known. The bakers may vary the timeframe a little, so the dates may vary a little, but this is a pretty good picture of the final cake, otherwise known as the One World Government. When the cake is fully constructed and 'baked' it will be a birthday cake - namely the birthday of the global government foretold in the prophecies of Daniel, Revelation, and other books of the Bible. Once this happens, those prophecies indicate we will have entered the last seven years of this Age, to be followed immediately by the return of Messiah and the Millennial Kingdom. Watch the video for more on the prophetic timeline. The question you need to ask yourself right now is: Does this globalist plan, much of which is already accomplished, really match the prophecies of Scripture, and the Biblical timeline therein? If the answer to that question is 'yes' then you have everything at stake and surviving this upcoming period with faith fully in tact must be your highest priority. Watch the video! TruthPoint.Info #Prophecy #Bible #Truth #Austin
Next in our Month 7 live-streams is: Last Great Day - Last Age of the World. This the third video of four in this series. View the archives at for the recordings. During the broadcast, "this week's Tsiyon News" is mentioned. Here is a link to that Tsiyon News edition.
SIX AGES OF THIS WORLD - This is the second video in the Ages of the World series, namely: Six Ages of the World. You may have heard it said that this world must end after 6000 years of human history. You may not know where this idea comes from or what it is based on, however. This presentation gives you the background that will clear that up for you! This video deals with Bible chronology and prophecy regarding the 6,000 year period that is believed by many to end with the Return of Messiah and His Millennial Reign from Jerusalem! You won't want to miss this presentation, or any of these videos that are part of this re-mastered Ages of the World series. View this complete video series at TruthPoint.Info or Tsiyon.Net
HOPE! - This message is inspired by Atonement Day. Atonement Day is, of course, about Atonement. Atonement is, of course, about Hope! Notice how atonement and hope are linked in the Psalms: “Surely every man walks like a shadow. Surely they busy themselves in vain. He heaps up, and doesn’t know who shall gather. Now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you." ... "You who hear prayer, to you all men will come. Sins overwhelmed me, but you atoned for our transgressions. Blessed is one whom you choose, and cause to come near, that he may live in your courts. We will be filled with the goodness of your house, your holy temple. By awesome deeds of righteousness, you answer us, Elohim of our salvation. You who are the hope of all the ends of the earth, of those who are far away on the sea.." We all need hope to get us through these troubled days. Be encouraged by this Scriptural message of HOPE! Psalms 39:6-7, 65:2-5
It is a known fact that in any crisis those who accept reality early, and adapt with faith, courage and a sound mind, are the ones who overcome. That's why I've been speaking harsh reality for decades. Not to discourage people or to ruin their fun. No. I want to prepare them for the end of the world. For real. Most still don't want to hear it. Yet, those who are ready for a teachable moment will benefit greatly from this Ages of the World video series. Remember this: the end of the world is not just one heart-stopping moment. It is a series of years shaped like a funnel. Everyone gets dumped into the large end, and then meets many obstacles along the way, with a growing number being eliminated at each new compression. It is not just the end you have to worry about. It is every one of the lesser ends along the way that you will need to get past. If you overcome them all, then you will be among the small group of overcomers who emerge victorious at the final end of the funnel - to enter into indescribable and eternal joy! Whatever you do, See these videos! Seven Days of Creation is the first video in this Ages of the World video series. TruthPoint.Info Tsiyon.Org Tsiyon.Net
For those who belong to Messiah, at His Return, death will be completely canceled out! When Messiah appears in the clouds as promised, and we hear the archangel's voice, and the sound of the last trump, those who have died in Him will be raised first! What a comfort this is as we endure the loss of believing loved ones. Yes, we still grieve such losses, but "not like the rest who have no hope." We know we will be reunited with them again, on that Day! Those of us who live until the Day of His Return, on that Day, will be changed in an instant to receive our glorified body, like His body. Then we shall all be "caught up" together with the faithful resurrected dead, as we ascend upward into the clouds to "meet the Lord in the air." All of the enemies will be looking on in disbelief and horror as they behold the day of our glorification with Him! (1 Cor 15:51-58, 1 Jn 3:2, Acts 1:9-11) Join us all Month 7 Schedule. All at 8 PM, CST. Sept 18 - Yom Teruah 2020 - Kingdom Come Sept 25 - Seven Days of Creation Sept 27 - Atonement Day - Coming Home (An Interview) Oct 2 - Sukkot - Six Ages of the World Oct 9 - Last Great Day - Last Age of the World Oct 16 - End of the World
"Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard," now has it risen up into the heart of man, the things which Elohim has prepared for those that love Him. 1 Corinthians 2:9 Thank you for joining us in this Restoring the Assembly - Beyond Acts 9 video series. Did you miss any of the video content? All 9 videos are available at Want more great content? Check back in 2-3 days we will be live-streaming over the next 4 weeks.
The Gentile Church has had nearly 1,900 years to fulfill that purpose of the Lord, and has not, can not, and will not. The reason, as has been revealed in the Restoring the Assembly video series, is because the Gentile Church is a manmade construct - not the original body organized and empowered by Messiah in the 1st Century. The Assembly of Messiah in the 1st Century was the Renewed Nation of Israel! To fulfill Messiah's prayer for His unified people will require returning back to the Renewed Israel, actually functioning as His nation! That means being actually united in holy array, all energized by the same Covenant and the same Commandments, by the same Spirit, under the same leadership, of that 1st Century Assembly. In short, Restoring Israel is Restoring the Assembly! - which is also the theme of tonight's presentation. Of necessity, that must look different in the real world than anything else that anyone living in this 21st Century has ever seen. For starters, a restored Assembly of Israel must be holy, so must succeed in dealing with the problem of wickedness in a way the Church never did and never could.
Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. The Christian Church was Never Part of Messiah's Original Assembly! It is easily proven that these 2nd Century Gentile "Christians" outnumbered the original Hebraic Messianic believers by a large margin, so were easily able to redefine the word Christian to refer to themselves, making it appear they were the original group. They weren't. They were a break-off faction from the original movement, a schism, a mutation, a monstrosity. They totally rejected the authority structure given by Messiah Himself to the original believing Israelite movement, of which they were no longer a part. The original group of Hebraic Nazareans (Messianics) from whom the "Christians" broke away continued on to at least the 4th Century, after which they were driven permanently underground by the persecutions against them by the rebel "Christians." This could happen because power loves a vacuum. By throwing off true Messianic authority in the 2nd Century the Gentile Christians created a power vacuum filled later by a false authority in the 4th Century. This is the Christian Church that became a new religion - that did not exist in the 1st Century. [Luke 22:30, Acts 26:4-8, James 1:1, Romans 11, Rev 21:12] TruthPoint.Info - Tsiyon.Net - Tsiyon.Org #truth #truthpoint #austin
Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. Revisionism of Rome Completely Distorted the Historic Role of Paul! The real truth is this: The movement of Messiah and the Apostles of the 1st century stands alone. There is no historical link, other than falsified documents, connecting that 1st century movement with the Gentile Christian movement of the mid 2nd century, that evolved into the institutionalized Roman Church reformed by the Protestant reformers. No Christian wants to believe this, so a false history assuming the fictitious connection has been easy to maintain. The false history requires the Apostle Paul to be the functional founder of the Gentile Christian Church. This would require Paul to have been a Christian. Was he? A growing number of Christian scholars say "no" - Paul was never a Christian!
Next in our Restoring the Assembly video series. What REALLY happened in Israel when Messiah came in the First Century?
Restoring the Assembly video series - Beyond the Book of Acts
Timeless principles unfolding before our eyes are the key to understanding the confusing darkness that has overtaken our modern world. Some of these principles were masterfully woven together into the imaginary world, the legendarium, of J. R. R. Tolkien, defining the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings fame. In those books an almost imperceptible rising dark cloud of evil began to intermittently disturb the otherwise tranquil patterns of life in the realms of Middle Earth. While most paid it no mind, it was seen and prepared for by the righteous and the wise. This same phenomenon has been going in in our world for a while, and the darkness has now risen to the highest level yet, having now broken through into this unprecedented turmoil we are all experiencing. In this presentation, like Gandalf and his companions-in-arms, we shall look into this dark cloud, we shall begin to uncover the dark truth behind it, and through this inquiry, we will discern the way to go. #LOTR #endoftheworld
Technocalypse - a global apocalypse caused by technology. It sounds like a movie but now it is getting serious consideration in real life. In fact, there are leading universities and scientific institutions with entire departments devoted to studying the possibilities of a technocalypse in our vulnerable world. Further, these efforts are funded and backed by billionaires who have had a lot to do with bringing us to this critical point, on the brink of technocalypse. There is a reason all of these elites have palatial bunkers built under all of their homes and buildings, and why they are pushing so hard to colonize the moon and even Mars - and why they fund colleges, universities, and think tanks with truck loads of money to study the problem. They are in a race against time, and they know it. They must have a solution, now. One of their leading thinkers in the vulnerable world arena has recently proposed a solution, a very radical solution. The elites love that solution and are already implementing it. Our recent "pandemic" global re-set is possibly a desperate attempt sponsored by the elite technocrats to fast-track the world toward their solution. What is their solution? It is something so repugnant I can't tell you without giving you the whole story, so take the time to see this. The technocalypse is real. The proposed cure is even worse than the disease.
Here is the big secret about the devil's chessboard: all the pieces are players, and all the players on his chessboard, no matter what apparent color, belong to him. He is always playing both sides, all sides on his chessboard. On his chessboard, all his pieces are expendable, and are in fact sacrificed in the course of his game. There is only one way for you to win on the devil's chessboard. That would be, don't play! Until the devil's chessboard comes to an end (that is very quickly approaching) we are all effected by it, even if we don't belong to it. Now, it is like the end of most any chess match, which usually involves the biggest, most powerful pieces, and the biggest power moves. Covid-19 is one of the biggest power moves we've seen on the devil's chessboard. Since we are all affected by it, it behooves us to take a closer look at the players, the strategy and the real objectives, so we can get out of the line of fire. Hopefully getting a better view of the board will enable us to see through deceptions so we can pray and act according to the truth.
There are many confusing voices about the origin of the CCP-virus a/k/a the Wahun Caronavirus a/k/a Covid-19. This is a problem, since you need to grasp what has really happened with the creation and release of this virus if you are to come through this anything like in tact. The starting place is to learn the facts that absolutely prove this virus is not naturally occurring. Some of the world's leading researchers have proof that the Covid-19 virus is in fact a genetically engineered bio-weapon, with very specific characteristics, created for very specific purposes, now unleashed against all humanity. This scientifically irrefutable evidence is herein presented. The human race has had an existential crisis thrust upon all of us. You may think this thing is all about killing the weak and the sick, since that is the big focus right now. You couldn't be more mistaken. That is just the first wave of the attack. The far bigger threat is what comes later. Soon, we will all need to make the biggest decisions of our lives to adequately deal with this, and the sooner the better. One final point: Until you get your head thoroughly wrapped around the full implications of this global bio-attack, do whatever you need to do to NOT get the virus!
WILL I EVER GET MY FREEDOM BACK? - We have all had to give up a lot of freedom to fight this monster virus. Before now it would have been inconceivable to imagine the government micro-managing our personal lives by decree, right down to how and where we breath, as has happened and is happening in countries all over the globe right now. At this moment people are self-isolating in their rooms, apartments and homes, as they have for weeks now, wondering what comes next, worrying about the future. It is not only the Coronavirus and the economy they are worried about. They wonder, "will I ever get my freedom back?". The Bible has real answers. Tune in to this video stream that deals with the question, "Will I ever get my freedom back?" See the video at TruthPoint.Info, Tsiyon.Org and Tsiyon.Net.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tsiyon will be observing a different kind of Passover this year, which will focus on a month of prayer for ourselves and our neighbors. We are calling it "Passover Month of Deliverance." This Passover Month of Deliverance is inspired by the first Passover, which resulted in a great deliverance of the Lord's people from the plague that killed all of the firstborn males of Egypt. The Israelites went into their homes, observed the Passover as commanded by the Lord, and the plague passed over their homes, because of the blood of the lamb. It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to see the parallel with this Passover of Deliverance during this Covid-19 plague. Join us for this live kick-off meeting to this great prayer event that you can be part of..
What a difference a few decades has made in the world's perceptions of the CCP. Western politicians and big business interests have found it both convenient and profitable to blame then Chairman Mao Zedong for the mass murders of the Cultural Revolution, while downplaying the role of the CCP, which Mao led. They, along with the mass media in the West, have enthusiastically embraced, and then echoed, the propaganda of the CCP - thus pulling the wool over the eyes of the world. Ever playing the role of compassionate patriots, the Western elite and their lapdog politicians and media have amassed untold trillions of dollars from their unholy alliance with the CCP, at the expense of the average Joe here in the West. The wealthy opportunists sold us the naive notion that by being nice to the Communists, giving our jobs to the CCP, giving the CCP control over our most sensitive technology (even military technology), making them rich and powerful beyond human imagination, that somehow the CCP would be so appreciative that they would stop behaving like Marxists and start behaving like human beings. Now we in the West, being pummeled by the weaponized CCP Virus, are paying the bill for our stupidity with our freedom, our treasure, and our lives.
Believers are in a war, and the covid-19 Pandemic reminds us we must develop a wartime mindset as we move into more difficult days.
Exclusive Interview with the China COVID-19 Refugees
A Message of Hope from God about the Covid-19 Pandemic: Recently the world has had so much news about the Novel Corona Virus epidemic that the entire globe is experiencing shock and dismay. News from China of this virus quickly jumped to headlines in countries around the world. Frightening stories from Italy and Europe soon were dominating the news in America. As covid-19 coronavirus spread to over 100 countries worldwide and counting, many literally don't know what to do. As people realize the potentially devastating effects of this virus we have seen drastic changes in the world around us. Low supplies in stores, travel bans, fear of contact with others, and mass quarantines of whole cities are now daily realities. Some have wondered; where is God in all of this? Now, out of Tsiyon is news of a revelation given from God in a Spirit-inspired dream, complete with a detailed interpretation of that communication, and a special Bible message of comfort and hope for all those who look to heaven for guidance from above. View other videos in this series by visiting
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