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When The World Outlawed War

Released Friday, 29th December 2017
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Two law professors from Yale argue that a now-obscure treaty ,,,the Kellogg-Briand Pact…marked a major turning point in world history; prior to its ratification in 1928, war and territorial conquest were entirely legal. Their book, “The Internationalists” has been hailed as one of the books of the year by, among others, The Economist. In a re-run of one of our favorite episodes of Truth Politics and Power, they tell host Neal Conan how an agreement to outlaw war transformed the world conflagration that erupted only a few years later into a war between the Old World Order and the new, and enabled the Allies to try German and Japanese leaders for an unprecedented crime - waging aggressive war. Since then, wars between states and territorial conquest have declined dramatically. “When the world Outlawed War.”