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Self-Sabotage, Self-Worth & The Motherhood Wound. This was a deep conversation as I share with you my past traumas from parenting, pregnancy, post-natal depression and from my childhood and how that impacted my self-worth and how I would self-s
Let's talk about emotional pain, suffering, when it looks like it's not working and generational trauma. All humans at times suffer and I don't know anyone who's avoided that so let's dig into those hardships, let's talk about the hard things. 
Turn shame into power is all about emotional alchemy. Love without power is reckless and power without love is devastating. In this episode, I talk about power, love, desire and witch magick aka women being in their power, using their intuition
Let's talk soul mates, anxiety and post manifesting. This week I talk about the internal shifts and external manifestation post manifesting the house. The internal shifts of how I dealt with challenges and creating more flow and seeing my human
Better sex, more pleasure, receiving, success, being present, in your body and healing with the divine masculine and feminine energy. Working with your inner child, her sacred tantrum. Being able to hold space for all your emotions, your 'too-m
Awakening, Transformation & Changing Your Life. I talk about how that looks, challenges, fears, rejection, emotional dysfunctional relationships, escapism, boundaries, narcissism etc.Mentioned in this podcast. My awakening package ( 3 months 1
Hey lovelies, this episode is on how to have healthy thriving relationships and warning signs. I talk about dysfunctional stuff, people-pleasing, boundaries, conditioning, what we got taught love is and red flags etc. I also talk about emotiona
Hey lovelies, this episode is on regulating your nervous system, processing your emotions and inner child healing. We go into self-love, how there is no 'bad' emotions or negatives ones but our conditioning makes us think so. My offerings, soul
Hey, lovelies, in this episode we talk about how to manifest, conscious manifestation, without any spiritual bypassing and not allowing yourself to be fully human. We talk about so-called dark desires, sex, fantasies, fetishes, relationships, l
This episode is all about intuition and staying emotionally well in a judgemental world, with judgemental people. It's about staying true to you because when we live inauthentic to ourselves it creates an inner war within which leads to outer w
Hey lovelies, in this episode I talk conscious relationships, covid trauma, mental health and the division the vaccine has had. It's an episode on love and authentic relationships. Soul Shift Sessions as mentioned in this episode: https://kirst
Hey lovely, this week we are talking desire, pleasure, sex, healing sexual trauma and being sexually liberated. I share very vulnerably what that's looked like for me. WORK WITH ME: The More Membership
Hey lovely, this week we talk self-love, trust and shame. How to love yourself. I dive into the relationship with yourself, shame, self-trust, intuition as well as self-forgiveness, codependency and narcissm. We also talk about releasing the 'h
Let's talk about authenticity, next-level living in your truth, breaking patterns and breakdowns. The rupture of awakening. What living an authentic life actually looks like. We talk about pain. The trauma of authenticity vs the pain of staying
It's been a really transformative year and one of the key ingredients of that was allowing space for healthy conflict. To own mistakes. To learn and to really be me, knowing that the aligned people were gonna get it and love on me regardless. T
Body love, body confidence & being sexually empowered and expressed. I think we don't have enough real conversations around loving ourselves, our bodies and sex.  So in this episode, I'm talking about the word pussy, masturbation, loving your b
Living from your heart, trusting yourself and unhooking from what people think. The price is too high for anything else. It's never gonna feel good living for the approval of others / worrying what everyone else thinks. Your truth is not someth
Today we are talking vulnerability, confidence-building and fear. We all have things we want and desire but it takes a level of vulnerability. There is always some form of fear even if we know logically it's BS. You living the life you want is
Healing from long term emotional pain, fears & PTSD. On this episode, I talk about overcoming emotional pain and having what I can only describe as a PTSD attack. Having to come to terms with the fact I suffered more than just sexual abuse but
The audacity to go for the life you want is such a game-changer. When you lean into that too much energy, of what will people think, can I do this? Who am I to do this? etc etc and realise those thoughts aren't to stop you, they are coming up t
Let's talk about comparison, competing, the fear of being copied or copying. The originality myth. There is no competition, there is only one you. We can't miss anything that's meant for us. I see this fear a lot. The fear of being copied and t
Hey lovelies, this week I talk about self-love and how we all have emotional dips. That this is normal depending on what's going on in our lives and how our emotions communicate to us. Emotions are such a GPS and it's important to take care of
Hey lovelies, this week we have Jess Gatfield from Living In Alignment. We talk about living life in alignment, purpose & by your human design. We discuss what human design is and the different types. Jess is a projector, I'm a manifesting gene
Hey, lovelies this week we have Seina AKA Spiritual Princess for #SelfLoveTember. Seina is a certified spiritual counsellor, has a degree in psychology, oracle card reader & also a dear friend.  We discuss emotional healing, particular emotions
Hey lovelies, on this episode we have Viola hug for #SelfLoveTember & we talk about transmuting pain, your soul nudging you, intuition, healing past lives, throat chakra healing, polarities, and so many more juicy things. It's a really spiritua
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